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Safe, problem free, precision hernia surgery in Bangalore for adults and babies, done by  experienced hernia surgeon

Why is hernia treatment done with high priority?

Hernias have the capability of becoming a life-threatening condition and should be attended to, as quickly as possible.

What is an abdominal (the most common) hernia?

When a small protrusion is noticeable on your abdomen, chances are you’re looking at a hernia.

Something has caused a tear in the lining of your abdomen and as a result the interior organs are no longer held in place.

A dangerous situation develops when the blood supply gets cut off from the protrusion. This is called a strangulated hernia and it becomes a medical and surgical emergency, as the protuberance (whatever it might be) suffers a lack of oxygen.

There are too many types of hernias to name here, but suffice it to say they should all be treated seriously.

Hernia symptoms and quick medical help

It can happen to anyone.

The signs and symptoms of a hernia can range from noticing a small painless swelling to an urgently painful, tender, swollen lump that you are unable to push back into your abdomen.

Seek medical help and advice regarding hernia surgery in Bangalore, long before this happens.

To seek medical help in case of a hernia or in case of an emergency call 934 382 6182 for assistance or immediate help by the doctor.

Causes of hernia

Some babies are born with abdominal hernias.

Other hernias develop later when a set of repetitive circumstances increases pressure on the abdomen and collectively create or intensify a hernia.

Examples include:

  • obesity
  • heavy lifting
  • coughing
  • straining during a bowel movement or urination
  • chronic lung disease
  • fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • family history of hernias

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital,our specialist surgeons are highly experienced with performing various procedures that can be used for fixing any specific type of hernia in Bangalore.

Bangalore Genesis Hospital has a complete surgical team to handle all types of hernia surgery in Bangalore quickly, safely and with utmost care and precision.

Our specialist surgeons operate in surgical theaters with fully equipped surgical instruments in a scrupulously sterile environment.

All precautions against infection are required to be in place before any surgery is commenced.

General Hernia Surgery steps ensuring the safest solution

1. Under anesthesia, an opening is made in the area.

The objective is to push all the normal tissue to the side to find the edges of the hole. Once identified, the opening is then patched with sutures or a mesh material, or a blend of both.

2.  When sutures are used, the edges of the opening are aligned.

A possible consequence of this method is that it puts tension on the surrounding area adjacent to the sutures. Unless the individual changes their life style completely, chances are the hernia will reappear.

3.  To ensure the safest solution and keep the surgery intact, another process was developed which engages the torn edges with a piece of inert mesh material.

The mesh will remain and when stitched into the tear, it permits a routine recovery take its course as the mesh integrates with the area around the hernia. This method has often proven to be the most beneficial.

The surgeon will determine the best procedure for you in a timely and efficient manner during the examination.

4.  Laparoscopic hernia displacement surgery is the least invasive and facilitates a surgical entry to the area behind the affected area enabling the surgeon to implant the mesh with less damage to the outer abdomen.

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital we make sure that your surgery recovery is predictable and safe.

What you can expect

Normally you will be able to go home the same day or the next day after your hernia surgery in Bangalore.

After the surgery, our nursing staff will care for you, attentively and personally, while we monitor your recovery.

However, we (like you) would prefer that you are home, surrounded by your loving family to help speed your recovery.

The seemingly quick operation (about 2 hours) and curtailed in-hospital recovery can make it appear as though hernia surgery recovery is fairly short. However, this is not necessarily the case.

After all, hernia surgery is a major type of surgery, and the recovery time for one type of hernia surgery will differ from the recovery time for another.  The doctor will provide you with the details.


Our procedure for Hernia surgery in Bangalore, does not normally carry any side effects.

However, with any type of surgery, your body does need time in order to resume its normal functions after undergoing surgery.

Therefore, the discretionary care must be practiced in the period following the operation to maintain your chances of an uncomplicated, less painful and inconvenient recovery.

Your doctor will give you a complete set of instructions to safeguard all his hard work.

It is vitally important that you follow his set of instructions, because we know you’re not interested in doing this again!

Choosing Bangalore Genesis Hospital, as the solution for your hernia problem, will provide you with the best results for hernia treatment in Bangalore. Call now at 934 382 6182

As the #1 mid-sized hospital in Bangalore, we take pride in our facilities and staff of expert doctors and nurses.

At the Bangalore Genesis Hospital, hernia treatment services are provided by doctors and surgeons with over 30 years of collective experience and having completed over 12,000 successful hernia and all forms of hernia related surgeries in Bangalore since 1983 .

It is our pleasure to serve you (and your family).

Call us today for more information or an appointment at 934 382 6182 and allow us to solve your hernia problem quickly.