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Innovative and personalized medical treatment given by Genesis Hospital’s professional and caring team of doctors, specialists, surgeons and nurses in Bangalore.


We care for you

  • Comprehensive care for all procedures from start to finish. From your first call to your final recovery, we are with you.
  • Personalized healthcare for each patient because you deserves the best treatment and will receive the same.
  • Advanced healthcare facilities and treatments following international standards.
  • Highly qualified, experienced team of doctors and surgeons receiving assistance from qualified and internationally trained nurses. 

We care for your comfort

  • A clean, hygienic place and relaxing ambience are important for patient health and comfort. 
  • Comfortable furniture and furnishings for patients and companions to relax throughout the hospital stay. 
  • Wifi internet and cable TV.
  • Post-recovery diet, coffee, tea are made available as and when needed.

We care for your convenience

  • Private one-on-one consultation with the doctor/surgeon.
  • Single-appointment procedures.
  • Same-day discharge for most procedures.
  • Personalized services in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

We care for your privacy

  • Privacy and discretion are guaranteed at all times.
  • No crowded waiting halls.
  • No contact with other patients.
  • Private room for each patient and companion.


Doctors having more than 40 years of experience in Bangalore, India and Internationally, managing a Boutique-Specialty Hospital conveniently located in the city centre of Bangalore on Queens Road/next to Cunningham Road. 

The hospital provides the benefits of

  • An expert panel of senior gynecologists and surgeons.
  • Safe and Hygienic Nursing Home Treatment and user-friendly facilities for the patient to feel comfortable throughout the treatment. 
  • Honest, transparent, ethical practices with Expert Care.
  • The latest in medical facilities and equipment for General, Cosmetic and Gynecology procedures and operations.
  • 1 on 1 Direct Patient and Doctor Interaction, close-knit and comfortable environment.

MTP Certified Abortion and Surgery Clinic in Bangalore

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is here to help patients have fast access to the highest level of diagnosis and patient care. We are here to help patients concerning their sexual and reproductive wellness and care.

Exceptional quality for medical procedures is at the core of our hospital values. The hospital’s specialized team of doctors, surgeons and nurses are renowned for providing the best in conventional and integrated healthcare. 

100% patient satisfaction guaranteed.

Every patient receives undivided and focused attention at the appointment time. The hospital believes in helping and healing. And hence has integrated the highest level of advanced healthcare with innovation, best practices and technology on one hand and care and compassion on the other. 

Every patient is different and so are the needs. The doctor listens to each patient with sheer patience to be able to come up with the best treatment regimen. All the queries are clarified and the patient learns the procedural details in an easily understandable format. Thereafter, any treatment begins with the informed consent from the patient. 

The patient is kept in the loop from the beginning until the final recovery. Also, the transparency offered by the hospital helps the patients understand the pros and cons of the service as per specific needs. This is to ensure that the outcome is a healthy and happy patient. 

Healthy is happy.

We make sure that your entire treatment journey goes smoothly and you resume your routine at the earliest. 

Patients can comfortably and freely discuss their condition with the doctor in a private consultation. They will experience freedom from prejudice and get professional treatment with non-judgmental behavior in a friendly atmosphere.

We take privilege in being able to maintain our goal of healthy and happy patients. 

Each patient receives the highest level of professional treatment with respect, care, warmth, responsibility and confidentiality.

Abortion and Surgery

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is an MTP Certified Abortion Clinic. 

All abortion procedures at the hospital are legally compliant, safe and confidential. 

Expert MTP Certified Gynecologists and abortion medical team: 

The gynecology and abortion team at the hospital focuses on providing Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to patients in and near Bangalore. The hospital follows all guidelines as per the international standards for abortion care recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The team is equipped with knowledge, expertise and service to provide its patients with exceptional care and support. Unwanted pregnancies may shatter the hopes of many women and girls. But they do not need to struggle alone anymore!

Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers a patient-centric approach toward abortions in Bangalore. Married women or unmarried girls can obtain legally compliant, safe and confidential abortions for up to 20 weeks. 

Diagnosis and pre-abortion consultation help the doctor offer the best abortion method for each patient. Additionally, the post-abortion guidance and recovery follow-up is unparallel. 

Learn more about abortion in Bangalore.

Start your abortion journey with the best abortion team. 

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