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Circumcision can be done for a variety of reasons. They can be medical, cosmetic, ethnic or religious.

What is circumcision surgery?

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A fistula is an abnormal tunnel connecting two body cavities or cavity to skin.

A fistula may form from an abscess, which may be constantly filled with body fluids such as stool or urine.

When this abscess does not heal, it eventually causes the fistula to break through to the skin, a body cavity, or an organ.

Fistulas occur most commonly around the genital area and the anus.

One of the best and low cost treatment options for fistulas is surgery, and fistula surgery in Bangalore can be found at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

Please call 934 382 6182 to speak with a doctor regarding questions and information about fistula surgery.

There are four common types of fistulas:

  • Intestine to skin: this fistula may be due to a previous surgery complication.
  • Small or large intestine
  • Vagina to anus (rectovaginal fistula): this fistula is due to a constant build up of urine and stool in the fistula.
  • Bladder: fistulas in the bladder may cause urinary tract infections.

Symptoms which indicate the presence of fistulas include:

  • pain
  • fever
  • tenderness
  • itching
  • pus
  • foul discharge

Procedures for fistula surgery in Bangalore include the following:

  • Other treatment options are available to remove fistulas. An opening can be made in an abscess to relieve pressure and to drain the pus from the infected cavity. This can be done with local anesthetic in the doctor’s office.
  • Surgery is performed for more serious fistula conditions.
  • Resection of the bowel: A temporary ileostomy is performed in order to divert stool through the ileostomy. The rectovaginal or enterovesicular fistula is given time to heal when stool does not clog up the cavity.
  • Fistula surgery is straightforward and can be performed at the same time as the abscess surgery.
  • It only requires a short hospital stay.

The Bangalore Genesis Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Bangalore which offers fistula surgery.

Reasons to go for fistula surgery in Bangalore at Genesis Hospital are:

  • Our hospital is staffed by fully qualified and highly experienced doctors who can provide the best medical care for your medical conditions.
  • Specialists in colon and rectal surgery ar
    e available to perform fistula surgery.
  • Sterile and hygienic operation theatres to facilitate careful and complete fistula surgery.
  • Our multi-specialty boutique hospital is complete with necessary medical facilities and stocked with high tech medical equipment.
  • Clean and comfortable wards for optimal post surgery recovery, with warm and friendly care offered by nurses and staff.
  • Lowest cost for fistuala surgery in all of Bangalore
For appointments and consultations at our hospital for fistula surgery in Bangalore, or to inquire regarding price and procedure, please call 900 849 2277.