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Abortion clinic in Bangalore for unmarried girls

Welcome and a warm hello to all readers! This post intends to clarify certain misconceptions regarding abortion for unmarried girls. Besides, the post is an initiative to guide all women and girls to learn their reproductive rights in Bangalore, India.

Most of the abortions (nearly 81%) are performed using abortion pills. And more than 90% of these are the ones where girls and women self-diagnose and self-administer abortion pills. And this one reason contributes to the majority of unsafe abortions in India.

Furthermore, unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortality in India. This post intends to help the readers looking forward to having an abortion in Bangalore access their safe abortion options.

Let’s begin!

The legal scenario of abortion in Bangalore, India:

The first and the most important thing is to know your legal rights. This will help you understand what is legal and what is not. And when girls and women know their legal rights, they can make a wise choice.

Moreover, knowing can give you confidence that “You are doing the right thing”. Moreover, lack of legal knowledge opens pitfalls for unsafe choices. Most of the unmarried girls buying abortion pills do not even know that abortion in India is legal for them.

So, here are the legal things you need to know when you are wanting an abortion in Bangalore.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legal for a variety of reasons. And you too can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore if your pregnancy has resulted from any of the following reasons:

Contraceptive failure:

There are various types of contraceptives. They may fail either due to technical fault or even due to a lack of knowledge of using them. So, Indian abortion law, MTP Act 1971 and future amendments consider contraceptive failure as a valid reason resulting in unplanned pregnancies.

Therefore, you can obtain an abortion in India if any contraceptive method failed. Some of the contraceptives used are:

  1. Condoms: males and females
  2. Contraceptive intrauterine device
  3. Levonorgestrel intrauterine device
  4. Hormonal implant
  5. Progestin injection
  6. Oral contraceptive pills
  7. Hormonal vaginal contraceptive ring
  8. Estrogen and Progestin skin patch
  9. Diaphragm or cervical cap
  10. Contraceptive sponge with spermicide
  11. Spermicides
  12. Emergency contraceptive pills
  13. Permanent sterilization methods for both males and females, and
  14. Natural methods of birth control

Contraceptive methods can fail and result in unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. However, abortion in India is legal if your pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure. And so, if you are in a dilemma about whether you can obtain a legal abortion for an unplanned pregnancy, you can avail of one.

However, you should always opt for a safe abortion.

Rape/Incest/Sexual assault:

Many women and girls become victims of immoral sexual acts. These acts further become gruesome worries when they result in unintended pregnancies. Where do girls and women go in such situations? What should they do?

Are you too suffering from a similar situation?

And even marital rapes exist without any speck of doubt. What should women do in such situations when they are not willing to carry their pregnancies forward?

Indian abortion law pays regard to these situations and recognizes that such pregnancies may pose threat to women’s mental health. Therefore, abortion in Bangalore, India is legal to terminate pregnancies resulting from rapes, incest and other immoral activities.

However, many women hesitate in visiting registered abortion clinics due to the fear of stigma. And some others do not visit to keep their pregnancy and abortion status hidden. We understand your need for privacy and the want for a confidential abortion. But you need to seek a safe abortion even if the pregnancy has resulted from an immoral act.

Unsafe abortion can threaten your health and life and the cost of abortion may not be reversible. So, look for the best doctor for abortion who can provide you best abortion care. Moreover, abortion clinics like Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) offers confidential abortions. You may choose to speak on their helpline number and schedule an appointment.

To protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life:

Abortion in India is legal if the ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s health and/or life. When the Indian abortion law permits abortions for immoral acts, it considers the impact of pregnancy and the child, if born from such an incidence on the woman’s mental health.

It also respects that this impact may affect the life of the girl or the woman throughout her life. Therefore, abortion in India is legal in such circumstances.

When a woman is physically or mentally challenged or is incapable of childbearing or raising the child, if born, she may obtain a legal abortion.

Fetal deformities:

Abortion in India is legal in case fetal deformities show presence during prenatal screening. Some developmental disorders and aberrations are possible to detect during the early stages of pregnancy. Indian abortion law permits abortions in such cases.

Many disorders are detectable during the second trimester. Therefore, the gestation age for terminating pregnancies for fetal disorders has been extended in the last revision to up to 24 weeks. Many women have however obtained abortions beyond this ceiling age as well with legal help.

Gestation age:

Abortion in Bangalore or anywhere in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases like that of contraceptive failure. In special events, the legal age for abortion permission is up to 24 weeks. However, the methods of abortion vary for pregnancy termination at different stages.

Marital status:

A big sigh of relief came to unmarried girls when the Indian abortion law replaced the term ‘married woman and her partner’ with ‘woman and her partner’. So, abortion in Bangalore is legal for both married women and unmarried girls or single women equally.

