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Considering an abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks pregnant?

Contents of this post:

Abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks of pregnancy

Challenges of abortion in Bangalore and how to overcome

Abortion methods for abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks pregnant

Abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks of pregnancy:

Welcome to a comprehensive discussion on abortion in Bangalore options at 19 weeks of pregnancy. In this post, we’ll provide you with essential information clearly and concisely. Whether you are facing this decision or seeking to understand the available choices, we aim to shed light on the topic while respecting your autonomy and right to make informed choices. Let’s delve into the details together.

19 weeks of pregnancy is nearly mid-way of gestation in humans. And if you are seeking an abortion at this stage, you must have all the important facts and information at hand. Knowing the various aspects of abortion will empower you to make the best decision for your health and obtain a safe abortion.

If you are contemplating a safe abortion at 19 weeks, it’s essential to know that you have options. And that it’s okay to make the best decision for your unique circumstances. Choosing an abortion is a deeply personal choice. And it’s vital to have the right information to make an informed decision.

There can be various sources of information and support providers available to women seeking abortion in Bangalore. However, sometimes one may find some information conflicting. So, it is best to have all the information you seek directly from healthcare providers or similar professionals.

Finding a safe and supportive abortion provider is crucial. Look for a reputable healthcare facility or clinic that specializes in providing safe abortion services. Reach out to them to understand the process, requirements, and any other concerns you may have.

Abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks: Challenges and how to overcome:

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion decision can be emotionally challenging and often comes with a range of considerations. This post is to provide you with unbiased information so that you can make the decision that is best for you and your unique circumstances.

It’s important to acknowledge that deciding to have an abortion is for you alone to decide. We encourage you to seek emotional support from your support system, whether it’s your partner, friends, or family. If needed, there are also counselling services available to provide you with the additional support you may desire.

Women may have certain preferences that can restrict their access to safe abortions. For example, legal restrictions, societal stigma, lack of healthcare providers, geographical barriers, non-availability of abortion method by choice, financial constraints, etc.

No matter what path you choose, your well-being and autonomy are of utmost importance. Understanding the available options and overcoming potential obstacles is essential during this decision-making process.

Here are some obstacles you may face during this phase and potential solutions for overcoming them.

Abortion in Bangalore
Abortion in Bangalore: Challenges

Emotional Turmoil:

Facing an abortion decision can lead to a mix of emotions, including confusion, sadness, guilt, loneliness and anxiety. Acknowledge your feelings. It’s okay to seek support from friends, family, or counselling services.

Since you are 19 weeks pregnant, most likely the pregnancy may be wanted because women usually opt for an early first-trimester abortion with unwanted pregnancies. Most women who take their pregnancies up to this stage and then opt for abortion are the ones with fetal anomalies. And some are due to pregnancy complications that can threaten the woman’s health and even life if continued.

And still, some women may seek an abortion at this stage because they were unable to obtain a safe abortion during the first trimester. Or earlier the pregnancy may be wanted which now the woman may wish to discontinue. This can be due to several reasons like a broken marriage or a conflicted relationship, or some other circumstances, unique to each woman.

How to overcome?

Support from family and friends:

All of these reasons can make a woman feel vulnerable. This is a sensitive phase of her life where she needs support rather than judgement. If you are struggling with emotional turbulence, it may be a good idea to speak to a loved one. It could be anyone you can confide in and share your feelings with. Try spending some good time with your companion if are bearing with losing a wanted pregnancy. This can ease your burden because it is the loss of a couple rather than the woman alone.

On the other hand, if you are in a disturbed relationship, speaking to a female friend can be of some help. If you have an elder friend or mother, she can be someone who can share your pain. You can also have the shoulder of a friend who has ever had experienced similar feelings. She can help you see the positive side of this and how moving ahead can help in bringing positive changes in life. Moreover, she can help you gather energy for a fresh start.

Support from a professional counselling therapist:

Losing a wanted pregnancy can be very emotional. But sometimes, it is essential. It may be a good idea to seek support from family and friends. However, if you are struggling alone, you can seek counselling therapy. Sometimes, a woman may not be able to confide in family or friends while seeking an abortion. And at such times, loneliness can be an additional emotional burden.

Seeking a professional therapist’s help at this time through counselling sessions can be very helpful. Professional help can prevent you from entering into deeper emotional stress like depression and anxiety, which may need medical intervention. Moreover, it can help bring back your lost smile only through counselling. Sometimes, just a neutral ear to listen to is more than enough for a person to overcome emotional challenges.

