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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 12 weeks?

Contents of this post:

Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 12 weeks

When can you get a legal abortion in Bangalore?

Abortion method for terminating a 12-week pregnancy

Cost of abortion at 12 weeks

Abortion at 12 weeks at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH)

Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 12 weeks:

A woman or a couple may or may not want a pregnancy at a particular time. And if you too are one of them, you can rest assured because abortion in Bangalore is legal.

Unwanted pregnancies may come to any woman as a result of certain circumstances beyond her control. Contraceptives may fail. Sometimes, a woman presents with pregnancy complications. And in other times, it is advisable to perform an abortion when prenatal tests detect fetal anomalies.

Sometimes, couples want some more time before starting a family. At other times, they may choose to terminate a pregnancy due to socioeconomic reasons. In many other cases, families are complete and the couples are not looking forward to additional children.

Many a time, unwanted pregnancies may happen to single or unmarried women. They may likely not choose to be single mothers or carry forward the pregnancies resulting from premarital intimacies.

In any case, it is absolutely normal and hence, you should not let any guilt take you down. Due to such inevitable reasons and to provide safe abortions in such events, abortion in India is legal. Many women attempt unsafe abortions due to a variety of reasons. It may be due to the stigma attached to abortions and premarital intimacies. It may sometimes be to avoid ill-treatment or being judged by the medical fraternity when seeking a safe abortion. And sometimes it is a choice to maintain anonymity.

But such unsafe abortions have become a major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in India. Hence, do not attempt a self-abortion or take up any unsafe abortion method. You do have a choice of a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore. Let’s look ahead into your options.

Legally, there are certain things you should know when you are planning to undergo an abortion in Bangalore. These are:

Abortion in India is legal for a broad range of circumstances like contraceptive failure, to prevent the health and/or life of the woman, etc. In case the fetus has been detected with abnormalities, even then, you can get a legal abortion in India. Furthermore, abortion in India is legal in case the pregnancy is a result of sexual assault.

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. Here, if you are 12 weeks pregnant, you have a safe window for pregnancy termination. However, the abortion method beyond 12 weeks will change. So, still, our advice will remain the same: Do not delay.

Abortion for unmarried in Bangalore:

Now, if you are wondering about abortion as an unmarried woman in Bangalore, no worries at all. You can get a legal abortion regardless of your marital status. Whether you are married or unmarried or a single woman, it makes no difference at all for us at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). You can fetch the details and read the post on how can an unmarried woman obtain a confidential abortion in Bangalore at the following link: Abortion clinic in Bangalore for unmarried girls

Consent for abortion in Bangalore:

The next and most probable question that you may have may be regarding the consent for an abortion. So, relax in this case too. You can obtain a legal abortion at BGH with your consent only if you are an adult. You do not need your partner’s or parental consent. Most unmarried women seek unsafe abortions assuming that if they visit a hospital for an abortion in Bangalore, they may be asked to bring their parents. But, BGH will not ask you to do so since the abortion law in India guides that an adult woman can obtain a legal abortion with her consent only.

Even married women do not need partner consent for an abortion. A woman’s consent is all to abide by the law while seeking a safe abortion during the permissible gestation age.

Abortion method for terminating a 12-week pregnancy:

Are you 12 weeks pregnant?

The first question that is the biggest deciding factor of the abortion method is your gestation age. So, it’s necessary to know your pregnancy length. Are you 12 weeks pregnant or more or less? Only an ultrasound scan can get you to the real answer to this question. You may calculate it to be 12 as per your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). However, there are situations when a woman may have an irregular menstrual cycle. Such women can have delayed conception. If you happen to be such a woman, it is quite possible that your exact gestation may be less than 12 weeks.

Although the abortion method for 12 weeks or lesser may remain the same, the cost of an abortion can make a significant difference. It takes longer to completely clean the womb when the gestation age is more. And hence, you can expect the cost of abortion to be varying slightly with the increase in the pregnancy period.

Then, there are other instances where fetal growth is more than the average centile. They may exceed the growth parameters for 12 weeks. Hence, the abortion method for 12 weeks of pregnancy may not be available to such women. However, they are still eligible for abortion since abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases.

If you wonder about the exact length of your pregnancy, it may be best to have an ultrasound scan. It will tell you the exact pregnancy length as well as its location. If you are wondering about the location, we’ll come to that too. Keep reading.

Is your 12-week pregnancy intrauterine?

We mentioned about the pregnancy location above in the post. So, here is a briefing regarding the same. The pregnancy can be normal, known as intrauterine pregnancy or it can be a faulty one, known as ectopic pregnancy.

A normal pregnancy is one where the fertilized embryo travels down the pathway of the fallopian tube to reach the uterine cavity. It then implants there and starts growing. Since the embryo is in the uterus, it is known as intrauterine pregnancy.

