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Abortion can be done in 2nd month: What you should know?

abortion in Bangalore

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Welcome readers! Do you know maximum abortions occur in the second month? So, yes, if you were wondering if abortion can be done in 2nd month, the answer is, “Yes”. This post will help you learn the things you should know before you try obtaining an abortion in 2nd month.

At first, it is important to understand how far you are in your pregnancy. The first month is the pre-embryonic stage. Conception (fertilization) usually occurs around week 2 after which the embryo begins to develop rapidly. This means you are not pregnant in the initial 2 weeks. And between 3-4 weeks, implantation happens.

Now, the second month begins with week 5 and lasts through week 8. So, a second-month abortion would mean that you are obtaining a pregnancy termination between weeks 5 and 8. So, is it legal during this time? Let’s find out by educating you about your reproductive rights.

Abortion can be done in 2nd month: Is abortion in India legal?

Yes, abortion in India is legal if you are obtaining it in the second month. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in cases of contraceptive failure, threat to patient’s health or life, rape/incest and fetal anomalies. In some cases such as fetal anomalies and threats to the patient’s life, pregnancy termination is legal even beyond this period.

So, if you are seeking an abortion in 2nd month, yes, it is absolutely legal.

Can unmarried abortion be done in 2nd month?

Yes, abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried women. So, you can easily obtain a legal abortion in India in the second month.

Do you need your partner’s or parent’s consent for abortion in Bangalore?

Abortion in India is obtainable with the consent of the woman seeking abortion only. Anyone else’s consent is not mandatory as per the abortion law guidelines laid in the MTP Act & Rules, 1971 and future amendments. So, any adult woman can obtain an abortion in Bangalore with her consent only.

Yes, in cases of minors and mentally disabled patients, the consent of a guardian is necessary for a legal abortion in India.

So, if you have been thinking of obtaining an abortion by an unsafe method with a doubt of legality, please do not make any unsafe attempt. Unsafe abortion attempts can also result in life-threatening consequences.

When you do have legal options for abortion open, you may not need to turn to unsafe methods. And if there is any other reason besides the legality of abortion that may be bringing the thought of using abortion pills without consultation, please let us know in the comment section below. In addition, below is a graphical representation of a few risks with unsafe abortions. Just have a look at it and make a wise choice.

abortion in Bangalore
5 risks of Medical Termination of Pregnancy not to ignore

2nd month abortion methods:

Now, you know that abortion in India is legal and hence you do have options for pregnancy termination during this phase. It’s time that you should know what are the available abortion in Bangalore methods. This can help you learn a bit about what you are going to experience before actually experiencing it. Additionally, it will help you prepare for the process emotionally and mentally.

Before we delve into the two abortion methods, let us help you learn a little about pre-abortion consultation, which is an essential component of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

When you first arrive at a registered abortion hospital, you may either have to wait for your turn. This is a case with a general hospital and other walk-in hospitals. Or if you have a prior appointment, you can save time by not having it spent in the waiting period. Also, you can obtain the consultation at the same time.

Moreover, some hospitals also offer abortion procedures during the same appointment which further saves patient’s time and also helps in cutting the total cost of abortion. With a small and same-day procedure, the process may become hassle-free. Furthermore, an abortion in Bangalore by appointment can also guarantee you confidentiality and privacy.

Pre-abortion consultation:

During the pre-abortion consultation, the doctor will ask you about your medical condition and examine your medical history. You will also have to go to a nearby lab for some routine blood and urine tests and an ultrasound. These tests are essential to know your pregnancy length and location. It is important to rule out ectopic pregnancy risk before prescribing you with any abortion method. No abortion doctor can prescribe you abortion pills without ruling out this risk.

Abortion In Bangalore: Can You Ignore Ectopic Pregnancy Risk, can abortion cause infertility

Additionally, this will help the doctor learn your physical wellbeing which is important for her to decide the best abortion method for you. Once, the abortion doctor has worked with you in helping you learn the best abortion method, she will help you learn about each available option and what to expect from the prescribed abortion method. You can also ask any queries you may have during this phase.