Support from the abortion clinic:

Looking for an abortion clinic equipped with caring and compassionate staff can also ease your abortion journey and relieve some pain. A specialized abortion clinic’s healthcare providers and staff may attend to patients like yourself quite often. Hence, they can better understand your feelings and take into account how you are feeling physically as well as emotionally. Positive patient experience helps in early recovery. And rapid recovery would mean that you can happily and healthily start fresh soon after.

Time Sensitivity:

At 19 weeks, time is of the essence. In Bangalore, the legal framework permits abortions up to 20 weeks under normal conditions. This means you have only one more week to explore your options and make an informed choice. However, it’s essential to act promptly, as accessing abortion services can take time. And you deserve the support you need without delays.

How to overcome?

You indeed have a very limited time for a legal abortion in Bangalore. However, acting in haste may not prove beneficial. Do not panic or get anxious about time constraints. It is important to weigh down all pros and cons of your choices and go with the heavier ones.

You still have a week to explore your choices. So, you need to be proactive at this time. Spend some extra effort in researching your options, including the choice of abortion clinic near you. It is highly important to receive the best care. Choosing a reputed abortion clinic could mean a lot in terms of personal satisfaction and your health. A safe abortion and quality care can help you in healing earlier and better.

Moreover, just in a case, you miss the legally permissible age for abortion, check if there are any options available for pregnancy termination. Also, check what are the requirements to suffice if such a situation arises. Abortion in India has been obtained by women beyond 20 weeks, but only in some special cases and that too with legal aid.

Knowing this available window can help you choose what’s best for you at this time.

Legal restrictions:

In some regions or countries, abortions may face severe restrictions. Or it may even be illegal altogether. Legal restrictions often make it difficult for individuals to access safe and legal abortion services. Restriction may come in the form of abortion availability to unmarried women, legally permissible age and circumstances for abortion, etc.

At 19 weeks pregnant, if a woman seeks abortion due to fetal anomalies, it may not be permissible in some places. And in some places, abortions are permissible for only a few anomalies, not all. This can lead people to seek unsafe methods, which can pose significant health risks.

How to overcome?

Seeking an abortion in a country where abortion is legal at your pregnancy stage may be a good idea. If you are seeking an abortion in Bangalore, you can obtain a legal abortion at a registered abortion hospital. Abortion in Bangalore is governed by the laws framed under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act and Rules, 1971 and amendments for legal abortions in India.

Learn about abortion rules and regulations and your reproductive rights. Knowledge is the key to a wise decision, including abortion. Knowing your rights can help you advocate for yourself and ensure you receive appropriate care. You can visit the following link to educate yourself regarding your reproductive rights for legal abortion in Bangalore: Contact us for a safe, legal & confidential abortion in Bangalore

Stigma and social pressure:

There is still a significant stigma surrounding abortion in many societies. Fear of judgment from family, friends, or the community can deter people from seeking safe abortion services. Stigma, unsupportive attitude and judging a woman for her choices can lead her to consider risky alternatives.

Women often resort to unsafe abortions due to the fear of judgement. It is one of the most common fears of abortion. Women fear this even from the abortion providers and other healthcare staff.

How to overcome?

Overcoming stigma and social pressure when seeking a safe abortion can be challenging but not impossible. Some strategies can help you navigate these barriers. Reach out to supportive friends, family members, or organizations that can provide non-judgmental assistance and understanding. Having someone to talk to can help alleviate feelings of isolation and fear.

Arm yourself with accurate information about abortion and the available options. Being well-informed can empower you to make decisions that align with your personal values and circumstances.

Seek out local or online support groups where you can interact with others who have faced similar situations. Sharing experiences and stories can help reduce negative feelings and provide emotional support.

You can also choose to maintain privacy regarding your abortion decision. Keep your decision private if you feel uncomfortable sharing it with others. Remember that it is your personal choice, and you have the right to keep it confidential. On the contrary, if you would like to challenge misconceptions and feel comfortable doing so, you can break the stereotypes regarding the topic. By doing so, you may feel empowered while also helping other women in seeking safe abortions.

Look for a healthcare provider who is non-judgmental, compassionate, and respectful of your choices. Specialized abortion clinics specialize only in limited procedures, like abortions. So, they are in the best position to openly offer you a non-judgmental and empathetic environment. Seeking abortion at a specialized abortion clinic will have you surrounded by individuals who respect your autonomy and provide unbiased support during this sensitive time.

