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Ear piercing for adults, adolescents and babies performed safely, painlessly and with precision by experienced medical doctor

Acupuncturists agree that the ear lobe is the acupuncture point for vision, and has a therapeutic value when done with precision, by an experienced doctor.

Setting Standards

Our medical professionals have been thoroughly trained to implement our procedures within the parameters of health and safety methods approved by the International Health Authority, because we are under professional medical direction.

Most importantly, what that means to our ear piercing patients is confidence that their procedure is being done in a manner that eliminates pain, bleeding, infections allergies, septic, and, most importantly any serious risk of transmitting HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis that could be the result of improper piercing procedures performed in other locations.

A Standard of Care has been instituted bringing the Genesis Bangalore Ear Piercing Center to the forefront of the ear piercing practice in Bangalore.

The doctor pioneered the new technique that used an ear piercing device proven to be safe, sterile, and hypoallergenic since 1981.

Call 3296 4949 and 2226 4949 between 9 am and 6 pm only to make an appointment for you.

Our instruments and studs

We have made sure that the instruments we use to place the studs are of the finest quality.

When we searched and tested many of them, we found that the Swiss make the best ear-piercing instrument—fail-proof and accurate to within 1/64 of an inch.

  • This is important because even though there may be fewer nerves in those areas to be pierced, we know where these few are located and want to avoid them completely.
  • As a result, our patients are not subjected to the pain they may experience in other locations where this much care is not required.

When we looked for the best studs we could find, we made sure to find and use hypoallergenic  stainless steel, to ensure that there would be no after-effects of its use.

The studs are also 24 carat gold plated and gunshot ear piercing is used effectively.

The health of you and your family is our main concern at Bangalore Genesis Hospital

The Piercing Center focuses on providing high quality service, based on safe and sterile procedures to be sure that when the procedure has been completed, you and our healthcare specialist can be absolutely certain that your health remains intact.

We see this as being especially important to you in consideration of your baby’s and children’s health and wellbeing, particularly in terms of Indian customs and traditions.

Regarding ear piercing for adults and babies:  We also want to caution against using a non-medical facility, risking the health of you or your baby’s short or long-term illness.

Coming to our facility ensures you and your family that the procedure is performed under antiseptic conditions, using sterilized medical equipment and materials.

We are also known for our 100% success rate, without seeing any evidence of infection or other unhealthy after-effects.

When bringing your baby to us, please be sure that he is healthy.  A local anesthetic spray is applied to the baby’s ears to prevent pain.

You will be guided in helping to keep your baby calm and still. We will take care of the rest.

Our experience with piercing baby’s ears has kept them from experiencing pain and discomfort, so relax and know that your baby will be fine once the procedure has been accomplished.

After the ear piercing procedure

Our medical professional will give you thorough instructions on taking care of your ears in the weeks following the procedure.

Be sure to follow them carefully as the instructions are meant to help your ears recover as quickly as possible.

You will be able to remove the surgical studs in three weeks following the procedure and can choose your own jewelry, including any shape or size you choose.

You and your family will feel comfortable using the medical piercing services

For our patients convenience we can accommodate special dates and times to schedule your appointments.

Call 3296 4949 and 2226 4949
between 9 am and 6 pm only
regarding ear piercing
in Bangalore at Genesis

Call 3296 4949 and 2226 4949 between 9 am and 6 pm only to make an appointment for you.

We will be glad to assist you, and look forward to seeing you at the Genesis Bangalore  Piercing Center, where your health is our first priority.