On the other hand, extrauterine pregnancy is one where the fetus gets wrongly implanted somewhere else. It may misroute to the cervix region or remain stuck in the fallopian tube itself. Or it may also misroute to the abdominal cavity. All such cases are of ectopic pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancies are very risky. They put the patient’s health and life at risk. It’s a medical emergency and the earliest possible termination is necessary.

When you check for your pregnancy through a home or clinic Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT), it only tells whether you’re pregnant or not. It however does not reveal the pregnancy location. Only an ultrasound scan can tell you whether your pregnancy is normal or ectopic.

Abortion of an intrauterine pregnancy vs ectopic pregnancy:

In the case of a normal pregnancy, the abortion method may further depend on other patient specifics like her age, medical condition, any medicine(s) she is taking or any other complications relating to the pregnancy. We shall be discussing them in detail ahead in the post.

And in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion method may again be medical or surgical. Considering you are 12 weeks exactly or somewhere near with an ectopic pregnancy, you may most likely need surgical intervention for removing the pregnancy tissue. And you should not delay. Such a pregnancy can rupture at any moment leading to a tubal burst. It may further cause heavy internal bleeding which can even be fatal.

An early diagnosis and treatment of an ectopic pregnancy can not only save your life but also your fertility. With a tubal burst, emergency surgery may affect your reproductive health as well. You may lose partial or complete fertility. This means you may either not be able to conceive in future or even if you can conceive, there may be difficulties.

Hence, the best advice is to schedule a consultation with the doctor and undergo an ultrasound scan at the earliest. All your pregnancy options, whether to proceed with it or terminate it depend on ascertaining the pregnancy location. This is an important thing that you must never overlook.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced gynecologist in Bangalore today.

Is medical abortion possible at 12 weeks of pregnancy?

Medical abortion is terminating the pregnancy with the help of medicines. It is a recommended abortion method only for up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Beyond this age, the embryo transforms into a live fetus. Any attempt to terminate the pregnancy by pills after 8 weeks may either fail or result in an incomplete abortion. Pregnancy remnants in the womb can further create complications for the woman. Moreover, there is a high risk of heavy bleeding that can further lead to heavy blood loss and other related complications.

Since the medical method is not suitable at this stage, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends terminating pregnancies between 8-12 weeks by suction method. It is also known as the vacuum aspiration method. Here is a little insight into what you can expect from a suction abortion in Bangalore.

Vacuum aspiration abortion for 12-week pregnancy termination:

Suction abortion: When can you get it?

Suction abortion or vacuum aspiration abortion, as the name, suggests means abortion with the help of suction. This is the available abortion method for only up to 12 weeks. So, if you are 12 weeks pregnant, you have only this week left for a non-invasive abortion. After 12 weeks, you may need a surgical abortion. So, you do not have any more time left for delaying. If abortion is a decided thing, then, it’s advisable not to delay.

Suction abortion: How is it done?

Suction abortion means terminating a pregnancy by sucking it out of the uterus through a small aspirator. The gentle suction removes the pregnancy in about 5-10 minutes if your pregnancy is in the 12th week. It may take lesser time for pregnancies younger than 12 weeks.

After the pre-abortion consultation with the doctor, the nurse shall help you get dressed in the hospital gown. She will help you lie down comfortably in the position for the abortion. She will then clean your cervix region with an antiseptic to prevent any infection. In a case, you choose to undergo the procedure under anesthesia, the anesthetist will be available to make the procedure absolutely painless for you.

Next, the doctor will place a speculum in your vagina to hold it in place. Thin rods called dilators will help in dilating your cervix region for making way for a soft and flexible tube. This tube, called vacurette will pass into your uterus. The other end of this tube connects to a collection bottle. Suction is created through a hand-held device or an electric aspirator.

In case you are under anesthesia, you may feel no pain at all. And in a case, you prefer to have a suction abortion without anesthesia, you may feel slight period-like cramping and pain. The doctor may give you pain relievers, in case, you need them.

After the procedure, the nurse will again disinfect your cervix region and put on your undergarments with an affixed sanitary napkin. This will prevent your clothes from any blood stains. You can expect to bleed for a couple of days after the suction abortion.

Once the procedure is complete, you can rest in your private room. You can take discharge after resting for nearly 30-40 minutes.

Cost of abortion at 12 weeks:

Cost is one of the major questions that may come to your mind while you are planning to have one. If you are 12 weeks pregnant, it is evident that you cannot undergo a medical abortion. So, you cannot talk about the cost of abortion pills here.

