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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 8 weeks?

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Abortion in Bangalore at 8 weeks

What are your abortion rights in Bangalore?

Where can you have an abortion in Bangalore?

Methods of abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy

Why should you not take abortion pills at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Abortion in Bangalore at 8 weeks:

You must have heard that abortion at 8 weeks is possible with abortion pills. And it’s true to some extent. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) approves safe abortion tablets for terminating pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks. However, when abortion pills are used for pregnancy termination beyond 6 weeks, the risk of incomplete abortion increases.

In this post, you will learn about the two different methods for terminating 8-week pregnancies. Abortion at 8 weeks is also quite early and you do have a legal abortion in Bangalore option.

Many women in India, married and unmarried are unaware of their abortion rights. And this is why they fall in for unsafe abortion methods. They try procuring abortion pills in Bangalore through illegal means. Or they would attempt self-induced abortions. And sometimes, they even visit quacks just to keep their identity anonymous.

However, the results of all such moves end up in serious complications. Many women suffer from failed or incomplete abortions. Some have to bear severe pain and abdominal cramps. Some others bear internal injury bruises all their life. Even the emotional impact of unsafe abortions leaves scars that do not heal over time. And ectopic pregnancies can offer very scary consequences. A woman may have to bear fertility loss, partial to complete. She may even have to pay the cost of abortion with her life.

It is therefore better that you know where you are headed before you take a move. Here is some insight into what you should be knowing about your legal abortion rights. Knowing prior to a procedure can help you gain confidence. And this confidence in return can trace you to a safe medical pathway for an abortion.

What are your abortion rights in Bangalore?

Abortions in India are legal and hence they are legal in Bangalore. However, to keep abortions safe, there are some guidelines and rules framed under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act and Rules, 1971. All abortion clinics need to abide by these rules and guidelines for providing safe abortions.

There have been many amendments to the abortion law ever since it came into being. And most of the changes have been brought in line with the changes in society and its needs. The latest one included unmarried girls being able to safely obtain a legal abortion in a case pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure. Earlier, due to this very reason, only married women could terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Therefore, the thing to learn here is that abortion in Bangalore is legal both for married and unmarried women. Whether you are a single woman, an unmarried student or a working woman, a window or a separated one, you can get a legal abortion.

The next important thing you may want to know is the consent for abortion. In India, you can get an abortion with your consent only. Neither you need your parents’ consent nor your partner’s in case you are an adult. In India, all men and women above 18 years are considered adults. Parental consent is necessary only in the case of minors or for women who are mentally challenged.

Coming to the legal gestation period, you have legal permission for abortion for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. However, in cases of fetal anomalies, to protect a woman’s health and/or her life, abortion is permitted even beyond 20 weeks.

To learn more about your abortion in Bangalore rights, you can follow the link: Is abortion legal in Bangalore: What do you need to know?

Where can you have an abortion in Bangalore?

Well, you can visit any registered abortion hospital near you. However, there are certain things that you may not want to compromise like running into an acquaintance at the hospital. Someone you know might be at the hospital for any reason. This can compromise your privacy. So, it may be better to visit a private hospital that can ensure your privacy.

Visiting a private hospital when you reside in the same city can offer you several benefits. The first and the most important is your anonymity. It is possible to have a safe and legal abortion and still keep your identity and details confidential.

A private clinic such as Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) provides confidential abortions in Bangalore. No patient details ever leave the hospital premises. The patient-to-doctor conversation is in privacy and one-on-one. There is no crowded waiting hall. So, this reduces your chances of meeting a neighbor or a friend to zero. Besides, the hospital prebooks abortion slots. When you visit the hospital for an abortion, you may not even have to wait. This further zeroes down the possibility of meeting someone you know.

Furthermore, abortion takes place in a private examination room with a single patient being attended to at a time. Then, the patient can recover in her private room, which again ensures her privacy. Next, if you have come by your own conveyance, you can easily return home after the abortion the same day. Your companion can drive you back. Elsewise, an Uber is just a click away. In and out of the clinic is very quick after a Gentle Care abortion. No one sees you coming in or leaving the hospital which means your abortion is kept as confidential as possible. You do not even have to stay overnight after a single-appointment procedure.

Inquire about an abortion slot today.

Methods of abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy:

As mentioned above, there are two methods for terminating an 8-week pregnancy, Medical abortion and Vacuum aspiration abortion. However, medical abortion is not a general recommendation at this stage. And that’s because there are more chances of incomplete abortion. And an incomplete abortion needs a surgical intervention as a corrective measure.

