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Abortion in Bangalore: Debunking 13 Myths & Misconceptions

abortion in Bangalore

Contents of This Post:

Myths and misinformation swirl around abortion in Bangalore, causing confusion and anxiety. This post cuts through the noise. We’ll debunk common myths about abortion, separating fact from fiction. From gestational age to emotional impact, we’ll provide accurate information to empower you with knowledge.

According to a survey, unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal deaths besides hypertensive disorders, postpartum haemorrhage, obstructed labour and sepsis in women aged 15-49 years in Karnataka. (Source)

Unsafe abortions happen each year everywhere. And most of them are due to self-attempts triggered by viral myths. This post intends to draw your attention towards those myths that are letting women do DIY abortions. In addition, we will also talk about myths that impart a sense of fear in women. And this fear does not let them seek out a safe abortion in Bangalore. Rather, they find themselves inclined towards unsafe choices without realizing the hazardous potential of such choices.

Safe and legal abortion in Bangalore is available. However, you need to be proactive and look at the safe side. Also, you deserve to make informed choices about your body and health. So, refrain from unhealthy choices and unsafe abortion attempts such as self-administration of abortion pills.

Now, let’s jump to debunk the major myths.

Abortion in Bangalore Myths vs. Facts: Separating Truth from Fiction:

Thinking about abortion in Bangalore? You’re likely to encounter a flood of information. However, not all of it is accurate. This section tackles common myths head-on, separating fact from fiction. We’ll clarify the truth behind these misconceptions so you can make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Myth #1: Abortion in Bangalore is illegal.

Fact: Abortion in India is legal and safe under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, of 1971 and amendments made thereafter. This law allows women to terminate pregnancies under specific conditions and with the consultation of qualified medical professionals.

The permissible circumstances for pregnancy termination in Bangalore are:

  • Pregnancy poses a threat to the patient’s physical or mental well-being.
  • Contraceptive failure.
  • Pregnancy poses a threat to the patient’s life.
  • Fetal anomalies.
  • Pregnancy resulting from rape/incest.

Myth #2: Abortion is a simple medical procedure with no risks.

Fact: While abortion is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified healthcare professional, there are some potential risks involved, like infection or bleeding. These are generally rare, and the risks increase with later-stage abortions.

But these risks are more with self-abortions which constitute unsafe abortion practices.

Myth #3. Abortion in Bangalore is illegal for unmarried women.

Fact: Abortion in India was legal for unmarried women if the pregnancy was a result of rape and also if it poses a threat to her health or life. But, since the introduction of the MTP Act, of 2021, unmarried girls can obtain a safe abortion with their consent only if they are adults even for contraceptive failure up to 20 weeks. This came as a big sigh of relief for many unmarried couples.

Bangalore has an open culture for live-in relationships. And people do get pregnant without wanting the pregnancy to be a result of an intimate act. So, they can safely opt for a legal abortion in Bangalore without fearing that they are doing something illegal or criminal.

Myth #4: Your partner needs to approve your decision to have an abortion.

Fact: The decision to have an abortion is ultimately a personal one for the woman involved. While involving a partner in the conversation can be helpful, the final choice rests with you. You deserve to make decisions about your body and health.

Even the MTP law in India grants you that. So, you can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore with your consent only (for women above 18 years).

Myth #5: Only early pregnancies can be aborted.

Fact: The permissible gestation period for legal abortion in Bangalore is the first 20 weeks into the pregnancy. However, for some specific cases, permission beyond this period is also available. The MTP Act allows abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy under specific circumstances, with the opinion of two doctors required after 20 weeks. However, earlier terminations are generally safer and more straightforward.

Fertility Fears: Debunking Links Between Abortion in Bangalore and Future Pregnancy

Myth #6: Abortion damages fertility and makes it impossible to get pregnant later.

Fact: Research shows that abortion doesn’t significantly impact a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Most women who have abortions go on to have successful pregnancies later.

However, unsafe abortions can lead to fertility issues. For instance, ectopic pregnancies can rupture if a woman self-administers abortion pills in Bangalore without proper diagnosis. Unsafe manual evacuations at unsafe centres can also result in internal injuries. Injury to reproductive organs at uncertified centres performed by quacks can also impact future fertility.

Additionally, abortion in Bangalore at an unhygienic facility or a compromised facility without proper sanitation can result in acute or chronic infections. Chronic infections such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) can also make it difficult for a woman to conceive in the future.

Furthermore, sometimes unsafe abortions by untrained professionals can result in uterine distortion, such as a bicornuate uterus. Such a situation may not make a woman infertile but can decrease the probability of a normal conception.

Emotional Rollercoaster? Understanding the Range of Responses

Myth #7: Abortion always leads to emotional trauma.

Fact: Women experience a wide range of emotions after an abortion, including relief, sadness, or regret. There’s no single “normal” emotional response. Support systems and counselling are available to help individuals navigate these emotions.

Myth #8: Only women in difficult situations get abortions.

Fact: Women choose abortion for many reasons, and their situations vary widely. Some may face financial challenges, relationship difficulties or health concerns. Others simply may not feel ready for parenthood at that time.

Many women pop in abortion pills in Bangalore fearing that they won’t be heard. They also fear the stigma attached to abortion. So, rather than visiting a registered abortion hospital near them, they walk on the unsafe road. And many of them even face a fall with unsafe abortion complications.

According to a report, a doctor for abortion in Bangalore confirmed that they have regular visits of patients with botched-up abortions. In her words, “Women are brought to us in very difficult situations, sometimes making it hard to save them after self-attempts or botched-up abortions. Some are brought in the situation of heavy bleeding, the patient drenched in blood lying in an unconscious state.”

