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Abortion in Bangalore Cost

Bangalore has emerged as one of the choicest cities for a medical destination where people from throughout India and the world seeking medical aid come and obtain the required healthy options.

There are plenty of reasons that make Bangalore in India as the city of choice for a variety of exclusive medical procedures. And one such medical procedure is abortion or the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) which has seen an influx of patients in Bangalore from across the country and worldwide.

There are plenty of considerations that go into mind while considering an abortion and one such thing is the cost of an abortion. Abortion cost varies in different countries, in different cities of the same country and is also different in different MTP centres of the same city. Similarly, the cost of an abortion in Bangalore may vary from centre to centre, based on the medical facilities available, doctors/medical staff’s qualifications and experience, as well as the quality of the abortion procedures available at the abortion centre.

But, the most important question you have to ask yourself is :  Is my health above the monetary cost of an abortion?

Cost of abortion in Bangalore: Contributing factors:

The cost of abortion does not depend on any one factor. There are several contributing factors which only your doctor can tell you. Some of these are:

  • Method of abortion: The prescribed method of abortion largely depends on the gestation length. Different procedures that are utilized for abortion at different gestation ages come at different costs. But, only a well-qualified doctor can tell you which abortion method is best for you. Cost is not the deciding factor for the prescribed method. But, the cost is dependent upon the method, which is further dependent on many other factors.
  • Painless abortion: Many unsafe centres carry out abortion procedures without anaesthesia leading to very brutal and painful abortion experiences. They either do not have an anaesthetist or want to cut down the abortion cost. If surgical abortion is performed, at a high quality certified MTP centre, it is performed under preferred anaesthetic to deliver a painless abortion experience.
  • Facilities and premises: When an abortion is performed by highly-qualified and trained doctors, the risks and complications are minimized. This is done by utilizing the latest medical equipment, safest medicines, sterilized premises and medical tools and proper testing before and after the abortion to ensure complete abortion and rapid post-abortion recovery. According to the facilities provided by the hospital, the cost can vary accordingly.
  • Privacy: Not all certified MTP centres provide private rooms to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality. And even their waiting rooms can have a lot of patients. If you tend to avoid crowd, you can schedule an appointment and can avail a private room, the cost of which can be more than regular general wards.

When it comes to the cost of abortion in Bangalore, it is not just the figure in any currency. An abortion costs a woman more than she can imagine.

Cost of abortion in terms of the woman’s general health:

Though abortion is a normal medical procedure, yet due to high risks and complications involved with the same, it is safe if it safeguards the woman’s health.

With unsafe abortions, there can be unmanageable complications leading to loss of health. Not all lost health can be regained and hence, you need to seek a safe abortion.

Did you know unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortalities and morbidities? And this is not just the case in India but throughout the world.

There are plenty of reasons which can tempt a woman to fall in for an unsafe abortion like the social stigma associated with it, confidentiality, unavailability of certified healthcare providers and premises, the monetary cost of an abortion procedure, lack of facilities, and many more. Abortion is not even legal in all countries alike.

But in India, where abortion is legal and with the availability of world-class health facilities within reach, no abortion cost is greater than your health.

Some of the unmanageable complications leading to general debility in woman’s health post-abortion are:

  • Trauma: If the abortion has been carried out using an invasive method, there are chances of physical injury to internal tissues and organs. An internal injury is an emergency and if a qualified professional is not performing the same, an injury can even be fatal. Uncontrollable internal bleeding can lead to haemorrhage and even death. Is any abortion cost above your health?
  • Incomplete abortion: Many women consider it the easiest option to terminate an early pregnancy through MTP kit which they avail either through online pharmacies or from nearby chemists. First of all, it is illegal to both buy and sell MTP kits without a prescription. Next, even if you manage to buy an MTP kit for the cost of MTP kit may seem to come at the most reasonable price, are you sure that by taking the abortion pills, your abortion will be complete?

Please note that abortion pills are only 96% to 98% effective. This means that there are chances that your abortion may not be completed and the surgical abortion method will then have to be employed to remove all unwanted products of gestation.

Seeking abortion for an unwanted pregnancy is a part of every woman’s reproductive rights. Though it comes as unpleasant news, no woman should act in a hurry. Rather, take a deep breath and relax. Look out for your best abortion options in India. You have a plethora of options, but what is more important is health as no abortion cost is expensive other than at the expense of your health.

  • Discomfort: Many women have painful periods and the pain of abortion can be similar and even more in intensity if not properly managed. The severity of pain ranges from woman to woman. Some women do not feel any pain at all. Then some professionals are very efficient in managing abortions and associated pain thereby making an abortion very easy.

Besides pain, vaginal bleeding may add to the woman’s discomfort. There may be no bleeding at all in some women. While others may face heavy blood loss thereby causing discomfort and fatigue. Incomplete abortions are often presented with mild to heavy bleeding for weeks unless finally detected by a transvaginal scan.

Is this discomfort above the cost of an abortion?