Therefore, we will discuss the vacuum aspiration abortion method here.

Who is eligible for vacuum aspiration abortion?

All pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks and are intrauterine are eligible for vacuum suction. So, when you visit a doctor for an abortion, she may ask you to have an ultrasound scan. This is to ascertain your pregnancy length and location. Although you may be having a hunch of your pregnancy being 8 weeks, it may be somewhere between 6-10 weeks. This difference may arise due to a difference in the time of ovulation and probable conception.

An ultrasound will determine the exact length based on the gestation sac diameter and the embryo size at this stage. And another important reason is to know the location of the pregnancy. There are some chances of any pregnancy being an ectopic pregnancy. It can result in life-threatening complications. Therefore, it is essential to rule out its probability. And this can be done through an early ultrasound.

If a patient is carrying an ectopic pregnancy, then the method of treatment may vary. In such an event, the doctor may consider the factors like the exact location, size and patient-specific factors such as any existing medical condition before prescribing the abortion method. Ectopic pregnancies may be treated medically or surgically depending on what the doctor may see in the best interest of the patient.

How is a vacuum aspiration abortion done?

It is a short and non-invasive procedure. However, different hospitals have different approaches depending on the tools and techniques they utilize. It also depends on the availability of the abortion performing doctor and assisting staff. Furthermore, the use of anesthesia also depends on the availability of the anesthetist at the hospital you choose for abortion.

During the procedure, the doctor first dilates the patient’s cervix. Always ask your doctor if you will need overnight hospitalization. This is because some hospitals may use dilatants that take hours to work.

When the cervix is in a dilated state, the doctor inserts a thin tube inside the patient’s womb through her cervix. Next, turning on a manual or an electric aspirator generates suction. This suction then creates pressure for detaching the embryo from the uterine lining. Once it is detached, the suction pulls it into the tube. The same along with other products of conception collect in a collection bottle.

Then, the doctor removes the tube. The patient can relax. This is a more efficient procedure than abortion pills. The chances of incomplete abortion are minimum.

Well, you have a better abortion method available, Gentle Care suction abortion available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). Let’s discuss how is it different from any conventional abortion.

Gentle Care Suction abortion vs conventional suction abortion:

Gentle Care suction abortion is a premier abortion technique developed and used by the specialized abortion team at BGH. It is an available abortion method for terminating pregnancies less than 12 weeks.

Gentle Care suction abortion is as gentle as its name. It’s a painless abortion method that takes place in less than 10 minutes and on the same appointment as that of consultation. You may not even need overnight hospitalization.

At first, the doctor will provide you with a pre-abortion consultation. During the same, you must tell the doctor about your medical condition. The symptoms of pregnancy or otherwise indicating any other medical condition should also be mentioned. And do not forget about any medicine(s) you may be taking and allergies you may be having. These will help the doctor prescribe you the best abortion method and medicines too.

In case you are quite apprehensive about pain, you can ask for Gentle Care abortion under anesthesia. At BGH, a qualified and experienced anesthetist is always available. Otherwise, the pain with a Gentle Care suction is not a problem. Most patients report it to be a very comfortable experience without any pain. You can expect it to be like a Pap smear test if you have ever had one before.

How is Gentle Care abortion really gentle?

When you are done with a pre-abortion consultation, the doctor shall ask a dedicated and supporting nurse to stay by your side. She shall take you to a private examination room. Here, she will help you get dressed for the procedure and lie comfortably. Next, she shall disinfect your private parts to prevent any infection(s). In a case, you are undergoing the procedure under anesthesia, it shall be done at the same time. Your anesthetist shall select the best anesthesia as per your case specific. It can be either local, numbing only your pelvic region for a short while. Or it can be general anesthesia that can put you to short sleep.

When, all in place, the doctor will insert a small, thin, soft and flexible disposable tube called a vacurette inside your womb. Since the tube is very thin and the doctor performs it with great precision, it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Then, the doctor will create suction using a hand-held aspirator. This will help the doctor adjust the pressure as needed. Moreover, she has better control over vacuum pressure. So, she can adjust it according to the embryo’s size and location. The created suction will detach the embryo from the uterine lining. And not only the embryo, but it will also suck other pregnancy products like placental tissue that may have started to develop and sac wall.

These detached pregnancy products will pass down the vacurette and collect in the collection bottle. The doctor shall evaluate all the collected contents. This will help her learn if the abortion is complete. Once, she is sure of complete abortion, she shall turn off the aspirator.

The nurse will help you relax and you can rest in your private room.

