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Abortion in Bangalore Cost Comparison Between Options:

Cost of abortion, abortion in Bangalore

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Considering abortion in Bangalore options? Cost can be a major concern. We dive deep into medical vs. suction abortion costs, breaking down numbers and unveiling hidden expenses. But price isn’t everything.

Also explore factors like effectiveness, recovery time, and personal comfort. So, we empower you to choose what’s right for you, financially and emotionally. Find cost comparisons, expert insights, and support resources. Navigate this journey with clarity and confidence. Your decision, your well-being, your choice.

Weighing Your Options: Beyond the Price Tag – Comparing Medical and Suction Abortion in Bangalore

While considering an abortion in Bangalore, it’s understandable to have numerous questions. And, cost often ranks high on the list. While navigating the financial realities of this decision is crucial, remember that the “best” option goes beyond just price.

Both medical and suction abortion (also known as vacuum aspiration) are safe and effective procedures, but each offers unique characteristics that align differently with individual needs and preferences. Let’s explore these methods holistically, empowering you to make an informed choice aligned with your unique circumstances.

The Common First Steps of Abortion in Bangalore Whether Medical or Gentle Care suction abortion:


Firstly, you visit the doctor for an abortion in Bangalore. Then, you get to see the doctor in the doctor’s chamber. In case you are visiting a general hospital, the consultation room may likely be flooded with anxious faces waiting for their turn and also hearing what you have to say to the doctor. Imagine people judging you.

On the other hand, if you choose to visit a private hospital, imagine a calm and composed one-on-one consultation with the abortion doctor. If you choose Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) for your abortion, you can imagine a calm, compassionate and supportive environment. The doctor for abortion hears you patiently and understands what you are going through without judging you.

Most unmarried couples opt for abortion in Bangalore at BGH because of the confidential and non-judgmental space the hospital offers.

This is the time when you can share your concerns, fears and queries with the doctor. Please do not forget to mention any medicine(s) you are taking. In addition, if there’s any medical condition you are going through, let your doctor know about it.

The doctor will analyze your medical condition and ask for some routine tests. These tests are very important for your safety and in addition, they will decide your available abortion in Bangalore options. You may or may not be eligible for abortion pills in Bangalore. These tests will include an ultrasonography as well which will help the doctor rule out any possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. Also, this will let the doctor learn the exact length of your pregnancy.

What next?

Again, visiting a general hospital will most likely have you need another appointment to show the results to the doctor. It is only after an evaluation of your medical reports, will the doctor provide you an abortion. On the contrary, with a Gentle Care suction abortion appointment, you can get the abortion on the same scheduled appointment. It’s only a matter of a few minutes that you will have your reports. You can then discuss them with the doctor and obtain the abortion also on the same appointment.

What Next?

Now, the doctor will discuss your eligibility for both the available options. Remember, medical abortion is an available choice for intrauterine pregnancies only for up to 6 weeks. But, suction abortion is available for up to 12 weeks. Then, abortion pills can result in incomplete abortion which is very unlikely with suction abortion.

If you undergo a Medical Abortion:

You will be discreetly taking medication at home, naturally ending the pregnancy.

Cost of abortion in Bangalore Contributing factors

How it works?

You’ll receive two sets of oral medications taken over a few days. The first medication blocks the pregnancy’s growth, while the second triggers contractions to expel the tissue through your vagina, similar to a heavy period.

So, abdominal cramps, pain, heavy bleeding, discomfort and fatigue are the main traits of abortion pills. Also, the wait to know if the abortion was successful can take a few days and extend up to weeks with a medical abortion. However, with a Gentle Care suction abortion in Bangalore, you can return home with a successful abortion on the same day knowing that your abortion is completed in the clinic itself.


  • Privacy: This can be done entirely at home, offering greater discretion and control.
  • Potentially lower cost: Compared to suction abortion, the initial medication cost might be lower in some cases.
  • Natural process: Appeals to some individuals who prefer a more natural approach.


  • Longer timeframe: The process can take several days, with bleeding and cramping that can vary in intensity.
  • Incomplete abortion risk: In many cases, the tissue might not expel completely, requiring a follow-up suction procedure. So, the cost of abortion pills will now be more than that of a suction abortion in one go. That’s because the first abortion and associated costs will now be accompanied by additional suction or surgical abortion in Bangalore cost.
  • Emotional impact: Seeing and passing tissue can be emotionally challenging for some individuals.

What if you choose Gentle Care Suction Abortion?

We have already discussed what it is like to have a pre-abortion consultation with Gentle Care suction abortion. Now, let’s have a look at how it will feel like obtaining one.


A quick, in-clinic procedure with minimal discomfort. The procedure happens under mild sedation to keep the patient awake but in comfort. You can also opt for anesthesia if nervousness is taking you down. But remember, anesthesia will come at an added cost.

