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Bangalore Piercing Center for a safe, easy and quick nose piercing procedure.

Piercing the nose has its first reference in 1500 BCE when the Vedas mention Lakshmi’s pierced nose.

However, it is known that the practice in India occurred when it seeped into the general culture from the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes via the Mughal emperors in the 16th century.

Today it has become traditional for Indian (Hindu) women, capable of childbearing, to wear a nose stud, commonly in the left nostril, stemming from association with the female reproductive organs in Ayurvedic medicine.

This cultural tradition is occasionally done the night before a woman marries.

For those wanting nose piercing, the Bangalore Nose Piercing Center promises an experience that won’t take long and guarantees pleasing results.

With not a lot of room for error in the nose area, training is especially important to get it right.

Leadership and Training

One of India’s leading acupuncturists, Dr. A. M. Patil directs the center and his innovative procedures have revolutionized the art of nose piercing.

First, the doctor found an instrument that performed accurately 100% of the time.

The Swiss/UK and USA version of the piercing gun was brought into the practice and after a number of cases had been certified as correct—without missing the mark—Dr. Patil pronounced it the mainstay of the Piercing Center.

“This device will see patients through a normally trying experience with ease,” he declared.

And it was so.

Following an intense training course (you can’t use this device on the nose quickly and accurately without good training), several medical professionals were ready to put the device into use.

That was in 1981, and since then the center has seen thousands of happy and satisfied patients leave the Center with results that are still in effect today.

In fact many have returned to have other piercings performed by the professionals at Bangalore Piercing Center.

The health of you and your family is our main concern at Bangalore Genesis Hospital

The Bangalore Piercing Center focuses on providing high quality service, based on safe and sterile procedures, to be sure that when the procedure has been completed, you and our healthcare specialist can be absolutely certain that your health remains intact.

We see this as being especially important to you in consideration of your health and wellbeing, particularly in terms of Indian customs and traditions.

Coming to our facility ensures you and your family that the procedure is performed under antiseptic conditions, using sterilized medical equipment and materials.

We are also known for our 100% success rate, without seeing any evidence of infection or other unhealthy after-effects.

An interesting process fulfills its promises

“Safe, Quick and Easy” is the reputation established by the Center, because the procedure adheres to a very strict process, based on speed, accuracy and safety.

Speed because the more quickly it’s accomplished the less time the patient spends worrying about it.

Safe because all the instruments and studs are sterilized to protect the patient from AIDS, HIV and any other nasty bit of infection that might be lurking about.


With nose function being extremely important we also want to caution you against using non-medical personnel to carry out this delicate procedure.

The risk you take is not worth the discomfort and inconvenience you may suffer from using non-medical means.

The Procedure

First the area is examined for degrees of sensitivity.

Once the local anesthetic takes effect, the area scheduled for piercing is marked, using a medical marker.

With just a quick movement, the stud is in the nose and clipped into place.

There may be a few moments of soreness, usually lasting 1-2 days.

The doctor will tell you to take some aspirin if the soreness is troublesome.

Most of our patients have reported the soreness is gone in this period.


It is important to you that we are using a good quality metal stud because your recovery time depends on how pure the stud metal is. We use 24 karat gold over stainless steel.  This is how we are able to predict that within 3 weeks you will be able to replace the stud with your own jewelry.

In spite of feeling fine, your nose ring needs to remain in place so as to prevent infections.

Cleaning it (inside and out) with a cotton soaked in hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol will keep infection from occurring.

Please do pay good attention to your medical professional’s instructions.

IMPORTANT! For your own sake, you should not remove the ring until your nose is completely healed.

Another fact you need to know is that nose piercings have a habit of closing very quickly.

If you wish to remove the jewelry for some reason, replace it with a transparent acrylic retainer.

Assure yourself of a successful procedure

Call Bangalore Piercing Center today, Call 3296 4949 or 2226 4949 between 9 am and 6 pm only, to give yourself the gift of a 100% safe, quick, uncomplicated, and beautiful nose piercing.

Call 3296 4949 and 2226 4949
between 9 am and 6 pm only
for Nose Piercing in
Bangalore at Genesis

We can take you almost immediately, and you’ll be home this afternoon, admiring your new soon-to-be-jeweled nose.