If you are under anesthesia:

Do not worry. The effect shall wean away soon in less than 15-20 minutes as you rest. Once you are okay, you can eat and drink normally. You can easily order some hot beverages and food from Swiggy or Zomato. Once you feel better, you can take your post-abortion prescription. The doctor will advise you on the Dos and Don’ts post-abortion. After that, you can take an Uber or call in for any metered taxi to take you home. Or if you have come by your convenience, you can easily return. It may be better to have a companion to drive you back.

In case you choose to have Gentle Care suction abortion without anesthesia:

Again, it is absolutely fine. There is no pain even without anesthesia. The abortion completes in less than 10 minutes. And then, you can rest in your private room until you feel like returning home.

Most patients take discharge in less than 30-60 minutes after a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Schedule a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Why should you not take abortion pills at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Many women hesitate in visiting registered abortion hospitals due to surrounding stigma. Or in some cases to keep their identity anonymous. But they do want to opt-out of unwanted pregnancies. And hence, they prefer to buy abortion pills at a higher cost from pharmacies. However, the self-administration of abortion pills may be very risky. One should never take them without consulting a registered medical practitioner.

Here are a few risks one might face by self-administration of abortion pills.

#1. Incomplete abortion:

As mentioned earlier also, the most common complication with a medical abortion, especially beyond 6 weeks is incomplete abortion. The embryo may pass out successfully. However, some products may remain within the uterine cavity. These products may cause a hormonal imbalance, abdominal pain and even infections. Unless they are entirely removed from the body, abortion is incomplete.

And an incomplete abortion needs a surgical procedure to remove the remaining products. In a case, you are thinking that taking another MTP kit or Mankind unwanted kit will help you. Sorry, it may not help in removing these products of gestation. This is because, by this time, the products may have attached themselves quite firmly to the uterine lining.

In a case, you want to avoid this situation, it may be better to consult the doctor for an abortion.

You can also schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment. It will ensure you a complete abortion even before you leave the hospital.

#2. Failed abortion:

Mostly, abortion remains incomplete with abortion pills after 6 weeks. But in some cases, abortion may not even take place at all. The pills may not even remove the embryo. It may still keep growing within the uterine cavity. However, if a patient continues such a pregnancy through full-term, there are chances of birth defects in the born child.

#3. Heavy bleeding:

Since abortion pills induce a natural miscarriage, you can expect moderate to severe bleeding. Some patients may however bleed more heavily than expected. And may even get unconscious. Some patients such as anemic ones may even need a blood transfusion to save their lives.

Bleeding may be heavy for a few hours after abortion pills. But it may slow down after 4-6 hours. Prolonged bleeding even after passing out the embryo may need medical help. And bleeding if doesn’t stop by day 7 may be due to an incomplete abortion.

#4. Pain:

Since abortion pills bring in uterine contractions, the patient may experience moderate to severe abdominal cramps. These cramps are more or less like menstrual cramps when a patient is quite early such as during an abortion at 4 weeks. However, at 8 weeks, the cramps may be more intense since the uterine lining by this period is thicker.

And abdominal cramps may result in moderate to severe pain. Some patients may even need pain management. Many women remember their abortion pain as one of the most horrible experiences of their lives.

If you are also seeking an abortion in Bangalore, do not worry about the pain. You can get a painless Gentle Care abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

#5. Ectopic pregnancy:

This is one of the most serious complications with abortion pills when an ectopic pregnancy possibility has not been ruled out. Some patients do not get a diagnosis before taking abortion pills for the pregnancy location. And just in case the pregnancy happens to be not intrauterine, it is a case of faulty pregnancy. Such pregnancies are known as ectopic pregnancies.

They need to be removed from the body immediately to save the patient’s life. When a patient takes abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, abortion does not happen as expected. The embryo may continue to grow until it ruptures. If it happens to be in the fallopian tube, it may lead to a tubal burst as well.

This can cause internal bleeding. Immediate corrective surgery and being on time are essential to save the patient’s life. And still, the patient may have to bear the loss of her fertility. This loss may range from partial to complete depending on the case severity.

We hope after a deep understanding of the risks with self-administration of abortion pills, you may not self-diagnose or self-medicate. Your health and life are precious. Please do not play with them.

In case of an unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore, you can please visit a registered abortion clinic near you. Here is a guide on how to choose the best doctor for abortion: 9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

You can also inquire about the earliest available abortion seat for a Gentle Care abortion at 8 weeks. Most abortion seats get pre-booked. And the hospital takes in only a limited number of patients each day to ensure their undivided attention and secure their privacy. Do not delay.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today.

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