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Many unforeseen circumstances and untoward events can lead a woman into unexpected outcomes. Unwanted pregnancies and unplanned ones often come as a shock. And women in such situations find themselves in turmoil. 

A warm welcome to all readers from Bangalore and nearby! This post intends to help you learn about your unwanted pregnancy abortion options near you. So, whether you are seeking abortion in LingarajapuramFrazer TownIndiranagarBanaswadi or Kammanahalli or nearby, you are at the right place.

In this post, you will learn!

  • What is abortion? 
  • When can you obtain an abortion in Bangalore?
  • Methods of abortion in Bangalore
  • Cost of abortion in Bangalore
  • Why should you not attempt a self-diagnosis?
  • Why should you avail of an early abortion?
  • Seeking a safe, legal and confidential abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital?

Abortion in Bangalore

What is abortion?

Abortion or an induced miscarriage is the process to end a pregnancy and removing all products of conception. 

If you planning to have an abortion, it is absolutely normal when speaking of abortion in Bangalore, India. 

An abortion can be a safe, quick and comfortable experience if you visit the registered abortion hospital. And if your hunt is for the ‘abortion hospital near me’, then this post will help you decide your best option. 

When can you obtain an abortion in Bangalore?

Permissible circumstances for legal abortion in Bangalore:

Many countries do not permit legal abortions. However, abortion in Bangalore, India is legal as per its MTP Act, 1971 and future amendments. And you can obtain an abortion in Bangalore if:

  • Your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure.
  • Rape/Incest/Sexual assault is the reason for an unwanted pregnancy.
  • To protect the physical and/or mental health and/or the life of the woman.
  • Fetal deformities have been detected during prenatal monitoring and screening. 

Gestation age for abortion in Bangalore, India:

In India, abortion is permissible for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. But in some cases, abortion may be permissible for up to 24 weeks in special cases. 

Marital status:

A woman or a girl can obtain an abortion in Bangalore as a married woman, as a single woman or as an unmarried girl. You do not need to be in wedlock if you wish to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore. 

Consent for abortion:

Any girl above the age of 18 years can obtain an abortion in Bangalore with her consent only if she is an adult. However, in case of minor rapes and events where the girl is a minor, parental consent is needed. 

If the girl is an orphan or parents are not available for consent, legal permission from guardians is necessary. 

Parental consent is also needed when the patient is not in the mental capacity to offer her consent for abortion. 

What are the methods of abortion in Bangalore?

There are three safe abortion methods as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Suction abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

The choice of each method depends on various factors like length and location of the pregnancy, patient-specific medical condition and more.

Not all hospitals may have the facilities required for all the abortion procedures. And some other factors may also limit abortion choices sometimes. These include:

  • the hospital location,
  • waiting period,
  • availability of doctors and medical staff, etc.

Now, we will discuss each method and how it is like to have an abortion in Bangalore with all these methods.

Medical Abortion in Bangalore:

Medical abortion or the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) refers to stopping a pregnancy. And finally, induction of miscarriage leads to the expulsion of all the placental tissue along with embryo and other gestation products.

The procedure involves taking safe abortion pills.

Up to how many weeks can you have a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is advisable to terminate only intrauterine pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks. 

Pregnancy length is only one criterion. Other considerations like the patient’s medical condition, her allergies and even if she is on some medications are relevant before prescription of abortion pills. 

How do abortion pills work?

Two medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol have been approved as safe abortion pills. They work together to trigger an abortion, however in two different stages. 

The first abortion medicine, Mifepristone is an anti-progestin. It blocks the action of the hormone Progesterone and also stops its production. Progesterone is essential for the growth and development of the embryo. In its absence, the pregnancy halts. The doctor gives it to the patient during the first appointment. He/She may give you the tablet to take it orally or may administer it vaginally. 

You can go home after taking it. You will take the second medicine Misoprostol, at a stretch of a day or two. The doctor can call you at the clinic for vaginal administration. But in most cases, the doctor hands over the pill to the patient during the first appointment itself. 