  • Infections: You cannot expect unsafe centres to be properly sanitized and all medical equipment be sterilized before and after each procedure. Moreover, unhygienic water or an unhealthy environment can lead to many water-borne and air-borne diseases.

While at a safe MTP centre, the risk to infection is minimized by all necessary sterilizing precautions, hygiene care and to further eliminate any chance of infection, proper medications are prescribed to which you are not allergic to prevent you from catching any infection.

Cost of abortion in terms of woman’s reproductive health:

One of the most common questions in the mind of a woman looking forward to having an abortion is: Will the abortion affect my future pregnancies?

And it certainly is the most relevant question. An abortion can cost you partial to complete loss of fertility if it has been availed as an unsafe practice.

The most important thing with any complication or risk relating to terminating an unwanted pregnancy is that they are all preventable. And who does not know, “prevention is better than cure”.

Now coming to how an unsafe abortion can impact the future pregnancies and how it can be prevented. Well, what happens when a woman self-administers abortion pills regardless of the reason which can be its low cost, societal stigma or any other reason, there can be three different situations which are most common.

  1. Complete abortion: This is the reason and the thing that drives a woman to resort to this unsafe method of abortion by self-administration of MTP kit. And many women successfully get a completed abortion, but at the cost of:
    1. Unmanageable bleeding that can last from a few days to many weeks.
    2. Unbearable pain
    3. Off from work for many days
    4. Discomfort
    5. Fatigue
    6. Excessive loss of blood
    7. Anxiety for more than a week whether or not the abortion was complete.
    8. Discomfort can lead to loss of essential nutrients from the body which can impact the future pregnancies. For example, egg quality in future can be diminished due to declined ovarian health.
    9. Even if the abortion is complete, it can lead to uterus shape getting distorted and attaining a bicornuate shape which makes it difficult to conceive in future.
    10. Hormonal imbalance can again create difficulties in conception. You can expect complete hormonal and post-abortion recovery guidance only at safe abortion centres.
    11. Allergic responses can be triggered in some women who are allergic to certain pills. No unqualified doctor will check for the same before administering you with any pill even for mild pain. Only a recognized MTP centre will check for the medical history of the patient to avoid any medicine to which you are either allergic or are taking any other medicine for any other medical condition which may be contraindicated with prescribed medication.

Are you ready for any of these losses even if the abortion is complete just because you think the cost of medical abortion in Bangalore is cheaper?

  • Incomplete abortion: Well, as aforementioned, safe abortion pills or the MTP kit are not 100% effective. This would mean that after having administered the abortion pills, you have to wait at least for a week to be sure that all the pregnancy products have been successfully eliminated from your body. Yes, unless the bleeding stops in a week or detected by a transvaginal scan, an abortion cannot be regarded as complete.

It is most common when women try to avail medical abortion in the late stages of pregnancy, i.e, beyond 6 weeks for them the abortion pills cost in Bangalore seems a cheaper option.

And it happens with many women taking abortion pills even in a doctor’s office settings that the abortion remains incomplete. It cannot be ascertained for any woman before the abortion that pills will work for her with 100% result or not. Every woman behaves differently to abortion pills. Only a qualified professional can help a woman decide which method is best suitable for terminating her ongoing unwanted pregnancy.

So, if abortion is incomplete and you have taken abortion pills without a doctor’s consultation and prescription, how can you go for a transvaginal scan for confirmation of pregnancy termination without the doctor’s prescription? And even if somehow you manage to get it detected that the abortion was incomplete, you will now definitely require a certified MTP centre to completely clear the uterine lining of the unwanted pregnancy products so that your health can be restored to normal.

So, what was the use of self-administering pills? You are taking risk of your health for a small cost. But, ultimately you will need a surgical abortion at a higher cost which you must have not thought before taking MTP kit. Or probably for you, the cost of surgical abortion in Bangalore may have looked more expensive than the MTP kit cost. Therefore, it is not a wise decision ever to self-administer MTP kit only for the reason of it coming at a lower cost.

  • Ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy means any pregnancy occurring at a wrongful location. Normally, a fertilized egg travels to the uterus via its pathway of fallopian tube. In some cases, the fertilized egg does not reach the uterine lining and starts growing within the fallopian tube, or somewhere else in other rare cases.

If this fertilized egg keeps growing within the fallopian tube, it can lead to a burst of the tube. This is a real serious case where partial reproductive organs will then have to be surgically removed. And once your reproductive organs are removed, your chances of conception in future decline according to specific cases. This loss can be partial or even complete.

Coming to how self-administration of abortion pills can lead to this situation and how the whole situation is preventable.

In case of an ectopic pregnancy, abortion pills are ineffective. They do not terminate the pregnancy. The MTP kit contains pills that stop the growth of the fetus and bring uterine contractions so that the unwanted pregnancy comes out just like a regular menstrual flow.

In case of an ectopic pregnancy, since the fertilized egg is not in the uterus, the pills won’t work and the pregnancy can keep growing outside extra-uterine which can lead to a burst tube. The situation can even be fatal but is preventable. How?

