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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 10 weeks?

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Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 10 weeks

Abortion at 10 weeks: What do you need to know legally?

Abortion method for terminating pregnancy at 10 weeks:

Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 10 weeks:

An unintended pregnancy can hugely impact a woman undergoing the same. It can result from various causes. Some of them are mistiming, failure of contraception, failure to use contraceptives on time and sometimes immoral acts like rape.

There are however other reasons too for unwanted pregnancies. In such events, pregnancy may be planned, intended and even wanted. But due to certain complications to the mother’s health or due to fetal deformities, it may be prescribed to terminate the same.

If you too are looking for your abortion options at 10 weeks of pregnancy, then, you are still in the first trimester. Since you are looking for an abortion in Bangalore, let us bring to your kind notice that you are still within the legally permissible age for abortion.

At 10 weeks, you can obtain a legal, safe and confidential abortion in Bangalore. Although you have missed the 6-8 week mark for terminating a pregnancy by the medical abortion, you are still eligible for a first-trimester abortion.

Ahead in this post, you will discover your available abortion option in Bangalore at 10 weeks. But before that, it may be better for you to know a little about the abortion laws in India.

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. So, at 10 weeks, you are in a safe window for a legal abortion concerning gestation length. Now, let’s see the reasons that permit you to obtain a legal abortion.

Abortion in India is permissible for a wide range of circumstances. Thanks to its liberal abortion laws. The permissible conditions include:

Contraceptive failure:

This is the most common reason for an unexpected pregnancy. Most people not wanting a pregnancy may opt for reliable contraceptives. But sometimes they may fail. However, it’s absolutely fine if you are seeking an abortion in Bangalore. And this is because abortion in India is available for the reason of contraceptive failure.

Earlier, an abortion, for this reason, was available only to married women in India. But, with the introduction of the MTP Act 2021, there has been a significant change. Now, even unmarried women in India can obtain a legal abortion in case of contraceptive failure.

The time available to women, for this reason, is up to 20 weeks. So, if you are 10 weeks pregnant, you can easily obtain a legal abortion in case any of the contraceptives failed to result in an unwanted pregnancy.

To protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life:

Any pregnancy can come with complications. And some complications may endanger the patient’s health in the long term. Some severe complications can even be life-threatening. In circumstances such as this, abortion may be prescribed for medical reasons.

There are other kinds of cases where an ongoing pregnancy may hamper the patient’s mental health. In such events too, the woman can get a legal abortion.

And for this clause, the Indian government permits abortion even beyond the ceiling age. If you are 10 weeks pregnant while seeking an abortion for this clause, you have an advantage of an early abortion method. At this stage, it is possible to get a non-invasive abortion procedure.

Fetal anomalies:

At 10 weeks, fetal anomalies such as Down’s syndrome may not be detected. Such tests are taken into consideration at nearly 11-12 weeks and then repeat tests at 20 weeks. So, by 10 weeks, fetal anomalies may be hindered growth or missed heartbeat of the fetus. Some others include lack of amniotic fluid and other developmental deformities detectable by ultrasound. Even in such cases, the doctor may advise you to get an abortion. Again, it may be better to have it done early as you still have a week up to when you can get a non-invasive Gentle Care suction abortion.


Sadly, many unwanted pregnancies are a result of sexual assaults. Carrying on with such pregnancies can pose an immense threat to the woman’s mental health. Indian abortion law permits abortions in such cases too.

Consent for abortion:

Well, unlike many countries, in India, you can get an abortion with your consent only. You do not need your partner’s consent. Nor do you need your parent’s consent if you are an adult.

Marital status:

You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore regardless of your marital status. Whether you are married, unmarried, single woman or a widow, the law does not discriminate. You can safely obtain a legal abortion for an unwanted pregnancy.

Now, you know your legal rights. Let’s move ahead to your available abortion method.

Abortion method for terminating pregnancy at 10 weeks:

Should you buy abortion tablets?