How it works?

After a brief consultation, a gentle vacuum removes the pregnancy tissue through your cervix. The procedure usually takes under 15 minutes.


  • Fast and effective: Firstly, the procedure is quick and highly successful (nearly 100% unlike pills that are not more than 92% effective) in terminating the pregnancy.
  • Minimal bleeding: Compared to medical abortion, bleeding and cramping are typically lighter and shorter-lived. So, recovery time is also very short. The patient can resume her routine shortly.
  • Reduced emotional impact: Then, not witnessing the tissue expulsion can be helpful for some individuals.
  • Shorter recovery: Resume most activities within a day or two.


  • Clinic visit required: Needs a healthcare professional’s involvement, potentially limiting accessibility depending on location and personal comfort.
  • Possible higher cost: Clinic fees, medication, and travel might contribute to a higher overall cost compared to medical abortion.

Remember while considering an abortion in Bangalore:

This is just a starting point. Before making a decision, consider these additional factors:

  • Your gestation: Both methods have limitations based on how far along the pregnancy is.
  • Medical history: Discuss any health conditions with your healthcare provider to ensure suitability for either method.
  • Personal preferences: Reflect on your emotional comfort level with each process and recovery timeline.

Remember, you’re not alone. Empower yourself with knowledge and prioritize your well-being throughout this journey.

Decoding the Numbers: Cost Breakdown for Each Method:

The common costs of both types of abortion in Bangalore will include:

  • Consultation charges: These are the same because it’s only after the consultation that the doctor and you decide to undergo a specific abortion procedure. Additionally, the doctor’s qualifications, experience and hospital facilities may bring a variation in abortion in Bangalore costs at different hospitals.
  • Diagnostic tests cost: Some tests are common. However, some tests depend on the medical condition of the patient. So, the cost may be additional in case of any existing medical condition.
  • Post-abortion prescription
  • Cost of Maternity Pads
  • Travel expenses
  • Overnight stay if you choose to stay at a nearby hotel or a homestay.
  • Managing emergency, if any.

Now, let’s see the different expenses associated with different abortion methods:

Medical abortion:

  • Appointments: Medical abortion may need multiple appointments. So, you may have to pay for consultation charges more than once.
  • Medication cost: The cost of abortion pills in Bangalore will depend on the brand of tablets you procure. Different brands may have slightly different prices. Although the efficacy may not vary significantly between brands, it does vary between medical abortion and suction abortion.
  • Travel expenses: Since you may need multiple appointments, factor in the logistics cost of the local commute.
  • Overnight stay: Since abortion with pills may take days, potentially you may need to stay at a homestay or hotel for longer if you are coming from outside of Bangalore. Or you are not residing at home.
  • Professional break: You may need a longer break for multiple appointments as well as for a recovery period. So, it may cause you to see the lost wages for the missed days at work.
  • Post-abortion Follow-up: You’ll need an additional ultrasound and an appointment to be sure of a successful abortion. So, the cost will include these also.
  • Incomplete abortion: In case of an incomplete abortion with pills, you may need additional procedures for abortion completion. This will most likely either be suction abortion or Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E). So, depending on the type of procedure, add a whole bunch of costs associated with a surgical abortion. Additionally, the doctor will again ask you to undergo routine blood and urine examination before any in-clinic procedure. So, additional diagnostic tests will bring along additional costs too.
Abortion in Bangalore, Abortion Pills in Bangalore
Abortion pills vs Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore

Gentle Care suction abortion in Bangalore:

  • Appointments: Since it’s a single appointment procedure, you do not have to pay for additional consultations or additional appointments.
  • Procedure Cost: Although the initial procedure cost may come at a higher price than that of abortion tablets, it’s like buying an electric vehicle over a fuel-based engine. You have to pay only once and can get multiple benefits. It may come at an initial higher cost, but in terms of safety & efficiency, it reigns.
  • Travel expenses: Single appointment, so only single-time logistics.
  • Overnight stay: Usually, only the same night and that too if you are coming from a distant place.
  • Professional break: Short in comparison to medical abortion because no extra appointments, no extra procedures, short recovery & no need for follow-up in most cases.
  • Incomplete abortion: Not really since the abortion method is nearly 100% efficient.

In conclusion, when considering the costs associated with medical and suction abortions in Bangalore, it becomes evident that various factors play a crucial role in determining the overall expenses. While medical abortion may appear more affordable initially, one must factor in additional expenses such as follow-up consultations and potential complications. On the other hand, suction abortion may have higher upfront costs but could offer a more streamlined and supervised procedure.

Ultimately, the choice between the two methods should be based on individual circumstances, preferences, and medical advice. It is essential for individuals to thoroughly research and consult with healthcare professionals to make informed decisions that prioritize both financial considerations and overall well-being.

Schedule an abortion in Bangalore appointment.

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