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Incise and Drain in Bangalore at Genesis Hospital

Incise and drain is used as a procedure to treat large abscesses. An abscess is an infection around inflamed tissue with collected pus.

Symptoms indicating the presence of an abscess include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

When antibiotics fail to produce results, or when the abscess is already in its fully developed stage, the best way to treat such abscesses is to incise and drain.

Abscesses that are operated on with incise and drain in Bangalore can be located in many different body areas, especially on the skin surface.

Major areas of the body which require more complicated incisions include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Brain

At the Bangalore Genesis Hospital, smaller abscesses can be treated with needle aspiration and antibiotic therapy.

On the other hand, our high tech diagnostic imaging equipment is used to diagnose the location and extent of major abscesses before liberal incisions are made.

Brain abscesses, for example, are diagnosed and detected using a CT scan.

Steps involved in the incise and drain procedure include:

  • The doctor administers general or local anesthetic. Be sure to find out your suitability to receive anesthesia and the risks involved.
  • The site is prepared for the incision by sterilization.
  • A wide incision is made into the abscess cavity.
  • The pus is drained.
  • The abscess cavity is packed up.

Complications that might arise in an incise and drain procedure include:

  • Lack of anesthesia
  • Lack of drainage due to insufficient incision
  • Drainage is sebaceous (fatty) material

However, these complications can be easily managed by a skilled doctor. Usually, antibiotics and painkillers are also prescribed to facilitate the recovery process and to prevent recurring infection.

Reasons to visit the Bangalore Genesis Hospital are:

  • Clean and sterile treatment rooms equipped with the best equipment for smooth surgery to take place.
  • Highly skilled medical teams consisting of experienced doctors and well-trained nurses to carry out incision procedures.
  • Availability of brain, chest, and abdomen specialists for special consultations regarding abscesses in those body parts.
  • Friendly and warm medical staff providing personalized treatment to reduce any anxiety related to the incise and drain procedure.
  • A reasonable and affordable fee is charged at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital for medical procedures.
For appointments or consultations for incise and drain in Bangalore, please call 900 849 2277.