She also recalls unmarried women brought by families in unconscious states, with even parents not knowing that the girl has attempted an abortion. 2-3 cases come up every few months where abortion pills were taken for ectopic pregnancy without the patient being aware of the situation. And in 99% of those cases, we had to perform emergency laparoscopy, removing the ruptured tissue and even the fallopian tube and connecting ovary.”

Such a situation decreases a woman’s fertility by nearly 50%. And in some cases, it can even be 100% where complete hysterectomy becomes necessary.

We respect individual choices. So, do not hesitate to reach out for safe options. You do have a voice and we are here to hear you out without judgment. Indeed, many lives and many women’s ability to conceive naturally can be saved with access to safe abortion in Bangalore.

Myth #9: Medical professionals who perform abortions are against motherhood.

Fact: Doctors and healthcare providers who offer abortion services are trained professionals dedicated to women’s health. They understand the complexities surrounding abortion and offer non-judgmental care, supporting women in their healthcare decisions.

Myth #10: Having an abortion means you’ll feel intense regret forever.

Fact: Women experience a wide range of emotions after abortion, and regret isn’t always present. Relief, sadness and even a sense of empowerment are all valid responses. There’s no single “normal” way to feel. If regret does arise, counselling and support systems can help individuals process their emotions.

Many unmarried couples often seek abortion in Bangalore for unexpected pregnancies. They usually feel relieved knowing that they have had a safe and successful abortion in Bangalore before leaving the clinic.

Many married women seek abortions for unwanted pregnancies for several reasons. Some are not yet ready for motherhood while others have plans for professional advancement. And several others are not ready yet due to socioeconomic factors or to maintain a small family size. All the reasons are valid. We respect your opinions, decisions and your choices without any judgment. So, you better stick to the safer side of the road while seeking an abortion because it is legally available to all of you as a right.

Myth #11: You have to be strong and silent after an abortion.

Fact: Bottling up emotions after an abortion isn’t healthy. Talking to a trusted friend, family member, therapist or counsellor allows you to work through your feelings and access support.

Myth #12: Having an abortion means you’re a bad person.

Fact: Morality and personal beliefs shouldn’t cloud the fact that abortion is a safe medical procedure sometimes necessary for various reasons. Making a difficult decision about your reproductive health doesn’t define your character.

Safe and Legal Abortion in Bangalore Care: Beyond Abortion Pills in Bangalore:

Myth #13: Pills are the only safe way to have an abortion.

Fact: There are two main types of abortion procedures: surgical and medication-induced (using pills).

The safest and most appropriate method depends on the stage of pregnancy and individual circumstances. A qualified healthcare professional can advise on the best option for you.

In fact, abortion pills are the least efficient abortion method. They often result in incomplete abortions even after the doctor assesses the patient’s eligibility and adjusts the dose and mode of administration. There are better and more efficient abortion in Bangalore methods, like Gentle Care suction abortion and Gentle Care induced abortion.

Gentle Care suction abortion in Bangalore:

This is the most efficient and reliable abortion in Bangalore method available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) with an efficacy of nearly 100%. Not only this, the method offers several advantages over abortion pills, some of which have been summed up for you in the following image:

Abortion in Bangalore, Abortion Pills in Bangalore
Abortion pills vs Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore


An abortion by suction method is a readily available option for pregnancy termination for women in the first trimester. All women who are eligible for abortion pills in Bangalore after having it summed up with the doctor for abortion are eligible for a suction abortion also. Additionally, women who are not eligible for a medical abortion are also eligible for a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Secondly, besides being more efficient than abortion pills, a Gentle Care suction abortion takes only a few minutes to complete. Whereas, a medical abortion is completed in days and sometimes may take more than a week for the abortion to be complete. Even with complete abortion after taking abortion pills in Bangalore, the process takes at least 3 days because the fetal expulsion takes place on the third day (usually).

This means the patient has to wait for the bleeding to stop entirely to take a sigh of relief that the abortion was complete. Whereas, with a Gentle Care abortion, she can return home in a few hours knowing that the abortion was complete. An incomplete abortion with pills will need corrective surgery to complete the abortion which can increase the overall cost of abortion in Bangalore.

Thirdly, the patient will likely experience moderate to severe abdominal cramps accompanied by pain. For some women, the pain may even become miserable. So, if one of the myths about abortion in Bangalore is that abortion is painful, it indeed maybe for some women taking abortion pills.

However, a Gentle Care suction abortion is a very comfortable procedure performed by trained professionals with the patient being mildly sedated. This not only makes the abortion painless but also improves the procedure’s outcome since the patient is comfortable and the doctor can conveniently evacuate the uterine contents.

Gentle Care Induced Abortion in Bangalore:

This is another abortion method with a nearly 100% success rate for second-trimester abortions. At this stage, the fetal tissue size is bigger than what can be conveniently removed using suction. So, the doctor for abortion induces labor and attempts to help the patient expel the fetus naturally.

Following fetal expulsion, the doctor performs a gentle evacuation using the Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method. Since the fetal expulsion has already taken place, there is no need for sharp curette or spooning. Spooning can make the procedure uncomfortable for the patient without anesthesia. Whereas, with Gentle Care abortion, the doctor removes any pregnancy tissue left by gentle suction under mild sedation. So, the process becomes very comfortable for the patient.

Do not hesitate to reach out for a safe procedure because your health and well-being are in your hands only. Only the right decisions can make things right for you.

Abortion is a complex topic, and navigating the decision can be overwhelming. We hope this post has helped dispel some common myths and misconceptions, empowering you with accurate information. Get in touch with us to discuss your concerns.

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