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Endoscopy Department and Endoscopist

Endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which is used to examine the inside cavities of the human body. The Bangalore Genesis Hospital has an endoscopy department where many gastrointestinal (GI) diseases are diagnosed and treated.

A gastrointestinal endoscopy is one of the most common endoscopy procedures performed at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital, where the team of highly trained medical staff looks inside the patient’s digestive tract through the usage of a flexible fiber optic tube and a tiny camera. Other types of endoscopy are:

  • colonoscopy: endoscopy of the colon or large bowel
  • enteroscopy: endoscopy of the small bowel
  • endoscopy of the urinary tract

Going through an endoscopy can be a scary process for a patient. The thought of having a long tube passed through your entire body is not a pleasant thought. However, with the advancement of technology, endoscopy procedures are becoming more comfortable, and also more effective for the diagnostic process.

The steps involved in the procedure of an endoscopy are:

  • An anesthetist performs either partial or total sedation on the patient to reduce discomfort or pain during the procedure.
  • The endoscopist carries out the endoscopy with an endoscope to determine problem areas.
  • After the endoscope, the patient is monitored by qualified staff to ensure the effects of the sedation wear off well, and that no complications arise from the endoscopy.

However, there are several risks involved in undergoing an endoscopy procedure. They are:

  • infection and fever
  • over sedation and averse bodily reactions to the anesthetic
  • accidental puncturing of the organs
  • irregular heartbeat and respiratory depression

The risks involved in an endoscopy show why it is of utmost importance that you go to a certified and reputable institution for an endoscopy procedure.

Reasons to choose Bangalore Genesis Hospital in Bangalore for an endoscopy include:

  • The endoscopy department at Bangalore Genesis Hospital is well established, and the team of medical doctors there are capable of providing high quality health care to patients.
  • The endoscopist at the hospital is experienced and medically recognized, and the department is well equipped with state of the art equipment which is technologically advanced such as fiber optics.
  • Led by Dr. M. Patil, a widely recognized doctor with 31 years of medical experience pioneering healthcare in Bangalore, the department can guarantee personalized and highly professional services from pre-treatment right until post-treatment care.

For a consultation or appointment with one of our endoscopists, please call 984 544 3015.