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Abortion Hospital in India – Everything You Need to Know

Every pregnancy that is intended to be terminated should have access to early abortion services. Availing early abortions can prevent many abortion complications, provided they are sought at safe abortion hospitals.

In India, there are several abortion hospitals, but to choose the best abortion hospital for you, you’ll have to do a little homework.

Here’s an ultimate guide into helping and picking the best abortion hospital in India. Let’s get started. 

#1. Gestation length: How will it impact the abortion procedure in India?

Once the decision of abortion is certain, there should be no delay in availing comprehensive abortion care which is the reproductive right of every woman. 

For a legal abortion in India, the approved gestation length as per the MTP act governing abortion laws is up to 20 weeks in general circumstances and up to 24 weeks for special cases. So, the first thing is checking and ascertaining the gestation length. 

If you are looking for an abortion clinic, do you know how far are you in your pregnancy? If No, just drop your LMP date, i.e., the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). We will let you know how far you’ve reached in pregnancy and what options you do have for abortion. 

Or you can also calculate the gestation length on your own by taking LMP as the first day and counting weeks from thereon. 

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three prescribed methods for safe abortions which are prescribed with gestation length being the first criteria for choice. These abortion procedures in India are broadly divided into the following methods:

  1. The medical method of abortion (MMA): This is the earliest option for early abortions. Safe abortion pills are administered to the patient to abort the embryo. The two prescribed pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. They can be administered either orally or through the vaginal route or sublingually or through buccal route. 

This method is your option only if:

  • Your pregnancy has not exceeded 8 weeks. 

  • The pregnancy is intrauterine.

  • You are not allergic to abortion pills.

  • You can visit the abortion clinic twice.

  • You can wait for a week to ensure a complete abortion.

  • You can deal with moderate pain and heavy bleeding.

  1. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion (VA): This is the suction method of abortion where the embryo and other pregnancy products like placenta and thickened endometrium are gently sucked by a medical tool. 

This method is your option only if:

  • Your pregnancy has not extended beyond 12 weeks.

  • The pregnancy is intrauterine.

  • You want a complete abortion in a single visit.

  • You can also avail this abortion method in case you have a medical method of abortion available as a choice in case you want an easy, painless and efficient method for your personal choices.

  1. Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E): This is the surgical method of abortion wherein the uterine lining and the embryo are gently removed from the uterine cavity through the perforation method. Cervix is dilated, slender medical tools inserted in and all contents evacuated. The procedure is entirely painless when performed under anaesthesia at a certified abortion clinic in India.

This method is your option if:

  • Your pregnancy has exceeded the period of 12 weeks but still is less than or equal to 20 weeks.

  • The pregnancy is intrauterine.

  • You want a complete abortion in a single visit.

  • This method is also used to complete abortions which were left incomplete by other methods of abortion like incomplete abortion by abortion pills.

Now you know the available abortion procedures in India. So, for selecting the abortion hospital, you will need to check which certified abortion hospital is having available facilities for which all types of abortions.

#2. Certification of the abortion hospital: Is the abortion clinic you are about to visit a certified MTP centre?

As we discussed the different prescribed methods of abortion and their availability, now it becomes important to ascertain the certification of the abortion hospital.

In India, the health department provides a certificate of registration to the centres qualifying for their criteria for certification.

You need to know that centres may or may not qualify for all the abortion procedures. Some centres may be qualified only with the prescribers of abortion pills who cannot perform surgeries. While others may have both surgeons and facilities for other methods of abortions.

#4. Qualification of the abortion doctor: Are you visiting a professionally sound abortion doctor?

Qualification of the abortion doctor is of prime importance. For a safe abortion regardless of the method, the doctor should be professionally qualified, registered with State Medical Council and should have sufficient training in the domain. 

The minimum qualification for a doctor is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Further qualifications like Masters (MD, MS) and beyond will give an additional advantage. 

