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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 9 weeks? 

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Unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks

How to deal with an unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks?

What you can do with an unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks?

What to expect with abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital?

Unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks:

9 weeks into pregnancy means that you are still in the first trimester. And also, you still are eligible for legal abortion in Bangalore. Abortion is a personal decision of any woman. She has the right to proceed with the pregnancy or terminate it. And an abortion is legal if the pregnancy is unwanted in most circumstances like that of contraceptive failure.

However, little is known to many women regarding their abortion rights. That’s why many women opt for unsafe abortions after discovering unplanned pregnancies. And many others do so to avoid the stigma surrounding abortions and premarital sex as well. Although premarital sex is seen with stigma, many unmarried youth today are sexually active. Many are living with their partners as a part of a live-in relationship. And many others fancy it as a mode of taking their relationship to a different level.

Whatever may be the personal choices of married or unmarried couples, no one can deny that contraceptives do fail. But when they do, is it right to self-administer abortion pills? No, not at all. It is always advisable to seek professional medical help while seeking an abortion.

Abortion in India rules are very liberal as compared to the restricted laws of most countries. Hence, the law is trying its best to help women opt out of unwanted pregnancies. For this very reason, what was once available only for married women is today available even for unmarried women. Yes, abortion for the reason of contraceptive failure used to be legal only for married women. But as of today, it is legal even for unmarried women.

Unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks: What you should not do?

#1. Do not panic.

We understand the thoughts and feelings that may be making you uncomfortable with an unintended pregnancy. However, you should not panic about it or act in anxiety. Decisions taken in anxiety may not be good for your health.

Many women find themselves in difficult situations with unplanned pregnancies. Unmarried women may panic. But, please relax. You should not hurry. It is important to make a well-informed decision. We understand abortion may be the only resolution to your problem. And it is available to you safely and legally. Know your legal abortion rights: Is abortion legal in Bangalore: What do you need to know?

However, buying abortion pills without prescription pills is something you should never do. This can lead you to serious complications. Some of them can even be life-threatening. You need to discover your best and safe options.

We also understand that you may not want to compromise your privacy. It is absolutely fine. You can choose to visit a private abortion clinic. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a premier abortion hospital near you where you can get a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

#2. Do not take abortion pills without a prescription:

At first, buying abortion pills without a valid prescription is illegal. Secondly, it can endanger your health and life. There are several risks with abortion pills that a registered medical practitioner rules out before prescribing them. But with self-administration, the woman may not know medically relevant information.

Some of the risks that you may fall into when you take abortion pills or Mankind Unwanted kit without a doctor’s consultation are:

Incomplete abortion:

At 9 weeks, you have come a bit far for a medical abortion to work efficiently. And hence, there are more chances of incomplete abortion at this stage. The embryo size at this stage has increased and it may not be possible to evacuate it completely with pills. Even after embryo expulsion, placental tissue may remain since it also starts developing by now.

An incomplete abortion presents itself with abdominal cramps, pain and bleeding. It may last until you get your abortion completed. And for that, you will need a surgical procedure. If you think taking another MTP kit can help with an incomplete abortion in completing it, it won’t.

Sometimes, an infection may make its way in during an incomplete abortion due to continued bleeding. It may then present itself with or without fever. And what to mention about discomfort and fatigue? A woman undergoing an incomplete abortion often experiences pain, bleeding, weakness and of course, discomfort.

Failed abortion:

If you take abortion pills beyond the recommended gestation age, there are chances that the abortion may fail. In such cases, the embryo may keep growing and abortion may not take place. However, there are chances that fetal deformities may appear if you take such a pregnancy ahead.

Ectopic pregnancy risk:

Have you ever heard about ectopic pregnancy? Some of the readers may be knowing about it. And some may have even experienced it. And if yes, then they will likely refrain from taking abortion pills. They may be knowing about the complications an ectopic pregnancy can put ahead for them.

A little insight for the readers for whom the term is new. An ectopic pregnancy is a non-viable faulty pregnancy. Normally, when a woman conceives, the fertilized egg implants in the uterine cavity. It attaches to the uterine lining.

But in some cases, it may fail to reach the uterus. It may either remain in the fallopian tube or misroute to some other body cavity. It may continue to grow there. But since only the uterus can sustain a pregnancy through full-term, there are chances that the ectopic pregnancy may burst. It can happen anywhere between 6-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Most ectopic pregnancies are tubal pregnancies. In such pregnancies, the embryo may be stuck in the fallopian tube. Rupture of the ectopic pregnancy may also lead to a burst of the fallopian tube. It is a medical emergency. Immediate surgery is essential for saving the patient’s life. Most women lose their partial to complete fertility due to this reason.