Besides, if you are looking for long-term and most efficient contraception after abortion, you can discuss it during this time. If you want it, the abortion doctor can also implant the Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) just after the abortion procedure during the same appointment. This will not only save your time and cost of abortion but also additional discomfort besides providing you a reliable contraception for nearly 5-10 years.

Should You Get A Copper-t Insertion Just After An Aboration

There are two approved abortion methods for pregnancy termination in the second month. These are:

  1. Medical abortion with pills
  2. Suction or Vacuum aspiration or Gentle Care suction abortion

Let us help you understand more about the aforementioned abortion methods and also what to expect from each.

Medical abortion can be done in 2nd month:

Abortion pills or abortion tablets are the medicines that can help in pregnancy termination. So, when a doctor uses this method of pregnancy termination, it is known as medical abortion.

Although a medical abortion can be done in 2nd month, the abortion doctor first analyses the patient’s eligibility for it. In addition, the patient can also choose if she wants a medical abortion or another option. The doctor for abortion can help the patient learn the pros and cons of each available option. So, she is in a better position to choose what is best for her.

What makes you eligible for medical abortion in 2ndmonth?

Your eligibility:

  • Intrauterine pregnancy less than 6 weeks.
  • You are not anemic.
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition like hypertension, chronic venous insufficiency, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), etc. Since you may be taking medicines for these conditions, blood thinning may cause more blood loss than normal. This can create an emergency which may be difficult to manage at home because a medical abortion with pills usually occurs at home without medical supervision.
  • You are not taking any medicines that may be contraindicated with abortion pills or may impact their efficacy.
  • You have a healthy liver and kidney function profile which eliminates aggressive dose adjustment.

Your priority:


You are ready to come for multiple appointments. During your first appointment, the abortion doctor can give you the abortion pills in Bangalore with directions on when to use them and how. Since medical abortion occurs in two phases, the doctor may simply direct you to use the tablets at a certain gap of hours. Or she may also ask you to make another visit to the hospital a day or two later.

You will also require a follow-up after a week to ensure the abortion is complete. If it is a case of an incomplete abortion, you may need another procedure, usually suction or surgical to complete the abortion. This may mean additional appointments.

Hence, if you prefer multiple appointments for abortion at your convenience after knowing that you are eligible for abortion pills, you can go ahead with a medical abortion.

Incomplete abortion:

Abortion pills are not always efficient. Their efficiency is nearly 93% and that too after ascertaining all the eligibility parameters. Even then, the abortion tablets may fail. In addition, with the self-administration of abortion tablets, the patient does not take into account all these safety parameters. So, there is more risk of incomplete abortion with self-medication.

You can therefore opt for a medical abortion in the 2nd month if you are ready for additional surgical procedures to complete the abortion if abortion pills come out to be ineffective. This will also increase the total cost of abortion multifold.


If you prefer to undergo a 2nd-month abortion in the privacy of your home after ascertaining the above eligibility and priority measures, you can opt for it. But the abortion will likely take place on the 3rd or 4th day after taking the first tablet and on the same day or the next day after taking the second set of tablets.

After taking the second set of pills, you will be asked to stay at home only because you can bleed anytime after half an hour to nearly 6 hours. This bleeding is usually more profuse than your periods. You will likely pass a few large-sized clots.

However, the abortion will take place without the medical supervision. So, you may also find it difficult to know what is normal and when to seek medical help. And if an emergency occurs, you should be able to reach out for medical help at the earliest. So, it is up to you if you want to prioritize privacy over a hassle-free in-clinic abortion in the 2nd month.

Now, let’s move ahead and discuss the second abortion option available for you at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

Gentle Care suction abortion can be done in 2nd month:

Gentle Care suction abortion is an in-clinic abortion method available for terminating first-trimester intrauterine pregnancies. Unlike medical abortion, this is a quick, safe, more efficient, single-appointment and more preferred abortion method due to several advantages it offers.

Some of them have been summed up in the image below.

Abortion in Bangalore, Abortion Pills in Bangalore
Abortion pills vs Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore

Let us help you gain more insights into the comparison of both methods so that you can choose which method aligns with your needs.


Gentle Care suction abortion is completed on the same appointment in comparison with abortion pills. You may need more appointments for a medical abortion. This would mean more time in travelling, additional costs on recurring diagnosis for complete abortion and in case of incomplete abortion, additional appointments for surgical procedures.

