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Hydrocele treatment in Bangalore is performed for patients with a hydrocele in their bodies.

A hydrocele is a ‘sac of water’, or an accumulation of fluid in a cavity or duct. This commonly occurs in the vaginal/testis area as well as along the spermatic cord due to inflammation of the epididymis or testis.

Safe, Sterile and Precision Hydrocele treatment at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

  • If the hydroceles are found to be small and asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms are present, no therapy is required.
  • Scrotal discomfort or disfigurement due to huge mass size usually prompts doctors to intervene with treatment options.

Symptoms that indicate the presence of a hydrocele are:

  • A smooth, cystic feeling scrotal mass
  • Painful scrotal swelling indicates inflammation
  • Standing aggravates pain, while elevation of the testicle relieves pain (Prehn’s sign)
  • Dysuria
  • Pain in the groin and testicle

A diagnosis is made through inspection, palpation and transillumination of the scrotum.

The options for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore are:

  • Needle aspiration: This is a simple procedure which is seldom effective because the fluid can reaccumulate inside the sac.
  • Aspiration with injection of a sclerosing agent: Combined with needle aspiration, it is a more effective method of treating hydroceles.
  • Surgical excision: Surgical excision has the highest success rate. It is performed with general anesthetic. The bulk of the hydrocele sac is cut away, and the sac is turned inside out.

When going for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore, these are a few good questions to ask your doctor:

  • Is my hydrocele a definitive diagnosis, or are further tests required?
  • What is the suspected cause?
  • Is a surgical excision necessary?

Complications rarely arise in surgical excisions. However, proper care should be taken pre and post surgery:

  • Stop smoking, control your blood pressure, and watch your diet prior to surgery.
  • Make sure you are checked for past medical conditions before surgery.
  • Empty your bladder within 6-12 hours after the surgery.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects which might strain the affected area.

The Bangalore Genesis Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Bangalore which offers hydrocele treatment. Some of the strengths of our hospital are:

  • The hospital is staffed by highly qualified and well experienced doctors who can provide the best medical care for your medical conditions.
  • Sterile and hygienic operation theatres to facilitate careful and complete hydrocele surgery.
  • Good facilities stocked with high tech medical equipment.
  • Clean and comfortable wards for optimal post surgery recovery, with warm and friendly care offered by nurses and staff.
  • Lowest cost of surgery in all of Bangalore
For appointments and consultations at our hospital for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore, India please call 900 849 2277.