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Considering an abortion in Bangalore at 20 weeks pregnant?

abortion in Bangalore

Contents of this post:

Understanding the Legal Landscape: Abortion in Bangalore at 20 Weeks Regulations

Exploring Abortion in Bangalore Choices: A Guide for Women 20 Weeks Pregnant

Medical Insights: Abortion Methods and Procedures at 20 Weeks

Post-Abortion Care: Recovery and Support After Abortion at 20 Weeks in Bangalore

In Bangalore, as in India, abortion is governed by the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of 1971. This act decriminalizes abortion under certain conditions, safeguarding women’s reproductive rights and healthcare.

Knowing about legal rights when seeking an abortion in Bangalore is crucial for several reasons:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Understanding your legal rights ensures you can make an informed decision about your reproductive health without any confusion or misinformation.
  • Safe and Legal Procedures: Knowledge of legal regulations helps you access safe and lawful abortion services in registered abortion hospitals. It helps in reducing the risk of unsafe and potentially harmful procedures.
  • Protecting Reproductive Rights: Being aware of your rights safeguards your reproductive autonomy. In addition, it ensures your ability to make choices about your body and health.
  • Avoiding Legal Issues: Awareness of the legal framework prevents unintentional violations of the law. Hence, it safeguards you from legal consequences.
  • Confidentiality: Knowing your rights regarding confidentiality prevents unnecessary exposure of your private medical matters. And abortions in India rules require the hospitals to maintain patient confidentiality for abortion being a sensitive and personal matter.
  • Access to Healthcare: Understanding the legal guidelines enables you to access appropriate medical facilities and professionals for the procedure.
  • Emotional Well-being: Clarity on legal rights minimizes emotional distress and anxiety related to abortion.
  • Support Network: Knowledge empowers you to discuss your situation confidently with support networks, including medical professionals, counsellors, and loved ones. Furthermore, you can do so without the fear of stigma or judgment.
  • Empowerment: Knowing your rights empowers you to advocate for yourself and navigate the healthcare system effectively.
  • Legal Protection: Awareness prevents exploitation. Furthermore, it ensures that you receive healthcare services according to your legal rights.

By understanding your legal rights when seeking an abortion in Bangalore, you ensure your safety, well-being, and access to appropriate healthcare resources.

Key Points from the MTP Act:

We hope now you know why you should be learned about your reproductive rights. So, here are the legal things you may want to know regarding an abortion in Bangalore at 20 weeks.

  • Acceptable Reasons: The MTP Act permits abortion if it endangers the woman’s physical or mental health, is a result of contraceptive failure, unwanted intercourse, or if there are fetal abnormalities.
  • Time Frame: Generally, abortions can occur up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. In specific cases, like threats to the mother’s life or severe fetal anomalies, the limit can be extended.
  • Authorized Practitioners: Registered medical professionals at recognized medical facilities are authorized to perform abortions.
  • Informed Consent: Prior informed and voluntary consent of the woman is required before an abortion in Bangalore.
  • Confidentiality: Women’s identities post-abortion must remain confidential.
  • Parental Consent: All adult women, married or unmarried can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore with her consent only. She does not need parental or partner consent for abortion.
  • Combatting Unsafe Abortions: The MTP Act aims to reduce unsafe abortions by offering access to legal and secure abortion services.

Consulting Medical Experts for Abortion in Bangalore:

For those considering abortion in Bangalore at 20 weeks, consulting qualified medical professionals is vital. They can provide accurate information, explain the procedure’s legality, and conduct necessary medical assessments.

Staying Informed and Seeking Support:

Laws may change, so reliable, up-to-date sources are crucial. Emotional support from counsellors, friends, or family can assist in decision-making.

Always prioritize well-being and consult healthcare experts for precise guidance on abortion regulations in Bangalore.

Exploring Abortion in Bangalore Choices: A Guide for Women 20 Weeks Pregnant:

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, women in Bangalore, just like anywhere else, may find themselves in a challenging situation. Additionally, at 20 weeks, pregnancy decisions become more complex, requiring careful consideration of various options. This guide aims to provide valuable information and insights to help women navigate this crucial decision-making process.

Understanding Your Options:

The first and foremost thing you must need to know is that this is a very crucial week if you have decided to undergo an abortion in Bangalore. And that’s because the clock is ticking and legal abortion may not be easily available after this week.

So, it is a week for prompt decision-making whether you choose to undergo an abortion or not. And if you decide to undergo an abortion, it is the best time to look for an abortion clinic in Bangalore and schedule your abortion appointment at the earliest.

Here are some available options for you to consider, but you really need to hurry. However, do not panic. Make an informed decision and that’s what we are trying to help you with by putting together information from reliable sources in a single place.

Continuing the Pregnancy:

Some women may decide to continue the pregnancy, considering factors such as personal beliefs, support systems, and long-term goals. And, if you too are wanting to proceed with your pregnancy, we wish you good luck with your health and the journey ahead.


