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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 14 weeks?

Contents of this post:

Understanding Abortion in Bangalore Laws

Preparing for Your Abortion Procedure at 14 Weeks

Types of Abortion Procedures Available at 14 Weeks

Risks and Benefits of Abortion at 14 Weeks

Counselling and Emotional Support during Abortion Care

Cost of Abortion at 14 Weeks in Bangalore

Understanding Abortion in Bangalore Laws:

When you are seeking an abortion in Bangalore, it is important to note that abortion in India is legal under certain circumstances. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, of 1971, permits abortion up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. And since you are in the 14th week of pregnancy or are 14 weeks pregnant, you are eligible for legal abortion in Bangalore.

The conditions under which abortion in India is legal include:

  • Failure of contraception or ineffective use of any contraceptive method.
  • Conditions where the pregnancy poses a risk to the woman’s physical or mental health, and/or life.
  • Events where there is a risk of fetal abnormalities, and
  • In circumstances where pregnancy is a result of rape/incest.

However, in 2021, the Indian government approved an amendment to the MTP Act. Now, the rule allows abortion up to 24 weeks in certain cases. Such cases include rape survivors, victims of incest, and women with disabilities.

It is essential to understand the legal framework surrounding abortion in Bangalore before seeking abortion care. This is because the law can affect access to safe and legal abortion services.

If you are wondering about abortion in Bangalore as an unmarried woman, the Indian abortion law considers abortion for unmarried women. And hence, abortion in Bangalore is legal for unmarried women alike any married woman.

Furthermore, you can obtain an abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) with your consent only as the law guides. Parental consent is necessary only in cases where the patient is unable to provide her consent due to physical or mental disability and in the case of minors. Other than that, no parental or partner’s consent is necessary while you seek an abortion.

For a detailed insight into the legal landscape of abortions in Bangalore, you can visit the following link: Is abortion legal in Bangalore: What do you need to know?

Preparing for Your Abortion Procedure at 14 Weeks:

If you are considering to undergo an abortion at 14 weeks, it is essential to prepare yourself physically and emotionally. Here are some things to consider when preparing for your abortion procedure:

Choose a reputed abortion hospital near you.

It is important to choose a reliable and experienced abortion provider. A good abortion hospital can offer you the best possible care during the abortion. Research abortion providers in your area. Read independent reviews, and ask for recommendations from trusted sources.

Understand the procedure.

Once you have picked your doctor for an abortion, your abortion provider will explain the procedure to you in detail. Being in the know-how of the loop will help you in understanding what to expect before, during, and after the abortion. At BGH, you can ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have during your pre-abortion consultation.

To maintain the patient’s privacy and keep everything confidential, BGH conducts abortion consultations in a close-knit 1:1 setting. The patient can however choose to bring her companion during the consultation.

Arrange for someone to accompany you.

You may feel more comfortable having a friend or family member with you during the abortion procedure. Your companion can provide emotional support and help you with transportation to and from the clinic. You can also take an Uber or any other good taxi if you cannot come at your convenience.

Follow pre-procedure instructions:

Your abortion provider will give you specific instructions to follow before the abortion procedure. These may include avoiding food or drink for a certain period, taking medication, or other precautions.

Dress comfortably:

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to the clinic. Carry another pair or two of your dresses in case you need overnight hospitalization. At 14 weeks, probably your abortion may need you to stay at the hospital for a day or two.

Be prepared for aftercare:

Your abortion provider will give you instructions on how to care for yourself after the procedure. This may include resting for a certain period, avoiding sexual activity or heavy lifting, and taking prescribed medication.

Seek emotional support:

It is normal to have mixed emotions before and after the abortion procedure. Consider seeking counselling or support from a trusted friend or family member. Or you can also reach out to a support group if you feel the need.

By taking these steps, you can ensure a more comfortable and successful abortion experience.

Types of Abortion in Bangalore Procedures Available at 14 Weeks:

The process:

Induced abortion by labor is one of the two methods of surgical abortion commonly used at 14 weeks of pregnancy. The other method is dilation and curettage (D&C). Induced abortion by labor, also known as induction abortion, is a preferred method for second-trimester abortions. It is generally considered safer and has a lower risk of complications.

Induced abortion by labor involves the use of medication to start and speed up labor. It is similar to the process of inducing labor in a full-term pregnancy. The medicine may either be given to the patient to take orally. Or the doctor may choose to insert it vaginally to soften and dilate the cervix. Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the doctor will administer another medicine to start contractions and deliver the fetus.

After the fetus delivers, uterus cleaning is essential to remove any pregnancy remnants. The doctor for abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) utilizes the Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method as a part of Gentle Care abortion at 14 weeks.