If you are thinking of buying a Mankind Unwanted kit or any other kind of abortion tablets, then, it may be better to drop the idea. Medical abortion is not the recommended abortion method for terminating pregnancies beyond 6-8 weeks. And at 10 weeks pregnant, the risks and complications of self-administering abortion pills increase. Here is an overview of some of the potential risks you may pose yourself with self-diagnosis and self-medication.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

At 10 weeks, if you still have not got your transvaginal scan done for ruling out ectopic pregnancy, get it done at the earliest. You can also speak to a healthcare professional at the abortion clinic near you for the same.

In case your pregnancy is ectopic, which is faulty, it is a very big risk. By this time, you should have already got it removed with the help of medicines. But, it is still not late if it has not ruptured. You must schedule the earliest appointment and get the condition treated. It’s a medical emergency.

In a case, you fail to get an early diagnosis and treatment, it may rupture anytime within the body. Even if you take in abortion tablets to terminate it without knowing that the pregnancy is ectopic, rupture can happen. Since abortion tablets work only on pregnancies that are within the uterus, they won’t terminate an ectopic one.

What can happen?

The rupture can result in internal bleeding and hemorrhage. This can even cause a rupture in your fallopian tube. The doctor may need to perform immediate surgery to save your life. And consider, you have not told anyone about the pregnancy or are keeping it a secret to secretly abort. No one will be able to figure out what happened in case the pregnancy ruptures and you faint as a result of internal bleeding. An emergency surgery is essential in such a case to remove the ruptured tissue, stop internal bleeding and save the patient’s life.

Still, you may suffer another complication that can impact you throughout your life. And it is your reproductive health affecting future conceptions. This is such a case which can impact your conception ability and hence your future pregnancies. You may find it difficult to conceive in future with a single fallopian tube. And in case the complication turns out to be big, you may never be able to get pregnant again.

No woman may ever want to go through such physical and mental trauma. It is better to think wisely and not opt for self-diagnosis. Better talk to a healthcare professional at the abortion clinic and seek a safe medical pathway for your abortion.

In case you are looking for a confidential abortion, do not worry at all. You can reach out for the best help at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

Inquire about a consultation appointment today.

Risk of incomplete abortion:

Even with intrauterine or normal pregnancies, abortion tablets can present with serious complications. One of the most common complications with medical abortion beyond 6-8 weeks is incomplete abortion.

An incomplete abortion refers to the pregnancy remnants remaining in your womb even after the fetus has passed out. Such remnants can disturb your hormonal balance. You can expect to bleed for up to weeks. Pain with cramps will continue too.

A delay in corrective procedures to complete the abortion can also result in severe infections. And infections can even be life-threatening if left untreated.

Again, it is better to take the advice of a healthcare professional and refrain from self-abortion.

You can inquire about Gentle Care suction abortion which is a non-surgical abortion method. It is highly efficient. You can return home the same day after the abortion knowing that the procedure was successful.

Risk of failed abortion:

Failed abortion can also be a common problem with abortion tablets at this stage. By 10 weeks, the embryo becomes a live fetus firmly attached to the uterine lining. It may be quite possible that abortion tablets bring about contractions but fail to expel the embryo.

Risk of heavy bleeding and pain:

Abortion tablets cause uterine muscles to contract. These contractions result in abdominal cramps resulting in pain. Further, it is these contractions that help in fetal expulsion. However, at 10 weeks, the placental tissue is more and even the uterine lining is thicker. As a result, you can expect heavy bleeding with an abortion at this stage with tablets.

In addition, the bleeding and cramps may continue for up to weeks. Most abortions if performed with tablets at this stage present with incomplete abortions. As a result, such patients experience pain and bleeding for many days.

Pain too may be very severe even needing pain management.

Whereas, with Gentle Care suction abortion, the placental tissue along with the fetus gets removed within the clinic itself. Hence, the patient experiences zero to minimum bleeding post-abortion.

Gentle Care suction abortion at 10 weeks:

Doctors do not recommend using abortion pills after 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Rather, they prefer the vacuum aspiration abortion method to terminate pregnancies beyond 8 weeks. It has several advantages and is non-invasive too. Here is some more information regarding the same.