Earlier, abortion in India for the reason of contraceptive failure was available only to married women. However, since many unmarried girls are risking their lives and health at the hands of unsafe abortions, the Indian government made abortions legal even for unmarried girls.

This expands the access to safe abortions for all women and girls alike. This also saves many unmarried girls and single women from resorting to unsafe abortions when they know that they have a legal way to opt-out of unwanted pregnancies.

Consent for abortion:

One of the major concerns that play a vivid role in women seeking unsafe abortions is the consent for abortion. Many women do not know that they can obtain an abortion only on their consent if they are adults.

Due to the lack of this part of legal knowledge, they opt to buy MTP kits without prescriptions by paying more at pharmacies. Most unmarried girls fear that the doctor may either deny them abortions or may ask them to bring in their parents.

Due to this fear, they lack the confidence to be able to speak to the doctor that legal abortion is a part of their reproductive rights.

In India, anyone who has attained the age of 18 years is an adult. So, if you are an adult, unmarried or married, you do not need a partner’s or parental consent for an abortion. You can obtain a legal abortion with your consent only.

It is for the abortions of minors that the law seeks parental consent. Also, in case a woman or a girl is mentally incapable of providing her consent for abortion, parental or guardian consent is essential.

So, now it is clear in which situations, the Indian abortion law permits any woman or a girl seeking an abortion in Bangalore. Let’s move ahead to discover where can you obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore.

Need of a non-judgmental and confidential abortion in Bangalore:

Many unmarried girls are often reluctant in visiting abortion clinics fearing the treatment they may receive at the hands of medical professionals. They may have concerns like:

“What will the doctor say?”

“What will the nurses and other staff think of me for seeking abortion as an unmarried girl?”

“In case someone known to me is there at the clinic, they may tell my parents. I do not want anyone to know of my pregnancy and abortion.”

“What will other patients think of me as an unmarried girl visiting a gynecologist?”

“Will the doctor give me abortion pills even if I am unmarried?”

“Can the doctor ask me to bring my parents?”

There was a similar case and a doctor said out to a patient,

“Did you not think of consequences before ending up becoming pregnant? What has happened to the youth of the country? Where are they heading with premarital sexual relationships? Go away. I am not going to perform an abortion of an unwed girl.”

This is just one case. There are many other similar incidences where the medical fraternity itself deny help to unmarried girls. But not all are the same. You can obtain a private and non-judgmental abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

What to expect at BGH in terms of a non-judgmental abortion?

At BGH, you can expect the doctor or any other hospital staff not to dwell in any personal queries. BGH doctors and staff are highly professional and provide the best abortion care to each patient. You can expect freedom from any prejudice, harsh comments or rude behavior.

Instead, you can expect to receive high-end professional treatment. Besides comprehensive abortion care (CAC), you will have sweet, caring, friendly and compassionate nurses by your side. They may help you stay relaxed and calm. Moreover, you being married or unmarried or your abortion choice shall receive respectable treatment.

Abortion methods available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

Abortions at different stages of pregnancy require different methods. BGH follows guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for safe abortions as per the guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO).

So, you have three abortion methods out of which the doctor shall prescribe the best for you. Not only the pregnancy length, but many other factors like pregnancy location, patient’s medical condition, her allergies, her personal requirements may impact the method of choice for an abortion.

So, let’s have a brief insight into each abortion method and see what abortion by each method may be like. Also, you’ll have an idea of what abortion method may be suitable for you. However, it is only a qualified and experienced doctor who shall guide you the best.

The three abortion methods available at BGH for intrauterine pregnancies are:

  1. The medical abortion method
  2. Suction or Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

The two abortion methods available for treating ectopic pregnancies at BGH are:

  1. Medical abortion (It is different from medical abortion for normal or intrauterine pregnancies.)
  2. Surgical abortion (It is also different from the surgery performed to terminate intrauterine pregnancies.)

Let’s discuss each method in brief. But before that, let’s understand the difference.

What is an intrauterine pregnancy? What is an ectopic pregnancy and how do their abortion methods vary?

To understand what an intrauterine pregnancy is and how is it different from ectopic pregnancies, you first need to understand the process of embryo implantation.

When a woman’s egg gets fertilized by male sperm, the process takes place in any one of the fallopian tubes. Each woman has a womb or uterus destined for holding and developing pregnancies. This uterine cavity connects to the two ovaries, one on each left and right side of the pelvis with the help of respective fallopian tubes.

One of your ovaries releases an egg every month after the onset of the menstrual cycle throughout your reproductive age. The egg stays for up to 24 hours in the fallopian tube. This may happen either on your left side or on the right. If the male sperm unites with the egg within this period, the unified product is known as an embryo.

This embryo now travels down the tube and gets attached to the uterine lining, the endometrium of the uterus. If this happens, it is known as intrauterine pregnancy.