The cervix is already in dilation at this stage. A speculum may be used to keep the opening wide. Then, the doctor will use sterile, safe and the latest tools to gently scrape the uterine lining. Once the cleaning is over, the doctor shall use an aspirator to evacuate all the pregnancy tissue. As a result, most of the uterus gets cleaned. So, you can expect to bleed very little after the abortion.

D&E at BGH is done with the patient under sedation. This helps patients to have a painless and comfortable abortion.

The time taken for the abortion to complete:

The process of induced abortion by labor typically takes several hours to a full day and sometimes even more. The time taken for the abortion to complete depends on individual factors. Some of them are the size and position of the fetus, the woman’s health, and the experience of the healthcare provider. In some cases, additional medication may be required to manage pain or complications during the process. So, the patient should always be prepared for a hospital stay of 2-3 days.

Knowing the time for abortion can help you plan your stay options. If you are planning for an abortion in Bangalore at 14 weeks, you may need to take a professional break and break from other work for at least a couple of days or more depending on your health. So, please plan your professional and personal arrangements accordingly.

Risks and Benefits of Abortion at 14 Weeks:

Risks with abortion:

Induced abortion by labor is generally considered a safe and effective method of second-trimester abortion. However, there are still potential risks and complications associated with the procedure. These can include bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, and injury to the uterus or other organs.

Bleeding with an induced abortion may be heavy until the fetus is delivered. If you choose to have your abortion at 14 weeks at BGH, you need not worry about the same. You will have a dedicated and supporting nurse to help you throughout the procedure. Even your loved one can accompany you.

Pain from abdominal cramps varies for every woman. And the doctor at BGH will assist you in managing pain easily and effectively. She may also use pain management medicines if necessary depending on the individual patient’s needs.

To prevent infections, BGH staff makes sure that the hospital premises practices best hygiene practices. And patients often mention in their reviews that the hospital premises are highly hygienic.

infection-free abortion in Bangalore
Abortion in Bangalore

Besides, all the pieces of equipment are properly sterilized before and after each procedure. Furthermore, the doctor may recommend prophylactic medicines to prevent the onset of any infection(s).

Gentle Care abortions at BGH are highly safe. The doctors are highly qualified and have vast experience in performing safe abortions. In addition, they use only the latest tools and techniques for each procedure. And hence, the chances of internal injury are next to zero.

A qualified and experienced doctor for abortion can assess individual risks to patients based on their overall medical health. And also determine if this is the appropriate method for their specific circumstances. The provider will also discuss the potential risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as any alternatives, such as medication abortion or surgical D&C.

Why should you visit only a registered abortion hospital?

It is important for you to reach out only to a qualified and experienced medical professional. Taking unsafe measures such as visiting a quack either to cut the cost of abortion or to avoid the stigma of abortion can come with dangerous consequences.

Many patients often attempt self-abortions or opt for unsafe abortions. Such abortions often become dark nightmares for patients with side effects and unmanageable consequences. Some patients remember their unsafe abortion stories to be extremely painful. Some have a history of severe infections of the reproductive tract. And many suffered internal bruises resulting in lost partial or complete fertility. And there are some other women also who had to pay the cost of unsafe abortions with their lives.

We advise you not to attempt a Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion as it can even be life-threatening. Instead, reach out to a safe abortion provider at a registered abortion hospital near you. Abortion in India is legal. And you can safely obtain it at the hands of a registered medical practitioner who is qualified to perform safe abortions.

In addition to medical considerations, it is also essential for women to have access to emotional and psychological support during the abortion process. Many women experience a range of feelings and emotions during and after an abortion. Counselling and support services can help manage these emotions and promote healing and recovery. BGH is fortunate to have very friendly, caring, supportive and non-judgmental nursing staff. All the nurses at BGH support patients throughout their abortion journey with compassion and care.

Benefits of abortion in Bangalore at 14 weeks:

As with any medical procedure, there are both benefits and risks which need a careful evaluation. Some individuals may feel conflicted about their decision to have an abortion. So, it is important to recognize the potential benefits that this procedure can provide.

Improved physical health:

Continuing an unwanted pregnancy can take a toll on a person’s physical health, especially as the pregnancy progresses. Abortion at 14 weeks can prevent the potential complications and health risks associated with a later abortion or continuing the pregnancy to term.

Continuing an unwanted pregnancy can pose a significant risk to the mother’s physical health, especially if there are any pre-existing medical conditions. By opting for abortion, the mother can avoid potential complications that may arise during childbirth, such as hemorrhage, hypertension, and gestational diabetes.

Improved mental health:

An unwanted pregnancy can be emotionally challenging. And carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. By opting for abortion, women can prevent the psychological trauma associated with unwanted pregnancies.

By choosing to have an early abortion, individuals can alleviate this stress and improve their overall mental health.