Yes, the entire situation of a burst tubal pregnancy can be prevented in the very beginning itself. All it needs is a wise decision of the choice of the best-certified MTP centre near you. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is in the very heart of the city of Bangalore and is easily accessible.

How do they prevent such a grave risk? The abortion team at BGH is a highly qualified and recommended team of healthcare professionals. They perform a few medical tests before prescribing the suitable method of abortion for every woman seeking an abortion. One such test is determining the location of pregnancy before any kind of abortion procedure to ensure that the pregnancy is intrauterine.

After it has been ascertained that the pregnancy is intrauterine and you are not more than 6 weeks pregnant, MTP kit is still an available option for medical termination of pregnancy. But, remember that no medical termination of pregnancy cost should come at your health’s expense and the risk of incomplete abortion still persists with the use of MTP kit.

And if the pregnancy location is ectopic, even then it can be removed through laparoscopy without affecting your reproductive organs and future pregnancies. Therefore, it is rightful to say that the earlier you are, the more options you have and the minimum is the risk you are exposed to. And even such a grave risk can be detected and treated well in time.

Cost of abortion in terms of a woman’s mental health:

Metal health of a woman is equally important as her physical health. And for this reason, it is been added in the MTP Act of India that a woman seeking abortion up to 20 weeks can avail it legally and safely if the ongoing pregnancy can pose a threat to her mental wellbeing.

And abortions can be traumatizing not just physically, but mentally as well as emotionally also. Even though our society has advanced a lot and started to be called as a Modern society, yet abortion often has a stigma revolving around it. This stigma increases for such women who society regards ethically and morally as not eligible to get pregnant, like abortion for unmarried women.

And often due to these reasons, they seek unsafe abortions. Even when they try to seek a legal abortion for health and safety concerns, they have to face this stigma many times even at the hands of doctor, nurses or other hospital staff.

Such remarks and unprofessional behaviour can be mentally traumatic for the woman. Though her physical bruises may heal with time, the memories of her traumatizing experience may never heal. Such women tend to enter the gateway of anxiety, depression, stress and/or many other psychological disturbances.

Can you expect such a woman to be planning a future pregnancy? Is this cost less than an unsafe practice or self-administered MTP kit cost?

Safe abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

Again, as we said all risks relating to an abortion can be avoided through safe practices. BGH is one such premier institute which has complete regard for providing Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to all women equally.

Availing a safe abortion at BGH can give you an experience of being treated by highly qualified and registered medical staff. A comfortable experience privately and confidentially can help you from taking an inadvertent step of resorting to unsafe abortion.

All abortions at BGH are safe in terms of health, both physically as well as mentally. The abortion team at BGH is professional and non-judgemental. You can expect the sympathy and care from your doctor and nurse.

As far as your privacy is concerned, your abortion status will be completely confidential and no hospital member can ever reveal any details about you to anyone as a part of their confidentiality policies. Nor will they ever ask you any personal question other than what are required for your treatment.

Whatever be the prescribed abortion method at BGH, your overall experience will be entirely gentle. All precautions are taken to prevent any risks. And even in emergencies, doctors at BGH are highly qualified and trained to manage them thereby preventing further complications.

Another important thing that causes women to go for unsafe abortions is whether the consent of parents or partner is needed for the abortion procedure. Bringing a sigh of relief to you, if you are an adult, i.e, have attained an age of 18 years, it is only you whose consent is needed for the abortion, not your parents, not your partner nor anyone else. You have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and can avail a safe abortion only with your consent.

Choosing a certified MTP centre:

Undoubtedly, the cost is one of the factors in choosing a safe MTP centre, but it should not come at the cost of your health. Your health is important not only for you but also for your loved ones.

While choosing the right MTP centre, do check out for:

  • Check whether the MTP centre is certified or not.
  • Check for the medical doctors and nurses if they are registered, qualified and have received proper training for performing an abortion.
  • Check for the confidentiality policy of the MTP centre. Your privacy is equally important.
  • Check for hospital timings. It is always advisable to make a call and schedule an appointment before visiting the hospital. This can save your time, help you understand what to bring along when coming to avail the abortion services and also have you save any waiting time. Every day is important and adds on the period of gestation.
  • Check whether you can be discharged the same day or not and who you can bring along while coming for abortion.

If you are seeking the procedure and cost of abortion in Bangalore, feel free to contact our helpline number and schedule an appointment. Coming on time by appointment will also eliminate any chances of meeting an acquaintance. So, be relaxed and call to talk to a professional and make a wise decision about the choice of the MTP centre which is most crucial for your health.

The cost of abortion in Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a high-value solution and an investment in your long term health and safety, when you look into the facilities and safety of every abortion procedure.

Now, you know how important it is to consult a doctor for terminating an unintended pregnancy and how dangerous it can be to go for easily available low-cost abortion options.

Remember, there are some losses which no cost can ever recover. An investment on availing high-quality healthcare for abortion in Bangalore can always be earned in the future but there are some losses like the loss of fertility or life which can never be regained.

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