Now, since we are talking about abortion pills here. What will happen if you pop in abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy? If you end up self-administering abortion pills in such a case, your health and life both may be at a risk.

What will happen?

Abortion tablets will not work in case of an ectopic pregnancy. Abortion will not happen. That’s because abortion pills work by contracting the uterus and expelling the embryo. So, how can you expect an abortion when the embryo is not in the uterus?

The embryo may rupture as it would have been the case even if you do not take abortion pills and even do not get early treatment.

Ectopic pregnancy termination is done either medically or surgically depending on the case specific.

Heavy bleeding:

This is the risk with abortion pills whether you choose to end your pregnancy at 4 weeks, abortion at 5 weeks or any other time. Blood loss with a medical abortion may be very heavy for some patients. Doctors for abortion do not recommend medical abortion for anemic patients. Such patients may get into troublesome situations and may even need a blood transfusion.


Well, pain with a medical abortion may range from woman to woman. But most women claim it to be more severe than menstrual cramps. And women who take abortion pills at a later stage often complain of severe pain. They even need pain management.

# 3. Do not visit a quack:

We understand your need for a secretive abortion. But that really does not mean that you need to go to an unprofessional for an abortion. Visiting an unprofessional can put you at unknown risks. A quack may not check for similar risks like that with abortion pills. And you may end up in any or more of such complications.

And in a case, the unprofessional tries to manually evacuate the embryo, there are furthermore risks. Some of these include:

Internal injury:

Using scraping tools for a manual abortion by an untrained person can lead to internal injuries. He/She may not have knowledge and training for performing an abortion safely. Some scars may never heal. Some may lead to hemorrhage. Can you expect such an unprofessional person to be able to manage such a complication? You may be left all on your own. And internal bleeding can even be fatal if not treated on time.

Moreover, injury to your reproductive organs can even impair your fertility. You may face difficulty in conception in future. Or you may have to live all your life with a chronic disorder.

Furthermore, if you are unmarried and do not wish anyone in future to know about your abortion, then this is for you. Internal injuries can leave scars that are clearly visible even after they heal. Any future examination of your internal organs like ultrasound can identify such scars.


Can you expect an unprofessional to have clean and hygienic premises? And the hygiene of the procedure may also be compromised. Who will check if sterile and disposable tools and equipment are being used for the procedure?

The unhygienic procedure can result in severe infections. Untreated infections can result in sepsis, which can even be fatal. And some infections like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and inflammation of the fallopian tubes can adversely impact your reproductive health. It can also hamper your sexual well-being besides causing discomfort and pain.

Incomplete abortion:

How can you be sure of a complete abortion at the hands of an unprofessional? In a case of an incomplete abortion, who will you reach out to? Qualified and experienced doctors ascertain the success of abortion before they discharge the patient. But you can never expect such treatment from an unprofessional.

An abortion experience at the hands of an unprofessional:

This is an incidence of abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy of an unmarried girl in Bangalore. She tried to procure abortion pills after discovering that she is pregnant. Not being able to get abortion pills, she decided to seek help from a friend. She walked into a small home-run dispensary of an unregistered unprofessional claiming to be a dispensing doctor.

He assured her of a secretive abortion by Dilatation and Curettage method. Finding no other option, she went ahead with the procedure. Not knowing that the procedure would be done without anesthesia, she remembers and still screams in the pain she felt that day.

Then, there was not much for pain management also except for an oral pain reliever. It did not help much. She told us during a survey that the pain was unbearable. Later, she was discharged in a state of heavy bleeding. She could not go home and stayed with her friend that night.

Late in the night, she went unconscious. Her friend also did not know what to do next. She informed her parents who took her to an emergency. The doctors diagnosed her with an incomplete abortion with internal injury leading to a rupture in her fallopian tube. And infection has also set in as the girl was shivering in fever while lying unconscious.

Later, the doctors in the emergency saved her life. But the girl lost her partial fertility. Even what she was trying to hide from her family was now known to them. She had to face them and their anger as well. Today, the girl repents her decision for unsafe abortion.

There are many such women out there suffering at the hands of unsafe abortions.

What you can do with an unwanted pregnancy at 9 weeks?

Please, seek professional help for a safe abortion. It is possible to obtain it without compromising your confidentiality. Unwanted pregnancy is common. If you do not wish to take the pregnancy through a full term, it may be better to terminate it early.