Most women choose to undergo an abortion at this stage when there is a risk to the pregnant woman’s health or due to fetal anomalies. However, there are a few women who had wanted to undergo an earlier first-trimester abortion but could not obtain it due to several barriers, such as family, cost of abortion, geographical access to a reputable abortion clinic on time, personal reasons, etc.

And there are some women for whom the pregnancy was earlier wanted. But due to complicated relationships, professional advancements, financial implications of raising a child, or other personal reasons, would now like to discontinue the pregnancy.

And it is absolutely normal to undergo an abortion at 20 weeks. But delaying will only increase the complexities that can get you struggling for obtaining a legal abortion. Besides, it can also be physically demanding and mentally exhausting if you remain in a dilemma. Hence, you need to decide what you would like to do with this pregnancy this week only to avoid any delay.

Factors to Consider while you seek an abortion at 20 weeks:

  • Health and Well-being: Health concerns, both physical and mental, play a significant role in decision-making. And abortions can significantly impact your overall well-being. Hence, consulting medical professionals is crucial to assess potential risks.
  • Fetal Health: If the pregnancy is affected by severe abnormalities or anomalies, it may impact your decision regarding continuation or termination.
  • Personal Circumstances: Consider your emotional readiness, financial stability, and support network while evaluating your options.
  • Life Goals: Reflect on your long-term aspirations and how a pregnancy might align with your plans.

Knowing these factors can help you weigh down the pros and cons of both the options: keeping the pregnancy or obtaining the abortion. And hence, you will be more informed and better prepared for how your choice unfolds.

Types of Abortion Procedures available at 20 weeks of pregnancy:

Well, at 20 weeks, you are no longer eligible for a medical abortion or vacuum aspiration (suction) abortion. However, the available abortion methods for terminating a pregnancy at this stage are:

Dilation and Curettage (D&C):

It is an invasive procedure to end a pregnancy. While most hospitals in Bangalore may still use this technique, there are better abortion methods now available. This surgical procedure involves removing the pregnancy through suction and scraping of the uterine lining. On the other hand, there are more natural and less-invasive abortion methods available today. You will learn about it ahead in the post.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E):

D&E is a similar surgical procedure used for pregnancies further along. It involves dilating the cervix and removing the pregnancy using suction and medical instruments.

Gentle Care Induced Abortion:

Gentle Care Induced abortions are available in Bangalore at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). Here, are some key details regarding the same for you to know what to expect from your Gentle Care abortion at 20 weeks.

Understanding the Procedure:

Gentle Care Induced Abortion is a method that involves inducing labor followed by a D&E under mild sedation. This method is considered more gentle and compassionate than traditional surgical procedures.

Advantages of Gentle Care abortions:

Gentle Care Induced Abortion is a more natural and less traumatic abortion procedure in comparison to surgical abortions. Moreover, it is a combination of two different technologies that ensure a complete abortion within a single appointment.

Gentle Care abortion

Gentle Care Induced Abortion offers distinct advantages compared to traditional surgical abortion methods. This compassionate approach prioritizes emotional well-being while ensuring a safe and effective procedure. Let’s explore the advantages in detail:

Emotionally Supportive Process:

Gentle Care Induced Abortion recognizes the emotional complexity of the situation. And therefore, it provides a more empathetic and supportive environment, allowing women to process their feelings and grief.

Grieving and Closure:

Unlike surgical abortions that might feel abrupt, Gentle Care Induced Abortion allows for a more gradual process. Thus, it can aid in saying goodbye to the pregnancy and finding closure.

Enhanced Psychological Recovery:

The emotional support offered by Gentle Care Induced Abortion contributes to better psychological recovery, reducing the risk of emotional trauma often associated with surgical procedures.

Minimized Physical Discomfort:

This method involves labor induction, which can result in a more natural and gradual process. Therefore, there is a reduced physical discomfort compared to the suddenness of surgical interventions.

Increased Involvement and Choice:

Gentle Care Induced Abortion allows women to have a say in the process, such as deciding when to initiate labor. So, this empowerment enhances the feeling of control over their bodies.

Emotional Closure and Healing:

The extended timeframe of Gentle Care Induced Abortion allows for emotional closure and healing, which can positively impact a woman’s overall well-being. In addition, it impacts her overall abortion experience and how early she copes with the stress to move ahead happily and healthily.

Consideration of Personal Values:

For women who value a more sensitive and gradual approach, Gentle Care Induced Abortion aligns with their personal values and beliefs.

Compassionate Care:

Medical professionals who offer Gentle Care Induced Abortion are trained to provide compassionate care. And so, you can expect them to consider the woman’s emotional state alongside her physical health throughout the abortion process.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress:

The gradual process of labor induction can lead to reduced anxiety and stress levels compared to the anticipation of a surgical procedure.

