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General Medicine in Bangalore at Genesis Hospital

General medicine in Bangalore is a broad field of medicine and wellness provided at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital in Bangalore, Bangalore, which focuses on adult care.

It is the first point of contact between a patient and a doctor when initial symptoms arise. Most medical concerns are treated at the general medicine department.

General medicine covers a wide range of fields, from heart problems, kidney problems, musculoskeletal injuries, to digestive tract issues. The alternative practices of Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and massage therapy also fall under this category, and are offered at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital. This is complemented with preventive care and health education. However, the focus is directed on the body’s organs.

Patients can make appointments for 1-1 consultation sessions in a private and comfortable environment.

Once a diagnosis is being made, the treatment process can begin.

Alternatively, the doctor can refer the patient to a specialist for further consultation or diagnostic tests.

If surgery is needed, the patient is also referred to a surgeon.

A general medicine specialist is responsible for:

  • Recording symptoms.
  • Managing the patient’s multiple health issues.
  • Getting a complete patient history.
  • Conducting a comprehensive medical examination before making a diagnosis.
  • Providing explanations to the patient and answering queries.
  • Counseling the patient regarding preventive medicine and healthy living habits.

Strengths of the general medicine department at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital are:

  • The general medicine department is fully equipped with state of the art medical equipment including diagnostic machines.
  • The hospital is fully functional round the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week to cater to medical emergencies.
  • Highly qualified and extensively experienced teams of doctors and nurses are led by Dr. M. Patil, a medical director with 31 years of experience serving patients in various countries.
  • Personalized and attentive medical care is given to each patient.
  • The multi-specialty facilities at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital make referrals and specialty care very convenient.
  • Fully equipped operating theatres are available for major and minor procedures.
  • Clean and patient-friendly wards are staffed by warm and friendly staff.
  • Cost effective treatment and medical care is provided to the Bangalore community without quality compromise.

Rated as the top multi-specialty hospital in the region, the Bangalore Genesis Hospital has been serving the Bangalore community for more than 15 years, and is the best place to meet all your medical needs.

For appointments or consultations for general medicine in Bangalore, please call 900 849 2277.