On the other hand, Gentle Care suction abortion gets complete on the same appointment including pre-abortion consultation, diagnosis, abortion procedure and post-abortion consultation. Moreover, you can also be discharged from the hospital the same day in an hour or so. Furthermore, you may not even need to make a follow-up appointment because it is nearly 100% successful and completes the abortion in a single go.

Time taken:

With abortion pills, abortion may take up to 5-20 days to complete. Pregnancy symptoms resolve very slowly. However, Gentle Care suction abortion is completed in just 10-15 minutes. Pregnancy symptoms resolve quickly.


Abortion pills are 93% effective even after thorough evaluation, unlike Gentle Care suction abortion which is nearly 100% efficient. So, you can return home knowing that you have just obtained a successful abortion.

Pain and Bleeding:

With abortion pills, the pregnancy termination occurs as a natural miscarriage. So, there are abdominal cramps and pain that push the fetus to expel through the vaginal orifice. Some women find the pain moderate while some mention it to be too intense. If you are willing to go through this pain, medical abortion may be your cup of tea.

However, Gentle Care suction abortion takes place in the professional clinic setting with mild sedation. The procedure has been designed to be completely comfortable for each patient. Tailoring is done as per patient needs. So, you may experience very mild cramps but no pain as such. Most women testify it to be a painless experience that gets them back to comfort in a few minutes.

abortion in Bangalore

Bleeding is heavy with abortion pills as the complete emptying happens through this mode only. However, with Gentle Care suction abortion, the emptying happens with manageable suction. So, all pregnancy products are collected in the clinic itself, leaving very little tissue for normal drainage. Therefore, most patients do not experience more than slight spotting or very light bleeding for a couple of days only.


Fatigue after an abortion is real and therefore, with medical abortion that involves pain and bleeding for hours, days and weeks, fatigue is always present. However, with Gentle Care suction abortion, fatigue lasts only for a day or two. Most patients feel completely normal to be able to return to their routine just after a night’s sound sleep.

Abortion in 2nd month weeks:

While medical abortion is available only for the first 2 weeks of the 2nd month, suction abortion is an open option throughout the second as well as the third month. So, this offers an advantage of a successful abortion even if you get past 6th week of pregnancy.

Is abortion in 2nd month safe?

Yes, abortion in 2nd month is safe if you obtain it at the hands of a professional at a registered abortion hospital near you. A safe abortion takes care of both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the patient and therefore, visiting a good abortion hospital can ensure both of these.

Advanced medical infrastructure, qualified doctors and well-trained staff:

A good hospital has a great medical infrastructure, qualified and experienced abortion doctors and well-trained staff. In addition, they practice good hygiene not only in the abortion room but throughout the premises. This ensures that the risk of infections after the abortion is minimal.

infection-free abortion in Bangalore
Abortion in Bangalore

A safe abortion in 2nd month will not make you infertile.

The safe hands of experienced abortion doctors can ensure a complete abortion without any risk of internal injury or risk to your fertility. If you are wondering if 2nd month abortion can cause infertility, then, a safe abortion in the 2nd month does not make you infertile. But an unsafe abortion attempt like manual abortion at the hands of quack or self-medication without ruling out ectopic pregnancy risk can cause infertility. So, please do not attempt a self-abortion.

Even though a self-abortion may not directly cause infertility, it can happen as a result of unmanaged complications. Even infections tend to cause chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). It may cause difficulty in conception. And not only this, it can cause recurrent pregnancy loss after conception.

Similarly, untrained professionals can cause harm to internal organs such as internal injury, uterus shape distortion and other risks like heavy bleeding and infections. All of these are common with unsafe abortions. However, safe abortion is safe because every step is taken after a thorough evaluation and consideration.

A safe 2nd month abortion guarantees your privacy & confidentiality:

In addition, when you visit a reputed hospital for abortion, you can see that your privacy and confidentiality are also the priority besides your safety. So, you can expect a private consultation, abortion and recovery. Moreover, the hospital does not disclose any patient information to anyone besides the patient herself.

Abortion in Bangalore, Confidential abortion

So, visiting a trustworthy abortion hospital near you can ensure a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Schedule an abortion at the best abortion hospital.

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