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Abortion in Iran | Abortion in Bangalore India Alternative
Abortion Law in Iran

It is illegal for a woman to have an abortion in Iran unless the pregnancy is a risk to the mother or if there is the presence of severe defects. The abortion requires approval from three medical specialists and the consent of the mother.

Abortion in Iran

Once the specialists have agreed to the abortion, the procedure must be approved by the legal medical center that will perform the abortion. The punishment for abortion can vary greatly based on how the abortion occurs and when it occurs.

For a woman who has a miscarriage by taking any medication or substance without the direction of a doctor can face up to three years in prison. If the woman did so because she was told to by her husband, then she would not face charges, instead her husband would.

A woman who intentionally visits a clinic or person for the purpose of getting an abortion can face between three and ten years in prison. Anyone found to be performing an abortion could also face three to ten years in prison.

Additional penalties can be levied based on the method of abortion.

These stiff punishments have done little to reduce the number of abortions in Iran where it is believed that one in eleven pregnancies end in abortion. A 2008 study shows that 1 in every four women will have an abortion in Iran.

Despite this the government has made great strides to reduce the abortion rate by increasing access to contraception. A recent study shows that 85% of women in Iran use contraceptive method and their rates of abortion are actually much lower than many other countries in the region.

However, since these are few safe ways for a woman to get an abortion in Iran the majority of woman are faced with unsafe methods, which often have lasting consequences.

Unsafe Abortion in Iran

5% of the maternal deaths in Iran are caused by complications from unsafe abortion. It is estimated that 11,500 abortions occur in Tehran every year most by women whose chosen method of contraception failed.

A large portion of women in Iran who choose to have abortions are older married women who have a desire to plan their families. Seven out of every ten women who sought an abortion in Iran did so because of fertility reason or socio-economic reasons.

There are two major methods of abortion in Iran are medical abortions and surgical abortions. Many women will first attempt abortion using traditional herbs or abortion pills. These methods can have severe consequences of severe bleeding or poisoning.

Other methods of abortion are much more dangerous and can lead to death of the woman. Rarely can women find safe methods of abortion in the capital of Iran and it is even harder for woman in rural communities.

Often the abortion is performed by drinking dangerous liquids or by penetrating and scraping the inside of the vagina with a sharp object. Rarely are these performed in sterile conditions by trained individuals.

The consequences for a woman choosing to have an unsafe abortion in Iran can be severe bleeding, infection, and perforation of the uterus, internal injuries, infertility, blood poisoning and even death. For many of these complications the woman will die if she does not receive proper medical care.

It is essential for women to have access to safe abortions and even though abortion is illegal in Iran there is a way that women can have access to safe and legal abortions.

Traveling Abroad for Abortion


abortion in iran

One option for women desperate for an abortion is to travel abroad. Abortion clinics in India are able to perform safe and legal abortions up until 24 weeks gestation.

The best abortion clinic in India is the Abortion Clinic India which is located in Bangalore, India. Their highly trained doctors are able to assess and handle any situation that may arise during the abortion procedure to ensure the best health of their patients at all times.

The Abortion Clinic India caters to women from all over the world and will even help to make all the necessary travel arrangements. They understand that this can be a very difficult time for their patients and will do their best to meet and exceed all their patient’s needs.

They offer all the testing and medication that allows for a safe and successful abortion procedure, as well as contraceptive advice and counseling. The goal is always to make sure the entire procedure is safe and that there are no complications.

The Abortion Clinic India is a state of the art medical clinic with partnership with blood supply clinics and hospitals, so that they can react quickly to any situation that may arise. This is the safest place available for a woman from Iran to have an abortion.

Call  +91 900 849 2277 to speak confidentially with the doctor in Bangalore India