Along with the pill, the doctor shall also give you directions as to how and when to take it. After taking this medicine, abortion is the next outcome. So, you need to be at home after taking Misoprostol. 

The abortion may take place within the next 4-6 hours. This medicine contracts the uterus. Expulsion of pregnancy products follows uterine contractions in the form of vaginal bleeding. 

Most women experience spontaneous abortion within 6 hours. Bleeding may continue to shed the uterine lining for days and sometimes up to weeks. However, if the bleeding in any form of spotting to moderate to heavy persists for longer, a follow-up appointment is essential. 

Visiting a nearby hospital in Bangalore for a medical abortion offers the following benefits:

  1. Follow-up easy
  2. Minimum travel decreases the cost of an abortion.
  3. You can have an abortion in the comfort of your home with loved ones by your side.
  4. In case of any emergency, receiving medical help nearby is convenient and quick.

What to expect from a medical abortion in Bangalore?

Medical abortion happens like a heavy menstrual period. So, abdominal cramps, pain and bleeding are the common outcomes. However, you need to follow up if:

  • Bleeding is very heavy and continues without decreasing. 
  • Pain is intense and you don’t get relief even with analgesics. Do not self-diagnose. Take only the prescribed pain management. Do not self-medicate.
  • If you experience a fever that does not settle down by a day. Chills may or may not accompany.
  • Bleeding may decrease but it does not completely stop by day 10. It may be a case of incomplete abortion. 
  • If you experience any allergic reaction. 


Abortion pills are usually safe when prescribed by qualified and experienced registered medical practitioners. Self-administration of abortion pills is very risky both for your health and life. And there are massive complications associated with their unsafe administration.

Most women when taking abortion pills after complete analysis and diagnosis by the doctor, abortion is complete. However, the efficiency of medical abortion is not more than 98%. Therefore, there are always some chances of incomplete abortion. In such an event, you may need a surgical intervention to complete your abortion. 

Suction abortion:

Vacuum aspiration or the suction method of abortion is another safe and more efficient method of abortion than abortion pills. 

Up to how many weeks can you have a surgical abortion?

Suction abortion is the method of abortion for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. It is recommended for up to 12 weeks into pregnancy. 

How is a suction abortion performed?

The suction abortion procedure involves using suction to suck out the embryo gently from the womb. An aspirator creates suction. 

Initially, the patient lies in lithotomy position and her cervix is numbed to make the procedure painless. Then, a slender tube is inserted inside the womb through the cervix. The other end of this tube is connected to a suction device, called an aspirator. This is further connected to a collection bottle. 

Suction forms when the doctor turns on the aspirator. The doctor may do so either manually or by an electric-driven motor. When the doctor does it manually, it is known as the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) method of abortion. 

When an electric motor creates the suction, it is known as the Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) method of abortion. 

Both the methods are similar with only difference in the method of suction. It is the doctor who performs the abortion method. And the efficiency of the procedure, therefore, depends on the doctor’s qualifications, pieces of training, and experience. 

Now, the suction sucks the embryo and the doctor slightly moves the tube throughout the uterine lining to collect other gestation products as well. The evacuated contents collect in the collection bottle. The doctor evaluates them to analyze if the abortion is complete. 

The procedure does not take more than 3-5 minutes in the majority of the cases. However, if any pregnancy remnant remains in the womb, the doctor may use forceps or some other surgical tools to remove them. They also collect in the collection bottle. This takes some 3-5 minutes more. 

Once the doctor is sure of removing all pregnancy products, he/she may turn off the aspirator and remove the vacurette easily. 

What to expect from a suction abortion in Bangalore?

Suction abortion in Bangalore can be a quick and comfortable procedure if you visit a registered abortion hospital. It is a gentle care procedure when performed by experienced hands. The short procedure may complete in less than 10 minutes. 