For abortion by the medical method, the provider base has been expanded. The practitioners of other systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha can also prescribe abortion pills. 

But for surgical abortion method, it is essential to have minimum MBBS degree and even more expertise to prevent the complications and side-effects of abortions.

It is however best to undergo your abortion procedure by a gynaecologist at a certified abortion hospital.

#5. Painless abortion: Does the hospital have it?

All women seek a painless abortion. Pain is one of the most worrisome factors associated with abortion. Unsafe abortion providers do not have an available anaesthetist and hence do not provide painless abortions. 

You can call and inquire at the hospital before visiting for the availability of painless abortion. 

#6. Facilities at the hospital: Will you get the facilities you expect during your abortion?

After the qualified staff, it is the facilities at abortion hospitals that become the deciding factors for most women while choosing an abortion hospital in India.

From amongst all the government-approved abortion hospitals, which one is equipped with the facilities that you want for your abortion. Now, facilities can be divided into further two types:

  1. Medical facilities

  2. Private facilities

  1. Medical facilities: These are the facilities available for different abortion procedures. Besides qualified medical and paramedical staff, the hospital needs to be furnished with all the pieces of medical equipment necessary to perform the abortion procedures. These include all big and small equipment like an aspirator, canula, all medicines, injectables, etc. All equipment needs to be sterile to prevent infections.

Besides safe abortions, an abortion hospital should also be equipped well to manage complications and emergencies. 

  1. Private facilities: These are the facilities defined and made available for the personal comfort of women. These include a private room, no common waiting area, and then the furnishings in the hospital room and other areas making every patient and her companion stay at the abortion clinic as comfortable as possible.

The infrastructure of the hospital, the furnishings available in the private rooms, cleanliness of the hospital, facilities for entertainment like television and wi-fi for keeping the patient and the companion relaxed during the waiting period or after abortion procedure before the discharge etc all contribute to the private facilities which vary from hospital to hospital and you can make the selection as per your preferences.

#7. Confidential abortion: Are your personal details safe?

There can be a plethora of options due to which women and sometimes even their companions do not want anyone to know about their abortion. This happens in most cases with unmarried girls where they get pregnant and seek private and confidential abortions without their parents or anyone else knowing about the same. 

Thanks to Indian law that Indian women can avail legal abortions in such situations without parental or anyone else’s consent. Adult women can ask for safe abortions anytime, anywhere at a certified MTP centre in India. 

Privacy concern is the major reason why women seek unsafe abortions. But, if they know that they can get safe abortions legally and that too confidentially, maternal mortality and morbidity rates can be brought down. This is why women in India enjoy the liberty to choose whether or not to take their pregnancy ahead or to terminate it early in case it is unwanted.

In case you fear your abortion coming into anyone’s knowledge and you seek a secret abortion, you still have many options to avail them but safely. If you are residing in Bangalore, you have one such hospital in your neighbourhood where you can avail a safe abortion even while feeling as if you have come from some other area, no acquaintance, completely private and safe abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

Or if you reside somewhere else or in a small town or a city where abortion clinics may or may not be present, why to risk your privacy? You can always choose to travel to Bangalore for a safe abortion

#8. Early abortion options: How much longer do you need to wait?

In pregnancy, every minute counts. You should cross-check with the hospital regarding the waiting period. In small cities like Mysore, there are limited abortion hospitals and abortion doctors. This makes patients keep waiting for abortion which decreases their available options. Hence, it is advised to always check on prior basis whether your case will be taken up immediately or you will have to wait for your turn.

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BG): What makes BGH the best abortion hospital in India?

All abortion clinics may claim to be equipped with world-class facilities but abortion stories tell the truth. It is always wise to check for online reviews, testimonials of previous patients before scheduling the appointment for an abortion.

Doctors and abortion team at BGH have years of experience in handling simple as well as complicated abortion cases with precision. With more than 99% happy and satisfied patients, there can be no other words needed to ascertain the credibility of BGH. 