Ability to make choices:

Choosing to have an abortion at 14 weeks allows individuals to decide on their reproductive health and future. This can provide a sense of empowerment and control over one’s own body and life.

Financial benefits:

Continuing an unwanted pregnancy can be a significant financial burden. I may have costs associated with prenatal care, delivery, and raising a child. By choosing to have an abortion, individuals can avoid these expenses. And also prevent the financial burden of raising a child. It comes as a relief to couples who are not financially stable or cannot afford to have a child at that moment.

Maintaining Educational and Career Goals:

Continuing an unwanted pregnancy can disrupt a woman’s educational or career goals. By choosing abortion, women can maintain their focus on their education or career. In doing so, they can avoid any potential disruptions that an unwanted pregnancy may cause.

Reduction of social stigma:

Society is becoming more accepting of reproductive choice. Choosing to have an abortion can be seen as a positive decision that empowers individuals to make choices about their own bodies and lives.

Reducing the Number of Unwanted Children:

By choosing abortion, women can help reduce the number of unwanted children who may end up in the foster care system or who may not receive adequate care due to financial or other constraints.

Better family planning:

By having an abortion, women can better plan their families and ensure they are able to provide for their children.

Increased ability to care for existing children:

If a person already has children, an unplanned pregnancy can make it difficult to provide adequate care for all of their children. By choosing to have an abortion, individuals can prioritize the needs of their existing children. And thus, can ensure that existing kids receive the care and attention they need.

It is important to note that the decision to have an abortion is a deeply personal one. And individuals may have their own reasons for choosing to terminate a pregnancy. While the benefits outlined above may apply to some individuals, others may have different priorities or concerns. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to weigh the potential benefits and risks of abortion and make the decision that is best for their health and well-being.

Counselling and Emotional Support during Abortion Care:

Counselling and emotional support are critical components of abortion care. When a person decides to have an abortion, she may experience a range of emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, and sadness. Professional counselling can help women navigate these feelings and make informed decision about their pregnancy.

Counselling sessions typically involve a healthcare provider or a trained counsellor who provides non-judgmental support and information about the abortion procedure. The counsellor can also address any concerns or questions that the person may have about the procedure, the risks and benefits, and the available support options.

Abortion counselling may also include emotional support before, during, and after the abortion. During the procedure, the person may receive medication to manage pain and anxiety. During a Gentle Care abortion, the healthcare provider offers additional emotional support to help them feel more comfortable and at ease.

After the procedure, the person may experience a range of emotions such as relief, grief, or sadness. Post-abortion counselling and emotional support can help them process these emotions and provide them with coping strategies to manage any difficult feelings that may arise.

BGH’s support system helps improve the overall abortion experience for the person seeking the procedure. It helps them feel more informed and empowered about their decision, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve their overall mental health and well-being.

There are also several resources available for emotional support during and after the abortion procedure. These may include support groups, hotlines, and online forums where people can connect with others who have gone through similar experiences and receive peer support.

BGH provides a safe and supportive environment and non-judgmental and compassionate support throughout the entire abortion process.

Have a look at what past patients have to say about their abortion experiences.

Cost of Abortion in Bangalore at 14 Weeks:

When considering an abortion at 14 weeks in Bangalore, one of the factors that people often think about is the cost. And it definitely is a thing worth your concern. And that’s why you need to know the factors on which the cost of an abortion depends.

For a detailed version of the factors that decide the cost of abortion in Bangalore, you can visit the following link: What is the cost of having a safe abortion in Bangalore?

In brief, the cost of an abortion can vary depending on the clinic, the location, and the method of abortion chosen. However, it is important to note that the cost should not be the only factor considered when making this decision.

The cost of an abortion in Bangalore at 14 weeks can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of rupees. The cost can vary depending on the method of abortion chosen. Induced abortion by labour, also known as dilation and evacuation (D&E), is a more complex and involved procedure compared to earlier abortions. But, it is also much safer devoid of many risks and complications that abortions used to carry with traditional methods.

The cost of abortion must not compromise the quality of the procedure:

When considering the cost of abortion, it is important to also consider the overall quality of care and experience that the clinic provides. The cheapest option may not always be the best choice in terms of quality of care and support. It is important to choose a reputable clinic that provides safe and compassionate care, even if it means paying a higher cost.

Many clinics in Bangalore offer financial assistance or payment plans for those who may have difficulty affording the cost of an abortion. It is always a good idea to inquire about these options when considering an abortion at 14 weeks.

Additionally, it is important to note that the cost of an abortion may not include additional services, such as counselling or follow-up care. It may be better to inquire about what services are included in the cost of the abortion and what additional costs may be incurred.

Overall, while cost is an important factor to consider, it should not be the only factor when deciding about obtaining an abortion at 14 weeks in Bangalore. It is important to choose a reputable clinic that provides safe and compassionate care.

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