The patient may not feel any pain as the doctor numbs the cervix before the procedure. The doctor may use general anesthesia for some patients. The patient gets awake in less than half an hour post-abortion. As soon as she feels comfortable, she may take discharge. 

She may return home and rest overnight. Most women bleed only for a couple of days after the suction abortion. If you do not experience bleeding at all, it is also normal since most of the womb cleaning gets complete in the clinic itself. 

Remember, some hospitals may not offer same-day discharge. Due to huge waiting queues, it is also possible that you get a future date for abortion. And even all hospitals do not offer painless suction abortions. 

But if you are looking for a same-day discharge and a single-appointment abortion, you may choose to visit the best abortion hospital near you. You can obtain a gentle care abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

Schedule an appointment today to avoid any delay. 

After the abortion, the doctor may prescribe you some supplements and medicines to take for up to 3-5 days. These are essential to ensure rapid healing and help you get back to normal life at the earliest. 


Since suction abortion involves uterine penetration, it carries risks of internal injury. Injury to reproductive organs may even hamper your reproductive health. 

Internal bleeding can be an emergency. And there are yet other complications with unsafe abortions. However, they are all preventable if you visit the right abortion clinic. The cost of an abortion is not the amount of money you spend on abortion. It comes in terms of physical health, mental health, emotional wellbeing and even life. 

Therefore, you must visit only a qualified practitioner for a suction abortion in Bangalore.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or Surgical abortion method:

Surgical abortion is a slightly invasive abortion method to end a pregnancy and efficiently remove it. 

Up to how many weeks can you have a medical abortion?

In India, abortions up to 20 weeks may not be efficiently completed by the suction method alone. For terminating pregnancies beyond 12 weeks but up to legal 20 or 24 weeks need a surgical method.

How is a surgical abortion performed?

During a surgical abortion, the patient is put to sleep with help of general anesthesia. In some cases, the doctor numbs her pelvic area with local anesthesia while she is awake. This is essential to make the procedure a painless experience. 

Dilatants may help in cervix dilation. Some hospitals may require patient hospitalization overnight. Dilatants work by the night and abortion performed the following day. However, hospitals like BGH offers the same day surgical abortions.

They use the latest techniques, tools, and advanced medicines for dilation. Then, the doctor uses forceps and other sterile surgical tools to scrape off the embryo and placental tissue. Suction as in the suction abortion may help in evacuation of the abraded products.

The doctor evaluates the efficiency of the procedure throughout the process. The procedure requires intensive accuracy and precision. Do not visit any unprofessional setting for an abortion. It may be very risky both for your health and life. 

Only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can perform a surgical abortion successfully avoiding all complications.

BGH offers single-appointment and same-day discharge after surgical abortions. Uterovaginal packing may help to stop the bleeding and shorten the hospital stay. 

What to expect from a surgical abortion in Bangalore?

Surgical abortion is slightly invasive. Therefore, choose your doctor for abortion very carefully. 

The use of anesthesia may make the procedure painless. However, as a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), post-abortion care is also essential. 

Some women may not bleed at all after an in-clinic abortion. Some others may experience it for quite 3-4 days. You will receive advice for post-abortion supplements and diet for rapid healing. You can resume your routine activities the following day if you feel comfortable. However, you may choose to take a rest for overcoming the fatigue and also to feel emotionally well. 

You may choose to have a telephonic follow-up after a week if you feel comfortable. In case of any complications like bleeding, pain, fever, please schedule an appointment for follow up.

Suction abortions and surgical abortions are mostly 100% efficient when performed by a qualified and experienced abortion team. Many women who are in the first 8 weeks of their pregnancy may also opt for suction abortion for its advantages over medical abortion. 