Holistic Approach:

Gentle Care Induced Abortion takes a holistic approach, recognizing that physical and emotional well-being are intertwined. So, this approach can result in a more comprehensive healing experience. And hence, it has proven to be beneficial in helping women recover early and better after an abortion.

Personalized Decision-Making:

By giving women more time and control over the process, Gentle Care Induced Abortion enables a more personalized decision-making journey.

Potential for Positive Memory:

Women often report a more positive and meaningful memory associated with Gentle Care Induced Abortion due to its gentle and supportive nature.

Therefore, Gentle Care Induced Abortion offers a more humane and emotionally considerate approach to terminating a pregnancy. It recognizes the unique needs of each woman, ensuring physical safety while fostering emotional well-being. Moreover, by prioritizing both aspects, this method empowers women to navigate the process with greater confidence and emotional resilience.

Post-Abortion Care: Recovery and Support After Abortion in Bangalore at 20 Weeks:

Navigating the journey of post-abortion recovery and receiving essential support after a 20-week abortion in Bangalore is of paramount importance. That’s because this phase demands not only physical healing but also emotional well-being, ensuring a comprehensive recovery.

Here, are a few things to consider post-abortion that can help you as an after-abortion guide.

Physical Recovery:

Directly following the abortion procedure, it’s common to experience physical symptoms like mild cramping, spotting, and bleeding. These symptoms are typically manageable. Also, they are expected to subside within a few days. However, if you encounter severe pain, heavy bleeding, or any abnormal symptoms, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention.

Rest and Self-Care:

Post-abortion, your body requires time to recuperate. Adequate rest is essential during this phase. Listen to your body and refrain from engaging in strenuous activities for a few days. Give yourself permission to relax and engage in activities that provide comfort and relief. Stay hydrated, nourish your body with balanced meals, and consider taking prenatal vitamins to replenish any lost nutrients.

Also, avoid sexual activity for a few days until you are physically and emotionally ready for it. Avoid tampons and douching.

Emotional Well-Being:

The emotional aftermath of an abortion can be complex. Feelings of relief, sadness, guilt, and a range of other emotions are normal responses. It’s essential to acknowledge and honor these feelings. Seek emotional support from trusted friends, family members, or professionals if needed. Sharing your emotions can aid in processing your experience and fostering emotional healing.

Counselling and Support Groups:

Counselling can provide a safe space to discuss your emotions, concerns, and any lingering questions. Professionals can offer guidance in navigating the emotional terrain post-abortion. Additionally, support groups can connect you with individuals who share similar experiences. Sharing stories and coping strategies within these groups can provide solace and reassurance.

infection-free abortion in Bangalore
Abortion in Bangalore

Contraceptive Counselling:

After a 20-week abortion, discussing contraceptive options with a healthcare provider is crucial to prevent future unintended pregnancies. Understanding various birth control methods, their effectiveness and potential side effects can empower you to make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

Moreover, if you want to get an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD), you can get it at the same appointment after a Gentle Care abortion. To access further information, kindly refer to the following link: Should you get a copper-T insertion just after an abortion?

Follow-Up Appointments:

Attending follow-up appointments as recommended by your healthcare provider is crucial. These appointments allow medical professionals to monitor your physical recovery and address any concerns. Follow-up visits also provide an opportunity to discuss contraception, menstrual changes, and any questions you may have.

With a Gentle Care abortion, you may usually not need a follow-up. You can get a completed abortion within a single appointment.

Avoiding Stigma and Judgment:

It’s important to surround yourself with individuals who provide a judgment-free and supportive environment. The societal stigma surrounding abortion can exacerbate emotional distress. Choose to confide in individuals who respect your choices and offer unwavering support.

Signs Requiring Immediate Attention:

While recovery is usually smooth, some instances demand urgent medical care. If you experience severe pain, heavy bleeding (soaking more than two pads an hour), fever, foul-smelling discharge, or any unusual symptoms, seek medical attention promptly. These could indicate an infection or complications requiring immediate treatment.

Regaining Emotional Equilibrium:

Regaining emotional equilibrium after an abortion is a journey that varies for each individual. Allow yourself the freedom to heal at your own rhythm. Engaging in activities that bring joy and practicing self-compassion can facilitate emotional recovery.

Open Communication:

Sustain transparent communication with your healthcare provider as you progress through your recovery process. Address any concerns, ask questions, and share any lingering physical or emotional symptoms. Your healthcare provider is there to ensure your well-being and guide you through a smooth recovery process.

Post-abortion care and recovery after a 20-week abortion in Bangalore necessitate a holistic approach encompassing physical healing, emotional well-being, and essential support. Prioritizing self-care, seeking counselling, engaging in support groups, and remaining vigilant about your health are vital components of this journey. Remember that every individual’s recovery journey is unique, and granting yourself time and compassion can pave the way for a healthy and empowered recovery process.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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