Abortion pills, though are the least expensive of all abortion methods. However, at the stage you are in (12 weeks pregnant), you are not eligible for a medical abortion. Even if you try to attempt one just trying to cut down the abortion cost, it may be of no good to you. It will not only put your health at great risk but will also expose you to the commonest risk of incomplete abortion.

To get this incomplete abortion treated, you will again have to undergo a surgical method to remove the pregnancy remnants. Now, this will only increase the overall cost you get to spend on abortion. Furthermore, the surgical abortion after having attempted a medical abortion at 12 weeks may come to you at a greater cost than the suction abortion.

Hence, it is always wise to choose the best abortion method rather than trying to get the cost figure down.

Factors deciding the cost of abortion:

Now, the total cost of an abortion at 12 weeks depends on multiple factors. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Consultation charges of the doctor:

A doctor’s consultation charges depend on the doctor’s qualifications and experience. You will find the consultation charges to be justified after communicating with a qualified doctor. A well-learned doctor makes sure that the best treatment option is made available to the patient. Moreover, she keeps the patient’s safety and comfort at her best.

Many patients, especially unmarried women fear that the doctor or the healthcare staff may judge them for seeking an abortion. And there have been many instances in different parts of the country where the doctors have been either judgmental towards the patients for getting an abortion or for the fact of them getting pregnant as a result of premarital sexual intimacy. Some of the doctors even denied abortions to such patients even when abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried women. Other than that, there have been instances where doctors asked patients to bring in their parents if they want abortions.

To avoid such situations, women often fall for unsafe abortion methods such as buying abortion pills. Or they even visit unprofessional people. As a result, many such women end up in healthcare complications for which they have to suffer all their life. Some women even lose their lives as a result of the grave consequences of botched-up abortions.

It is advisable to visit only a registered abortion clinic for a safe abortion even if it comes at a slightly higher cost. Further, visiting a qualified and experienced practitioner always helps. Such a doctor handles all abortions precisely and safely. You can expect a risk-free abortion at the hands of a good doctor.

Diagnostic tests:

The diagnostic tests for an abortion include an ultrasound, the cost of which is minimal. A few lab tests mays be asked for depending on the patient’s condition. In case the patient is suffering from any medical complication at the time of abortion, some additional tests may come at additional cost. Otherwise, an ultrasound, complete blood count and routine urine analysis are the common tests one usually should undergo before an abortion.

Abortion method:

Usually, the abortion method for 12 weeks pregnancy for an intrauterine pregnancy is vacuum aspiration or suction abortion. Its cost is less than that of a surgical abortion but more than a medical abortion. However, some patients with complicated health issues or pregnancy complications may need surgical abortion even at this stage. So, the cost may increase accordingly.

In the case of ectopic pregnancy at 12 weeks too, the abortion method can be medical or surgical. Since the surgery is entirely different, its cost may vary from that of a suction abortion.

Private facilities:

If you are seeking some private facilities like a private room, comfortable furnishings for the patient and the companion, and facilities like wi-fi, Television, air-conditioned room, etc., they may come at a higher cost than seeking an abortion at a general hospital. Most patients want to keep their abortions anonymous and hence, seek private facilities. This ensures that the patient recovers in privacy and does not have to share the general ward with multiple patients. Such facilities come at reasonable costs.


With a suction abortion, the doctor may prescribe you to get some prophylactic antibiotics for nearly 5 days along with some other supplements to help you heal early.

Abortion at 12 weeks at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) offers safe, legal and confidential abortion services. The BGH abortion team comprises highly qualified and experienced doctors, internationally trained nurses and other paramedical staff to ensure patient comfort and safety.

BGH offers Gentle Care suction abortion for terminating 12-week pregnancy. It’s a specialised painless abortion method offered in a single appointment. The patient can take discharge as soon as she feels comfortable in an hour. The biggest advantage of a Gentle Care suction abortion is its efficiency. It is a nearly 100% efficient abortion method that gives you the confidence of a successful procedure before you reach home.

If you are residing in or near Bangalore, you can easily obtain this Gentle Care abortion and return home the same day. Another advantage is that you can resume your routine at the earliest. Since the Gentle Care suction abortion is non-invasive, the patient does not feel post-abortion cramps and heavy bleeding. And the patient can return to a normal routine as soon as she feels better the following day. A night’s rest may help her start afresh and better the next morning.

Since Gentle Care suction abortion is highly safe, post-abortion risks and complications are minimal. You may not even need to follow up in most cases. Before you take the discharge, the doctor will make sure that you are feeling well and comfortable.

At BGH, the patient’s safety both in terms of health and privacy is of utmost importance. A healthy patient is a happy patient.

Since Gentle Care abortions are available only on appointments, most of the slots get pre-filled. You are 12 weeks pregnant, which means you have no time to delay. Inquire about the earliest available slot today.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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