Advantages of suction abortion over medical abortion:

  • More efficiency: Suction abortions are more efficient than medical abortions. Chances of incomplete abortions are minimum. Most qualified doctors complete it within less than 10 minutes.
  • Painless abortion: Suction abortion is painless when performed with a patient under anesthesia. Whereas medical abortion is associated with moderate to severe pain. It may also need management. 
  • Bleeding: With medical abortion, the gestation products pass down as bleeding. And hence, you can expect moderate to heavy bleeding with abortion pills. Whereas, with an in-clinic suction abortion, bleeding is minimum. Most of the products are removed within the clinic itself. Therefore, bleeding is less in the week ahead.
  • Discomfort: With pain and bleeding, discomfort is evident. And discomfort lasts longer. Since suction abortion is complete within the clinic, discomfort is very less in comparison to that with medical abortion. 
  • Normal routine: With abortion pills, abortion happens most likely on the third day. And you may need rest for a day or two after that. So, you may need to take a break from work. Whereas, with suction abortion, you can resume your daily activities the following day. 
  • Waiting period: With a medical abortion, the patient has to wait for nearly a week to be sure of a complete abortion. However, most suction abortions are complete in the clinic itself when performed following all the guidelines. 

Cost of abortion in Bangalore:

Abortion cost in Bangalore depends on the following factors:

  1. The cost of consultation may depend on the qualifications of the doctor and other team members. 
  2. Method of abortion which is further dependent on pregnancy length, location and patient’s medical condition. 
  3. Diagnosis and scans before the abortion. Never try to cut the abortion cost by skipping any of the prescribed tests. They are essential for prescribing the best abortion method. 
  4. Any additional diagnosis if the patient’s condition requires the so. The cost for the diagnosis and treatment along with the abortion shall also be included. 
  5. Travelling cost depends on how far you are travelling from and your mode of travel. 
  6. If you seek a painless abortion, the cost of the anesthetist.  
  7. Cost of medicines and supplements.
  8. Hospital facilities and the facilities sought for personal comfort. For example, a woman may need a private room and no long queues or waiting period for a confidential abortion. 

Why should you not attempt a self-diagnosis?

Self-diagnosis and self-abortion may lead to several complications like:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Internal injury
  • Loss of fertility
  • Mild to severe infections
  • And even loss of life

A doctor qualifies for accurate diagnosis and treatment while a layman is not equipped with that medical knowledge. So, do not risk your health and life at the hands of a botched-up abortion.

Why should you avail of an early abortion?

Earlier you are in seeking an abortion, the embryo size is small and may pass out easily. Placental tissue is less. Even the uterine lining is thinner. And you have more abortion options. Plus, complications and risks associated with abortions at late stages increase. 

Why abortion in Bangalore at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH)?

BGH offers several advantages to girls and women from Bangalore seeking abortions. These include:

  • BGH is a certified and registered abortion clinic. 
  • All abortion methods are available under the same roof. 
  • When you visit by appointment, there is no waiting. And, you can obtain a private one-to-one consultation with the doctor. 
  • All the doctors, nurses and medical assistance staff are highly qualified. They have experience in performing safe abortion procedures for more than 30 years. 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as per guidelines framed by the WHO for CAC are followed.
  • All the hospital staff is highly professional and non-judgmental. Personal queries are not asked. It is advisable to let your doctor know all the relevant medical information for the best treatment. 
  • Many unmarried girls hesitate in visiting abortion clinics due to the fear of stigma or being turned away as unmarried. A message for these girls is that if you are an adult, you can seek a private and confidential abortion at BGH with only your consent. Besides, the BGH staff is caring, supportive and passionate. You can expect a non-judgmental abortion. 
  • BGH offers single-day, single-appointment and same-day discharge post-abortion.
  • Each patient gets a private room to keep her abortion status confidential. 
  • All your personal and medical details are safe and never disclosed. 
  • Your abortion care starts with your first call and lasts through full recovery. Follow-up after abortion is also available on phone. 
  • The hospital has the best state-of-art infrastructure and facilities for the comfort of patients throughout their treatment and stay. 

Schedule an appointment for a comfortable and painless abortion in Bangalore at the best abortion hospital. 

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