However, if the embryo fails to reach the uterus, it may either stay within the fallopian tube or it can go to a wrongful location such as the cervix lining or the abdominal cavity. These pregnancies that attach to the faulty locations are known as extrauterine or ectopic pregnancies.

Different types of pregnancies and at different stages of development require different abortion methods. 

Intrauterine pregnancy termination at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

Before any method of abortion, the doctor may ask you to get some clinical diagnosis and sonography. These are essential to check the exact length and location of your pregnancy. Also, they help the doctor in deciding the best abortion method for you.

The medical abortion method at BGH: What to expect?

At BGH, you can have a medical abortion for an intrauterine pregnancy that is less than 6-8 weeks. Moreover, besides the pregnancy length and location, if you are not suffering from any other medical condition or taking any medicines that may interact with abortion pills, only then the doctor may prescribe you abortion pills.

If the doctor is sure that medical abortion may be suitable for you, you will receive two types of safe abortion pills. You will have to take the first pill, Mifepristone by mouth. The doctor shall prescribe you it as a single tablet or more tablets as per the dose needed for a successful abortion in your case.

You can take the tablet and can go home. The doctor shall ask you to come on the third day or may hand you over the second abortion pill, Misoprostol during the first appointment itself. You will receive directions regarding when and how you will have to take the second pill.

After taking the second pill, you need to be at home since it will trigger abdominal cramps. The first pills stop the growth of the fetus by blocking the production and working of the hormone, Progesterone. The second pill helps in embryo expulsion.

Within 4-6 hours, you can expect moderate to severe pain and moderate to heavy bleeding. The embryo and other gestation products start to evacuate from the womb. Your doctor will give you pain management also. Just in case, the pain becomes unbearable, please follow up with the doctor.

You can expect to bleed for up to days and sometimes up to weeks. However, if the bleeding does not stop by day 10, please schedule a follow-up.

The suction abortion method at BGH: What to expect?

Suction abortion, also known as the Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion is the method of choice for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. Any intrauterine pregnancy less than 12 weeks is feasible for termination by the suction method.

If this is the method prescribed to you for abortion, the doctor will ask you to relax. A compassionate and caring nurse will prepare you for the procedure. When in position, the doctor shall numb your cervix to make the procedure painless. Then, the doctor will clean your cervix to prevent any chances of infection.

Now, the doctor will insert a small tube into your womb. The other end of the tube connects to an aspirator and a collection bottle. The aspirator when turned on creates suction to suck the embryo gently from your womb.

Removal of the sucked products is done by the tube and they collect in the collection bottle. The doctor shall examine to see if the abortion is complete. The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

You can expect a painless and successful suction abortion. The nurse shall shift you into a private room where you can rest until discharge. Most patients are comfortable returning home within an hour post-abortion.

So, if you are looking for a more efficient abortion in a single appointment and same-day discharge without pain and bleeding as with the medical method, you may opt for suction abortion at any time during the first trimester.

The surgical abortion method at BGH: What to expect?

Surgical abortion, also known as the Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) is the method of choice for late-stage pregnancies. In case your pregnancy has progressed beyond 12 weeks but is still in the legally permissible age, say, 20 weeks, the doctor may most likely clean your womb.

The nurse shall prepare you for the procedure. Cervix cleaning and numbing are similar to suction abortion. Most D&E procedures are done under general anesthesia. Or the doctor may use local anesthesia if that seems better for you. This makes the procedure entirely painless.

Some other hospitals that offer D&E procedures may need overnight hospitalization. The dilatants are left to work overnight. But at BGH, the doctors use the latest and advanced healthcare tools and techniques. So, you may not need overnight hospitalization.

The doctor shall use slender medical tools like forceps to detach the fetus and remove it and other products. The entire process shall take less than 30 minutes. After the abortion, you may rest in your private room until discharge. Once you feel better, you may take discharge and return home.

Most patients resume their routine activities by the following day. With suction and surgical abortions, you can expect minimum bleeding. Even post-abortion pain is very mild. Some do not feel any pain at all.

Post-abortion consultation at BGH:

During your post-abortion consultation, the doctor shall prescribe some antibiotics to check out infections. Some pain management may also be a part of the prescription to take as and when needed. You will also receive guidance on a post-abortion diet for a speedy recovery.

If you want to have a contraceptive device inserted during the same appointment, you can ask your doctor about your available birth control options.

Schedule an appointment for abortion:

Since the hospital takes in a limited number of patients each day, you may not want to delay. BGH is a personalized abortion clinic that offers comprehensive abortion care to all patients. This is why it takes in only a limited number of appointments every day.

Since the delay can taper down your abortion options, you may schedule your appointment at BGH for a safe, legal and confidential abortion today.

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