If you encounter judgment or face barriers in accessing abortion services, seek assistance from organizations or support groups that advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

Lack of information and resources:

Access to accurate information about abortion options and available services may be limited in certain areas. Additionally, women may not have access to resources that can educate her regarding what’s the best for her health while seeking abortion care. She may not know the Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) guidelines. Nor, she may know where can she obtain the quality care that she seeks. Many women do not know that they can get abortions at private abortion clinics specializing in abortion care. To them, abortion in Bangalore is available only at general hospitals, which they tend to avoid fearing lack of privacy.

How to overcome?

Research reputable clinics or hospitals that prioritize your well-being and offer comprehensive information about your options. This will also help you in filtering your choices and searching for an abortion clinic that is equipped with qualified, trained and experienced medical professionals for late-term pregnancy terminations.

Educate yourself regarding all the available abortion methods. Discuss the risks and benefits of each available method. If you would like to learn more about the abortion method, you can ask the hospital to provide you with some study material for reference.

Try to learn which method may be best for your needs. It is also a good time to discuss your preferences with the doctor. You must make your requirements known to the abortion team so that they can plan personalized care for you.

For instance, many women may not be able to spare weeks for recovery (as is the case with a surgical abortion) due to personal or professional reasons. We have seen patients who have had their scheduled examinations, professional meetings and other important events nearing their abortions. And for such women, it was very important to recover before the events not only to participate but also to perform well.

Hence, make proper planning so that both your health and personal goals do not get negatively impacted. You must allow yourself enough time for recovery before resuming your routine. And therefore, it is very essential to learn the abortion method that you are looking forward to undergoing beforehand.

Moreover, you should be knowing what to expect from the procedure, potential risks and complications and guidance for post-abortion recovery. All of this should be transparent. If there is any communication barrier, it should be addressed. All your queries and concerns shall be answered before the procedure.

Financial Constraints:

Abortion costs can vary, and financial concerns may arise. Meeting the cost of an abortion can be a challenge for some women.

How to overcome?

Inquire about the expenses involved and explore available financial assistance programs to alleviate financial stress. Well, in most cases, especially in India, health insurance packages do not cover elective abortions, like the one you may be wanting for contraceptive failure.

However, you may get some assistance in abortions for ectopic pregnancy removal since it is a medical emergency. You may also get some assistance from some insurance providers for elective abortion in case of fetal anomalies or when abortion is performed to save the pregnant woman’s life or health.

If confidentiality is not a big concern and private facilities are not much needed, one can opt for an abortion in a government hospital. However, there are some reasons why some individuals may choose a private clinic over a government hospital. But remember, never try to cut the cost of abortion in Bangalore by compromising the procedure’s quality.

Religious and cultural beliefs:

Cultural and religious beliefs can influence one’s decision to seek an abortion. They can add another layer of complexity to the decision-making process.

How to overcome?

Take time to reflect on your own beliefs and values regarding pregnancy and abortion. Consider how your religious and cultural background influences your perspective on the matter.

If you are religious and struggling with conflicting beliefs, consider seeking counsel from a religious leader or spiritual advisor who is open-minded and non-judgmental. They may be able to provide guidance that aligns with your beliefs and values while acknowledging your unique circumstances.

Schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider who specializes in reproductive health and abortion services. Discuss your beliefs. A qualified professional can guide you better since she may have helped many women undergoing similar beliefs learn what’s best for them. She may also dispel your myths regarding an abortion.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Seeking abortion in privacy while maintaining complete confidentiality can be challenging for some women. Many women try to prevent societal stigma and judgmental behavior. And for that, they even resort to unsafe abortion methods which is not the right way to deal with the problem. Remember, you can access safe abortion services without compromising your confidentiality.

How to overcome?

Reputable healthcare providers adhere to strict ethical and legal standards to protect your personal information. You can approach a private abortion clinic rather than a general hospital. By doing so, you can prevent running into an acquaintance or avoid any familiarity.

Also, check for the availability of abortion by appointment so that you can prevent waiting for long times with fellow patients. In addition, private recovery rooms can help you recover in privacy. Reputed abortion clinics in Bangalore ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are respected throughout the process.

Decision Support:

The world is strongly divided into two beliefs, pro-choice and pro-life. However, each woman’s circumstances are variable. And her support system may also vary. Sometimes, even family and friends may hold themselves back from supporting a woman seeking an abortion. This can be a challenging situation for any woman.