What is Gentle Care suction abortion?

Gentle Care suction abortion is the premier abortion method pioneered by the specialized abortion team at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). It gets its name Gentle Care due to the gentle approach and the procedure itself.

When you visit the hospital, the abortion care starts before the abortion itself. A pre-abortion consultation ensures that all your medically relevant details are noted down. Your condition is thoroughly checked to prevent any complications. The doctor also ascertains that the best abortion method as per your case is prescribed.

Although Gentle Care suction abortion is painless, you can ask the doctor to perform it under anesthesia. During your consultation with the doctor, she shall explain the entire procedure in your understandable language and format. This will also allow you to discuss any queries and concerns you may have directly with the doctor.

Since the method is non-invasive, you may not need sedation in case your procedure is scheduled without anesthesia. So, you can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure.

The Gentle Care suction abortion procedure:

When you are ready, the nurse shall take you to a private examination room. She shall help you lie comfortably and then disinfect your cervix region. This will prevent the onset of infections.

Once it is clean, the doctor will insert a thin, soft and flexible disposable tube into your womb through the cervix. Don’t worry about the pain. The procedure is painless. It does not hurt. When the tube reaches the womb, the doctor will turn on an aspirator. This shall create suction to suck the fetus and the placental tissue.

All the pregnancy products shall detach from the uterine lining as a result of the suction pressure. They will then easily flow down the tube and collect in a collection bottle. The doctor will examine the evacuated contents to check if the abortion is complete. It shall take nearly 5-7 minutes for the entire procedure.

Once, the doctor is affirmative of the complete abortion, she shall turn off the suction device. Then, she will gently remove the tube from the womb. The nurse shall clean the cervix again and sterilize the entire area. This completes the abortion.

After the Gentle Care suction abortion:

After the abortion, the nurse shall give you a sanitary napkin. You can place it to avoid your clothes from staining. You can expect a little bleeding for a few hours. After the abortion, you can rest in your private room. A dedicated and supporting nurse shall stay by your side throughout. Your companion is also welcome to stay by your side as you recover.

Most patients feel comfortable within 15-30 minutes post-abortion. If you too feel sufficiently rested, you can take discharge.

If you feel like having something, you can order some good food or beverages as per your preferences from your favorite food outlets. Both Swiggy and Zomato deliver food and groceries to the hospital premises.

In case, you have arrived at the hospital at your convenience, your partner can drive you back home. Or you can book an online good metered taxi or an Uber as per your convenience.

After the night’s rest, you’ll feel absolutely normal the following morning. You can even resume your routine the following day after a Gentle Care suction abortion.

The post-abortion care:

After the abortion, the doctor shall confirm that you are comfortable returning home. Before you take the discharge, she shall explain to you all the dos and don’ts after the abortion for a rapid recovery. You’ll receive a post-abortion prescription to help you heal early and prevent infections. You’ll also receive guidance as to what you can eat and what not after the abortion.

This is a great time to have any concerns answered by the doctor in person. So, if you have any queries, do not hesitate. The doctor shall also explain to you what to expect when at home, what is normal and when to seek medical help.

Another advantage that is becoming the most important reason for Bangalore women to opt for Gentle Care suction abortion is IUCD. Yes, you can get an Intrauterine contraceptive Device (IUCD) implanted just after the abortion during the same appointment without any additional pain.

With a medical abortion, one cannot get an IUCD until the abortion is complete. Whereas, with a Gentle Care abortion, you can get it implanted since the abortion gets complete within the clinic. Additional appointments and discomfort are all avoidable if you choose to get it on the same day.

So, you can speak to the doctor in case you wish to have this cost-effective and women-friendly long-lasting contraceptive. To know more about IUCD after Gentle Care abortion, please follow the link: Should you get a copper-T insertion just after an abortion?

Since Gentle Care suction abortion is available only by appointment and the hospital takes in only a limited number of patients each day, you may not want to delay. Moreover, a delay will make you exceed 10 weeks and beyond 12 weeks, you may need a surgical abortion.

Do not delay.

Inquire about the earliest spot today.

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