Earlier you are in seeking an abortion, lesser are the associated risks and complications. Considering that you could not obtain an abortion until the 9th week of the pregnancy, it is still okay to obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore.

Once you decide to undergo an abortion, look for an abortion hospital near you. If you are confused as to how to find out the best abortion clinic, here is a little help from our side. You can visit the following link and discover the best abortion hospital near you. 9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

For a general reference, check for the abortion hospital’s registration. Next, check if the doctor for abortion are qualified and experienced. Make sure that the hospital offers you a single appointment and same-day discharge. You may wish to return home the same day. Also, check for the available abortion procedures at 9 weeks.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a confidential procedure, make sure that the hospital provides abortion on appointment. This will prevent you from waiting with other patients in the common room. Another thing to check is the privacy you may want as you recover. Check for the private room facilities. Also make sure they have room for your companion to stay by your side.

At last, do not forget to have a glimpse at the hospital reviews posted by previous patients. They are independent reviews and can be of significant help in deciding where you should get your abortion.

Take a look at abortion patient reviews at BGH:

What to expect with abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital?

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a specialized abortion clinic in Bangalore. It is a private clinic that offers safe, legal and confidential abortions by appointment. So, if you were wondering about your confidentiality and privacy, do not worry at all if BGH is your abortion destination.

You will first have to inquire about an early available abortion slot. Next, you can have your appointment scheduled accordingly. When you visit the hospital at your appointment time, the doctor must be expecting you. You will receive a one-on-one consultation with the doctor in a comfortable doctor-patient setting.

This is the pre-abortion consultation. This is the time when the doctor will ask you how you are feeling and your concerns besides diagnosing your medical condition. You must tell the doctor regarding any medical condition you may be suffering, any medicine(s) you may be taking or any allergies you may be having.

If you have got an ultrasound done for this pregnancy, it is better to bring it along. If you are on any medication, it is better to bring its prescription also. This will help the doctor to avoid co-prescription of any interacting medicines. If you do not have a scan, the doctor may ask you to get it done at the nearby lab. It will take only a few minutes. But it is important to check your pregnancy length and location.

Once your report is ready, the doctor will check the same and will ask for any other tests, only if needed. They most likely depend on your medical condition. Since you are 9 weeks pregnant, the doctor will prescribe you a Gentle Care suction abortion if your pregnancy is normal (intrauterine). Here is what to expect from the same.

Gentle Care suction abortion for a 9-week pregnancy:

It is a gentle procedure just like its name, absolutely painless. Therefore, sedation is most often not a necessity. However, if you are anxious and want it under sedation, you can speak to the doctor to have it done under anesthesia. The anesthetist will decide the best short-acting anesthesia for you as you undergo the abortion.

The nurse will make you comfortable and take you to a private examination room. She shall help you prepare for the abortion and lie comfortably in the lithotomy position. Then, she shall disinfect your private parts to prevent infections. The anesthetist shall administer the anesthesia if you have asked for it.

Then, the doctor will gently insert a small vacurette which is a thin, soft and flexible tube into your cervix. She shall make it reach your womb. Once it is in place, she will turn on the aspirator to create suction. The created suction will suck the embryo and placental tissue into the vacurette. The whole material passes down the tube and collects in a collection bottle. Once the doctor checks that the abortion is complete, she will turn off the aspirator and remove the vacurette.

The nurse shall help you get dressed and then, you can rest in your private room in the presence of your companion.

You may want to know this!

Safety is always a priority at BGH. Gentle Care suction abortion is not only short (5-10 minutes) and painless but also highly safe. Being non-invasive, no sharp curette or other tools are used. Hence, there are no internal scarring or injury risks. As a result, there is no risk to your future pregnancies.

Furthermore, no one in the future will be able to tell if you have had an abortion in the past if it matters to you. Of course, it’s a matter of choice, you can reveal it yourself if you wish to. But rest assured that the entire abortion procedure from your first call to your post-abortion recovery is all confidential. All your personal and medical details are safe.

With a Gentle Care suction abortion, you do not need to stay at the hospital overnight. Most women take discharge within an hour post-abortion. Until then, you can have some healthy meals or some beverages ordered through Swiggy or Zomato.

Once you feel comfortable and the doctor examines your condition, you can take a discharge. It may be good to have a companion to drive you back home. Just in a case, you happen to visit alone for the abortion, the hospital can help you hire an Uber or a local cab. You can conveniently return home knowing that you had a successful abortion.

Gentle Care abortions are available only to a limited number of patients each day. You may also not want to delay. Inquire about an early spot and save your seat today.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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