How to overcome?

Consider involving your partner or a trusted family member in your decision-making process. Their support can be invaluable during this emotional journey.

Gather reliable information from reputable sources to make an informed choice that aligns with your beliefs and life goals. Seek guidance from healthcare professionals to address any concerns regarding procedural safety, abortion after-effects, contraception, future pregnancies, etc.

Ultimately, you are the one who will live with the consequences of your choices. So, be gentle with your health and your priorities. Self-compassion can be your guiding light during this time. Be kind to yourself. And remember that you are making the best decision for your unique circumstances. Trust your instincts. Give yourself the time and space needed to come to a decision.

Also, reflect on your future family planning desires. Discuss contraceptive options with your healthcare provider to prevent future unintended pregnancies.

Or if the pregnancy you seek to terminate was a wanted one, discuss when you can try again to conceive. And what precautions should you be taking during that period to avoid complications in your future pregnancies. The gap between abortion and the next pregnancy should be full of healthy and happy choices. A lot depends on how relaxed and stress-free you are. Your recovery, your health and even your future goals are better achievable when you are stress-free. Today, oxidative stress is the major reason for most complications. So, it is best to keep it off the bay as much as possible.

Abortion methods for abortion in Bangalore at 19 weeks pregnant:

At 19 weeks pregnant, two primary abortion methods are commonly used: surgical abortion and induced abortion.

Surgical Abortion in Bangalore (Dilation and Evacuation – D&E):

In a surgical abortion at 19 weeks, the cervix is dilated or widened to facilitate the removal of the fetus and placenta. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia may be administered to manage pain and discomfort during the procedure. Surgical instruments, such as forceps and suction devices, are used to carefully remove the fetal tissues from the uterus.

The procedure typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes. But the overall process may require several hours at the clinic. A surgical abortion at 19 weeks is a safe and effective method when performed by skilled healthcare professionals.

Gentle Care Induced Abortion in Bangalore:

Gentle Care induced abortion is another method available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) for terminating pregnancies at 19 weeks.

This method may involve a combination of medications to induce labor and facilitate the expulsion of the fetus. The patient may receive medications to soften the cervix and cause uterine contractions to expel the contents of the uterus.

The process may take several hours to complete. Or the procedure be performed in stages where the patient can return home after taking medicine. And be prepared to return when the labor begins. Patients are closely monitored when they are at the clinic.;

To complete the abortion and remove the placenta completely, D&E is done under mild sedation after fetal expulsion.

Differences between Surgical Abortion and Gentle Care Induced Abortion in Bangalore:

Gentle Care abortion

Procedure Type:

Surgical abortion involves the use of instruments to physically remove the fetus and placenta from the uterus. Whereas, Gentle Care induced abortion relies on medication to induce labor and expel the contents of the uterus. Since fetal expulsion is natural, there is usually no need for sharp spooning of the uterus. Hence, the risk of internal injury is minimized.


Surgical abortion may involve local or general anesthesia to manage pain and discomfort. Whereas, Gentle Care induced abortion is primarily done without anesthesia, as it primarily relies on medications. D&E is performed with the patient under mild sedation without any undesired consequences as with anesthesia.


Surgical abortion typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Whereas, Gentle Care induced abortion may take longer to complete as it involves the process of inducing labor.


The choice between the two methods depends on the patient’s health, medical history, and personal preferences, as well as the healthcare provider’s recommendation.

Gentle Care Induced abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

The procedure begins with a detailed consultation with the healthcare provider to ensure the patient’s eligibility and understand their medical history. The patient is informed about the abortion process, risks, and other medically relevant details.

On the day of the procedure, the patient may receive pre-operative medications for pain management and relaxation. The healthcare provider will perform an ultrasound to confirm the gestational age and the position of the fetus.

Medications are administered to induce labor and facilitate the expulsion of the fetus. The procedure usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes, but the overall process may require several hours at the clinic.

After the fetal expulsion, D&E is performed under mild sedation to complete the abortion. Next, the patient will be monitored for a short period to ensure there are no immediate complications.

Post-abortion support follows before the discharge to address emotional and physical recovery. The patient needs to rest and avoid strenuous activities during the recovery period.

Gentle Care abortions are available only by appointment. And, only a limited number of patients are taken in daily. Since you are already 19 weeks, you may not want to delay even a day more. So, inquire about the earliest abortion spot.

Schedule an appointment. 

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