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Abortions Clinics in Sri Lanka

Abortion clinics in Sri Lanka are illegal because abortion in Sri Lanka, except for under very rare circumstances, is illegal. There are many reasons a woman in Sri Lanka would want to have an abortion, though, and many of these women think that the only way to accomplish this feat is to go to an illegal clinic to have the procedure. There is, however, another way that women who are thinking of getting an abortion should consider going.

Getting an illegal abortion can be dangerous in a lot of different ways. The legal consequences are not the only dangers. A woman who does not get caught having an illegal abortion is still in danger. The majority of underground or illegal abortions that take place are performed by people that are untrained and unskilled.

It is dangerous to have one of this operations or procedures because an untrained, unskilled clinician who does not have the right tools and has no regulations keeping him or her up-to-date in cleaning and health care, is a dangerous clinician. Many people who go in to have these procedures end up with very serious, and even permanent health problems; this can include being unable to have children in the future when the woman and her husband want one.

A permanent health problem is not the only worry, though. A woman who has one of these illegal abortions at one of the abortion clinics in Sri Lanka also has a high percent chance of actually dying during or soon after the procedure. There are many ways this could occur.

As an example, a woman could bleed out on the table if she is having a surgical procedure. Another example would be a woman who took too much of a drug that was intended to induce an abortion in a medical procedure and then overdose on the drug. Either way, the woman might die.

Instead of obtaining an illegal abortion in Sri Lanka, a woman might want to instead go to a clinic that is in a country where the process is legal. In places where abortion is legal, it is usually very safe and complications are usually minor, if there are any at all. A good medical hospital to go to for this type of procedure is in Bangalore, India.

If you would prefer to go to a safe and legal clinic than to the illegal abortion clinics in Sri Lanka, then you may want to consider a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore India. The well-established Genesis abortion clinic offers the needed information at You could also call for more information at:  +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277.


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