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Abortion laws in Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi is a member state of the UAE and as such is subject to the strict laws of the UAE, governing abortion.  These laws prevent abortion in Abu Dhabi except in very extreme circumstances.

The law governing abortion states that a woman may only have abortion if the pregnancy is threatening the life of the mother or if the child will be born with such severe defects that it will not survive.  A medical panel must rule on each case to ensure that the woman requesting the abortion fits these strict requirements.

A woman who otherwise still chooses to have an abortion can face very harsh consequences including a five year prison sentence and 100 lashes.  They may also face deportation once they are released from prison.

However, many women are still willing to take this risk because if a woman is found pregnant and unmarried she is guilty of a crime.  A woman unmarried and pregnant will be sentenced to prison along with her child and upon release from prison will be deported.

There are no exceptions for the women that may face these harsh punishments.  Even foreigners who are found to have an abortion in Abu Dhabi UAE can face the same punishments as natives.

A South African woman was given a sentence of six months and was then deported when it was suspected that she had a medical abortion when she came to the hospital with excessive bleeding.

These harsh restrictions on women are the reason why many women choose to either have an unsafe abortion or to travel outside of the country to a foreign medical clinic in order to have a legal abortion.

Unsafe Abortion in Abu Dhabi UAE

There are two ways that women often choose to have an unsafe abortion in Abu Dhabi, which are both not advisable under any circumstances. 

The first method is to order abortion pills online by distributors who make up their own dosing instructions.

These pill distributors often have very little knowledge about how their pills work or when they should be used.

They will simply tell the women to take more if the first round fails or if they are further along in their pregnancy. This will often lead to severe complications such as hemorrhaging which will mean that the woman will have to visit the hospital and will often be found out.

Unsafe abortions are a double edged sword because a woman is often unable to seek medical attention if the abortion pill fails.

The other method of unsafe abortion that women choose is a surgical procedure.  This method of abortion is often much more dangerous than the pill because it can not only lead to hemorrhaging, but infection, genital disfigurement, infertility and death.

These are very hard realities that women in Abu Dhabi may face if they find themselves pregnant and unmarried.

An alternative to Unsafe Abortion – Abortion in Bangalore India

For many women who are desperate to get an abortion, there is another option.

A woman can choose to travel outside of the country in order to obtain a safe and legal abortion.  Bangalore India is a short direct flight away.  

Getting an abortion in Abu Dhabi may be illegal but if a woman travels to a clinic in India she can have a fully legal and confidential abortion by a qualified professional.

The Genesis Abortion Clinic in India is certified, well-equipped, sterile and staffed by dedicated professionals who have their patient’s best interests at heart.

For many women this alternative is their best option because it allows them to have a safe abortion without facing charges in Abu Dhabi.

In 2008, there were 116 reported abortions by residents and all of these were performed outside of the country.

The Abortion Clinic in Bangalore India will work with women who are from outside of the country.   In India, under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, abortion is legal, based on specific circumstances of the patient, up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. 

A woman can choose in order to get a safe and legal abortion; the goal should always be to not have an unsafe abortion.

A very good option for a woman looking for a safe, legal and confidential clinic offering abortion services is the Abortion Clinic in India located in Bangalore, India.  This full service clinic offers a friendly staff and state of the art technology to ensure the best of care for all their patients.

Call  +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 to speak confidentially with the doctor in Bangalore India. 

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