However, looking into the matter of facts, here’s in brief what makes BGH the best abortion hospital in India:

  • BGH is India’s best abortion clinic providing safe, legal and confidential abortion services in the heart of the favourite medical destination city of Bangalore.

  • BGH is a certified abortion hospital equipped to perform all kinds of abortion procedures, the medical method of abortion, vacuum aspiration and dilation and evacuation.

  • With medical abortions at BGH, medicines are prescribed for pain management making them as convenient and less painful for the patient as possible. Many women, however, seek vacuum aspiration method of abortion even when they have a medical method available as a choice since this method is entirely painless at BGH and its efficiency is more than that with abortion pills.

  • All surgical abortions at BGH are painless. All surgical abortions are performed under anaesthesia. Administration of anaesthesia is done by a specially assigned anaesthetist. Choice of anaesthesia depends upon a lot of factors such as:

    • Patient-specific conditions, like other existing medical conditions or allergies.

    • Type of the procedure being performed.

    • Patient compliance.

  • BGH is equipped with all in-house facilities for the patient to have it as a one-stop solution. Clinical laboratory, radio-diagnosis, pharmacy and canteen are all in-house.

  • There is no waiting period at BGH, no crowded waiting halls, no long queues. All patients are advised to visit by appointment and each patient is attended well on time. Most abortion procedures are performed on the same day. 

  • The hospital furniture and other furnishings have been done and are regularly managed to ensure patient and her companion’s comfort throughout their stay at the hospital.

  • Each patient is given a private one-to-one consultation with the doctor. A nurse is also present dedicated to the support and care of the patient all the time. 

  • The best method suiting to specific conditions of the patient is prescribed. Complete medical history notes are taken down to avoid any contraindicated medicine or allergic responses if any. All the available methods and their estimated cost is given to the patient before the abortion procedure.

  • All clinical investigations and ultrasonography are done in-house to ascertain the exact length and location of pregnancy to avoid any case of ectopic pregnancy or incomplete abortion. Also, the clinical findings help in prescribing medicines for rapid post-abortion recovery.

  • The only waiting period is for the clinical reports and post-abortion for weaning away from the anaesthetic effects. During all this time, the patient is provided with a private room for waiting with facilities like television and wi-fi to avoid any anxiety and keep the patient relaxed and companion engaged.

  • All clinical guidelines for Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) are followed for each abortion procedure.

  • The efficiency of abortion procedures by the medical method is nearly 98% and for surgical abortions is nearly 100%. The efficiency is always maintained due to many reasons like:

    • Highly-qualified gynaecologists with extensive training of international standard and well-versed in the latest abortion techniques. 

    • Experienced hands of all the members of the abortion team, consisting of both medical as well as paramedical staff.

    • Latest medical equipment all of which are sterilized before and after each procedure.

  • Chances of infections are kept at minimum owing to highly hygienic premises, operation room and all equipment.

  • All preventable measures are taken to avoid complications. Even in case of emergencies, the abortion team is well qualified to manage them.

  • Each abortion is entirely confidential. No personal details of yours will ever be revealed to anyone anytime for any reason. 

  • The staff is highly professional and non-judgemental. Your choices and decisions are respected irrespective of any stigma and you can expect a completely professional and caring attitude. 

  • Proper counselling for rapid post-abortion recovery and future contraceptive methods is given to the patient. Medicines and supplements are prescribed to ensure a rapid recovery. Diet to be followed is also guided into.

  • The patient is asked to visit for a follow up after a week to ensure complete recovery after the abortion, if possible. Otherwise, telephonic consultation is also available.

Many women have availed safe, legal and confidential abortions at BGH not only from the Bangalore city but from many nearby cities, towns and villages and also from many other parts of the country. 

You too can have a happy abortion in Bangalore story at BGH.

Call on our helpline number at +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 to schedule an appointment and speak to a healthcare expert.

You can also reach us via WhatsApp message and/or call.


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